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Basic Instinct 2Jerry Goldsmith (Soundtrack)2006Movie16.0
The Haunting
The Haunting Of Hill House [1999]
Jerry Goldsmith (Soundtrack)1999Movie26.3
The Mummy Jerry Goldsmith (Soundtrack)1999Movie27.4
Mulan Jerry Goldsmith (Soundtrack)1998Movie18.3
U.S. MarshalsJerry Goldsmith (Soundtrack)1998Movie27.3
The EdgeJerry Goldsmith (Soundtrack)1997Movie17.3
Air Force OneJerry Goldsmith (Soundtrack)1997Movie37.0
Chain Reaction Jerry Goldsmith (Soundtrack)1996Movie27.0
Dennis The Menace
Jerry Goldsmith (Soundtrack)1993Movie05.3
Basic InstinctJerry Goldsmith (Soundtrack)1992Movie17.0
Sleeping With The EnemyJerry Goldsmith (Soundtrack)1991Movie16.8
Gremlins 2: The New BatchJerry Goldsmith (Soundtrack)1990Movie16.8
Total RecallJerry Goldsmith (Soundtrack)1990Movie07.1
The Russia HouseJerry Goldsmith (Soundtrack)1990Movie05.0
Star Trek V: The Final FrontierJerry Goldsmith (Soundtrack)1989Movie07.5
Rambo IIIJerry Goldsmith (Soundtrack)1988Movie06.5
Extreme PrejudiceJerry Goldsmith (Soundtrack)1987Movie17.0
Poltergeist II: The Other SideJerry Goldsmith (Soundtrack)1986Movie07.2
Baby: Secret Of The Lost LegendJerry Goldsmith (Soundtrack)1985Movie0 
Rambo First Blood Part II
Rambo II
Jerry Goldsmith (Soundtrack)1985Movie06.3
SupergirlJerry Goldsmith (Soundtrack)1984Movie15.0
Runaway Jerry Goldsmith (Soundtrack)1984Movie37.5
GremlinsJerry Goldsmith (Soundtrack)1984Movie36.1
Psycho IIJerry Goldsmith (Soundtrack)1983Movie07.3
PoltergeistJerry Goldsmith (Soundtrack)1982Movie27.9
First BloodJerry Goldsmith (Soundtrack)1982Movie47.8
Raggedy ManJerry Goldsmith (Soundtrack)1981Movie17.0
The SalamanderJerry Goldsmith (Soundtrack)1981Movie0 
Star Trek: The Motion PictureJerry Goldsmith (Soundtrack)1979Movie26.8
The Boys From BrazilJerry Goldsmith (Soundtrack)1978Movie37.5
The SwarmJerry Goldsmith (Soundtrack)1978Movie55.0
Damien: Omen II
The Omen II
Jerry Goldsmith (Soundtrack)1978Movie07.0
ComaJerry Goldsmith (Soundtrack)1978Movie18.0
Capricorn OneJerry Goldsmith (Soundtrack)1977Movie27.0
Damnation AlleyJerry Goldsmith (Soundtrack)1977Movie18.0
Islands In The StreamJerry Goldsmith (Soundtrack)1977Movie0 
The Omen Jerry Goldsmith (Soundtrack)1976Movie17.8
Logan's RunJerry Goldsmith (Soundtrack)1976Movie16.2
The Cassandra CrossingJerry Goldsmith (Soundtrack)1976Movie14.5
Breakheart PassJerry Goldsmith (Soundtrack)1975Movie18.0
Take A Hard RideJerry Goldsmith (Soundtrack)1975Movie08.0
PapillonJerry Goldsmith (Soundtrack)1973Movie38.0
The Don Is DeadJerry Goldsmith (Soundtrack)1973Movie17.0
The OtherJerry Goldsmith (Soundtrack)1972Movie29.0
The Traveling ExecutionerJerry Goldsmith (Soundtrack)1970Movie07.0
Tora! Tora! Tora!Jerry Goldsmith (Soundtrack)1970Movie16.5
The Ballad Of Cable HogueJerry Goldsmith (Soundtrack)1970Movie07.3
Justine Jerry Goldsmith (Soundtrack)1969Movie0 
100 Rifles
One Hundred Rifles
Jerry Goldsmith (Soundtrack)1969Movie17.0
The Illustrated ManJerry Goldsmith (Soundtrack)1969Movie06.0

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