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The Fear Is Real: An Appreciation Of 'Invasion Of The Body Snatchers'Joe Dante2018Movie0 
Gremlins: Cute. Clever. Mischievous. Intelligent. Dangerous: Making GremlinsJoe Dante2014Short0 
Burying The ExJoe Dante (Director)2014Movie1 
House Of Wax: Unlike Anything You've Ever Seen
House Of Wax: Unlike Anything You've Seen Before!
Joe Dante2013Straight To Video0 
This Island Earth: 2 1/2 Years In The MakingJoe Dante2013Short0 
¡Zarpazos! Un Viaje Por El Spanish Horror
Clawing! A Journey Through The Spanish Horror
Joe Dante
as Himself
The Hole
The Hole 3D
Joe Dante (Director)2009Movie17.0
Direct Your Own Damn Movie!Joe Dante
as Self
2009Straight To Video0 
The Screwfly SolutionJoe Dante (Director)2006TV Movie06.0
Amazing! Exploring The Far Reaches Of Forbidden PlanetJoe Dante2006Short05.0
Robby The Robot: Engineering A Sci-Fi IconJoe Dante2006Short05.0
Lugosi, The Dark PrinceJoe Dante2006Straight To Video0 
Trapped AshesJoe Dante (Director)2006Movie14.0
Karloff, The Gentle MonsterJoe Dante2006Short0 
Homecoming Joe Dante (Director)2005TV Movie0 
Looney Tunes: Back In ActionJoe Dante (Director)2003Movie1 
Behind The Tunes: Southern Pride ChickenJoe Dante2003Short0 
She's Alive! Creating The Bride Of FrankensteinJoe Dante1999Short0 
Small SoldiersJoe Dante (Director)1998Movie17.3
The Second Civil WarJoe Dante (Director)1997TV Movie1 
Making The Earth Stand StillJoe Dante1995Movie0 
Runaway Daughters Joe Dante (Director)1994Movie07.0
Matinee Joe Dante (Director)1993Movie07.7
Gremlins 2: The New BatchJoe Dante (Director)1990Movie16.8
The BurbsJoe Dante (Director)1989Movie07.0
InnerspaceJoe Dante (Director)1987Movie17.0
ExplorersJoe Dante (Director)1985Movie17.0
GremlinsJoe Dante (Director)1984Movie36.1
Twilight Zone: The MovieJoe Dante (Director)1983Movie17.5
The HowlingJoe Dante (Director)1981Movie07.0
Piranha Joe Dante (Director)1978Movie08.0
Hollywood BoulevardJoe Dante (Director)
Joe Dante
as Party Waiter [uncredited]

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