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Rich And FamousGeorge Cukor (Director)1981Movie16.0
The Corn Is Green George Cukor (Director)1979TV Movie0 
The Blue Bird George Cukor (Director)1976Movie07.0
Travels With My AuntGeorge Cukor (Director)1972Movie07.0
Justine George Cukor (Director)1969Movie0 
My Fair LadyGeorge Cukor (Director)1964Movie08.8
The Fairest Fair LadyGeorge Cukor1964Short0 
The Chapman ReportGeorge Cukor (Director)1962Movie16.0
Something's Got To GiveGeorge Cukor (Director)1962Short0 
Let's Make LoveGeorge Cukor (Director)1960Movie1 
Heller In Pink TightsGeorge Cukor (Director)1960Movie06.0
Hot SpellGeorge Cukor (Director)1958Movie0 
Les GirlsGeorge Cukor (Director)1957Movie17.0
Wild Is The WindGeorge Cukor (Director)1957Movie0 
Bhowani JunctionGeorge Cukor (Director)1956Movie07.0
A Star Is Born George Cukor (Director)1954Movie07.5
It Should Happen To YouGeorge Cukor (Director)1954Movie06.7
The Actress George Cukor (Director)1953Movie17.0
Pat And MikeGeorge Cukor (Director)1952Movie07.0
The Marrying KindGeorge Cukor (Director)1952Movie0 
The Model And The Marriage BrokerGeorge Cukor (Director)1951Movie0 
Born YesterdayGeorge Cukor (Director)1950Movie28.0
A Life Of Her OwnGeorge Cukor (Director)1950Movie0 
Adam's RibGeorge Cukor (Director)1949Movie18.0
Edward, My SonGeorge Cukor (Director)1949Movie25.0
A Double LifeGeorge Cukor (Director)1947Movie0 
Winged VictoryGeorge Cukor (Director)1944Movie0 
GaslightGeorge Cukor (Director)1944Movie37.7
Keeper Of The FlameGeorge Cukor (Director)1942Movie0 
Her Cardboard LoverGeorge Cukor (Director)1942Movie05.0
Two-Faced WomanGeorge Cukor (Director)1941Movie0 
A Woman's Face George Cukor (Director)1941Movie17.5
The Philadelphia StoryGeorge Cukor (Director)1940Movie18.3
Susan And GodGeorge Cukor (Director)1940Movie0 
The Women George Cukor (Director)1939Movie16.5
Zaza George Cukor (Director)1938Movie0 
HolidayGeorge Cukor (Director)1938Movie0 
Camille George Cukor (Director)1936Movie18.0
Romeo And Juliet George Cukor (Director)1936Movie0 
Sylvia ScarlettGeorge Cukor (Director)1935Movie0 
No More LadiesGeorge Cukor (Director)1935Movie1 
David Copperfield George Cukor (Director)1935Movie07.0
Little WomenGeorge Cukor (Director)1933Movie1 
Dinner At EightGeorge Cukor (Director)1933Movie1 
Our BettersGeorge Cukor (Director)1933Movie0 
The Animal KingdomGeorge Cukor (Director)1932Movie2 
Rockabye George Cukor (Director)1932Movie0 
A Bill Of DivorcementGeorge Cukor (Director)1932Movie0 
What Price Hollywood?George Cukor (Director)1932Movie0 
One Hour With YouGeorge Cukor (Director)1932Movie1 

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