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The New Adventures Of Pippi LongstockingKen Annakin (Director)1988Movie0 
The Pirate MovieKen Annakin (Director)1982Movie06.0
Cheaper To Keep HerKen Annakin (Director)1980Movie0 
Murder At The Mardi GrasKen Annakin (Director)1978TV Movie0 
The Call Of The Wild Ken Annakin (Director)1972Movie0 
Those Daring Young Men In Their Jaunty Jalopies
Monte Carlo Or Bust!
Ken Annakin (Director)1969Movie07.5
The Biggest Bundle Of Them AllKen Annakin (Director)1968Movie1 
Battle Of The BulgeKen Annakin (Director)1965Movie06.5
Those Magnificent Men In Their Flying Machines
Those Magnificent Men In Their Flying Machines Or How I Flew From London To Paris In 25 Hours 11 Minutes
Ken Annakin (Director)
Ken Annakin (Writer)
The Informers
Underworld Informers
Ken Annakin (Director)1963Movie0 
The Fast LadyKen Annakin (Director)1962Movie06.0
The Longest DayKen Annakin (Director)1962Movie26.0
Crooks AnonymousKen Annakin (Director)1962Movie17.0
Very Important PersonKen Annakin (Director)1961Movie1 
Swiss Family RobinsonKen Annakin (Director)1960Movie17.0
Third Man On The MountainKen Annakin (Director)1959Movie1 
Across The BridgeKen Annakin (Director)1957Movie1 
Loser Takes AllKen Annakin (Director)1956Movie0 
Three Men In A Boat Ken Annakin (Director)1956Movie0 
The Seekers Ken Annakin (Director)1954Movie0 
You Know What Sailors Are Ken Annakin (Director)1954Movie0 
The Sword And The Rose
When Knighthood Was In Flower [1953]
Ken Annakin (Director)1953Movie1 
The Planter's WifeKen Annakin (Director)1952Movie0 
The Story Of Robin Hood And His Merrie MenKen Annakin (Director)1952Movie1 
TrioKen Annakin (Director)1950Movie0 
Double ConfessionKen Annakin (Director)1950Movie18.0
The Huggetts AbroadKen Annakin (Director)1949Movie06.0
Vote For HuggettKen Annakin (Director)1949Movie0 
Here Come The HuggettsKen Annakin (Director)1948Movie06.0
Quartet Ken Annakin (Director)1948Movie0 
Broken JourneyKen Annakin (Director)1948Movie0 
Holiday CampKen Annakin (Director)1947Movie07.0
English Criminal JusticeKen Annakin (Director)1946Short1 
We Of The West RidingKen Annakin (Director)1946Short1 
Make Fruitful The LandKen Annakin (Director)1946Short1 
London 1942Ken Annakin (Director)1943Short1 

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