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The Magnificent Seven James Horner (Soundtrack)2016Movie26.8
Reflections On TitanicJames Horner (Soundtrack)2012Straight To Video0 
The Karate Kid James Horner (Soundtrack)2010Movie17.0
The Legend Of ZorroJames Horner (Soundtrack)2005Movie18.0
TroyJames Horner (Soundtrack)2004Movie18.0
House Of Sand And FogJames Horner (Soundtrack)2003Movie1 
WindtalkersJames Horner (Soundtrack)2002Movie17.3
A Beautiful MindJames Horner (Soundtrack)2002Movie17.7
The Perfect StormJames Horner (Soundtrack)2000Movie07.3
The Mask Of ZorroJames Horner (Soundtrack)1998Movie18.0
TitanicJames Horner (Soundtrack)1997Movie27.6
Ransom James Horner (Soundtrack)1996Movie07.6
BaltoJames Horner (Soundtrack)1995Movie1 
Apollo 13James Horner (Soundtrack)1995Movie18.2
CasperJames Horner (Soundtrack)1995Movie26.3
BraveheartJames Horner (Soundtrack)1995Movie06.0
JumanjiJames Horner (Soundtrack)1995Movie37.5
Clear And Present DangerJames Horner (Soundtrack)1994Movie17.8
We're Back! A Dinosaur's StoryJames Horner (Soundtrack)1993Movie1 
Searching For Bobby FischerJames Horner (Soundtrack)1993Movie17.5
The Pelican BriefJames Horner (Soundtrack)1993Movie07.0
Patriot GamesJames Horner (Soundtrack)1992Movie28.0
An American Tail: Fievel Goes WestJames Horner (Soundtrack)1991Movie0 
Class ActionJames Horner (Soundtrack)1991Movie06.0
Honey, I Shrunk The KidsJames Horner (Soundtrack)1989Movie17.3
Field Of DreamsJames Horner (Soundtrack)1989Movie18.5
Red HeatJames Horner (Soundtrack)1988Movie06.8
The Land Before TimeJames Horner (Soundtrack)1988Movie0 
An American TailJames Horner (Soundtrack)1986Movie3 
CommandoJames Horner (Soundtrack)1985Movie07.0
CocoonJames Horner (Soundtrack)1985Movie16.5
Barbarian QueenJames Horner (Soundtrack)1985Movie1 
Heaven Help UsJames Horner (Soundtrack)1985Movie15.0
Star Trek III: The Search For SpockJames Horner (Soundtrack)1984Movie07.3
Space RaidersJames Horner (Soundtrack)1983Movie06.0
Something Wicked This Way ComesJames Horner (Soundtrack)1983Movie07.0
BrainstormJames Horner (Soundtrack)1983Movie17.8
Star Trek II: The Wrath Of KhanJames Horner (Soundtrack)1982Movie17.5
Battle Beyond The StarsJames Horner (Soundtrack)1980Movie17.0

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