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Serenity At Sea: John Ford And The AranerJohn Ford2006Short0 
The American West Of John FordJohn Ford1971TV Movie0 
Vietnam! Vietnam! Part 1 - The People And The WarJohn Ford (Producer)1971Short0 
Vietnam! Vietnam! Part 2 - Vietnam: The DebateJohn Ford (Producer)1971Short0 
7 WomenJohn Ford (Director)1966Movie0 
Young CassidyJohn Ford (Director)1965Movie1 
Cheyenne AutumnJohn Ford (Director)1964Movie18.0
Donovan's ReefJohn Ford (Director)1963Movie05.5
How The West Was WonJohn Ford (Director)1962Movie27.0
The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance John Ford (Director)
John Ford (Producer)
Two Rode TogetherJohn Ford (Director)1961Movie26.0
Sergeant RutledgeJohn Ford (Director)1960Movie17.3
The Horse SoldiersJohn Ford (Director)1959Movie0 
The Last HurrahJohn Ford (Director)1958Movie07.0
Gideon Of Scotland Yard
Gideon's Day
John Ford (Director)1958Movie37.0
The Rising Of The MoonJohn Ford (Director)1957Movie1 
The Wings Of EaglesJohn Ford (Director)1957Movie15.0
The SearchersJohn Ford (Director)1956Movie38.0
Mister RobertsJohn Ford (Director)1955Movie17.0
The Long Gray LineJohn Ford (Director)1955Movie1 
MogamboJohn Ford (Director)1953Movie25.0
The Sun Shines BrightJohn Ford (Director)1953Movie0 
The Quiet ManJohn Ford (Director)1952Movie16.8
What Price GloryJohn Ford (Director)1952Movie1 
Rio GrandeJohn Ford (Director)1950Movie06.7
Wagon MasterJohn Ford (Director)1950Movie18.0
When Willie Comes Marching HomeJohn Ford (Director)1950Movie0 
She Wore A Yellow RibbonJohn Ford (Director)1949Movie16.0
3 GodfathersJohn Ford (Director)1948Movie1 
Fort ApacheJohn Ford (Director)1948Movie1 
The Fugitive
El Fugitivo [1947]
John Ford (Director)1947Movie1 
My Darling ClementineJohn Ford (Director)1946Movie19.0
They Were ExpendableJohn Ford (Director)1945Movie18.5
It's Your AmericaJohn Ford (Director)1943Short0 
How Green Was My ValleyJohn Ford (Director)1941Movie6 
Tobacco RoadJohn Ford (Director)1941Movie2 
The Long Voyage HomeJohn Ford (Director)1940Movie07.0
The Grapes Of WrathJohn Ford (Director)1940Movie29.0
Drums Along The MohawkJohn Ford (Director)1939Movie0 
Young Mr. LincolnJohn Ford (Director)1939Movie07.0
StagecoachJohn Ford (Director)1939Movie17.0
Four Men And A PrayerJohn Ford (Director)1938Movie0 
The Hurricane John Ford (Director)1937Movie1 
Wee Willie WinkieJohn Ford (Director)1937Movie1 
Mary Of ScotlandJohn Ford (Director)1936Movie0 
The Prisoner Of Shark IslandJohn Ford (Director)1936Movie09.0
Steamboat Round The BendJohn Ford (Director)1935Movie0 
The InformerJohn Ford (Director)1935Movie0 
The Whole Town's TalkingJohn Ford (Director)1935Movie0 
Judge PriestJohn Ford (Director)1934Movie1 

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