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The Bloody HundredthLaurent Bouzereau (Director)2024TV Movie0 
Secrets Of The Force Awakens: A Cinematic JourneyLaurent Bouzereau (Director)2016Movie0 
Reflections On TitanicLaurent Bouzereau (Producer)2012Straight To Video0 
Roman Polanski: A Film MemoirLaurent Bouzereau (Director)2011Movie0 
Peter O'Toole Revisits "Lawrence Of Arabia"Laurent Bouzereau (Director)2009Short0 
Prince Of The City: The Real StoryLaurent Bouzereau (Director)2007Short0 
Before The Fact: Suspicious HitchcockLaurent Bouzereau (Director)2004Straight To Video05.0
Hitchcock's Confession: A Look At 'I Confess'Laurent Bouzereau (Director)2004Straight To Video05.0
Guilt Trip: Hitchcock And 'The Wrong Man'Laurent Bouzereau (Director)2004Straight To Video05.0
Hitchcock And Dial MLaurent Bouzereau (Director)2004Short0 
3D: A Brief HistoryLaurent Bouzereau (Director)2004Short0 
Indiana Jones: Making The TrilogyLaurent Bouzereau (Director)2003Straight To Video0 
The Stunts Of 'Indiana Jones'Laurent Bouzereau (Director)2003Short0 
The Sound Of 'Indiana Jones'Laurent Bouzereau (Director)2003Short0 
The Music Of 'Indiana Jones'Laurent Bouzereau (Director)2003Short0 
The Light And Magic Of 'Indiana Jones'Laurent Bouzereau (Director)2003Short0 
The Making Of 'Carlito's Way'Laurent Bouzereau (Director)2003Short0 
'Targets': An Introduction By Peter BogdanovichLaurent Bouzereau (Director)2003Short0 
The Making Of 'Cape Fear'Laurent Bouzereau (Director)2001Movie0 
Acting 'Carrie'Laurent Bouzereau (Director)2001Short0 
Visualizing 'Carrie'Laurent Bouzereau (Director)2001Straight To Video0 
Singing 'Carrie': Carrie - The MusicalLaurent Bouzereau (Director)2001Short0 
The Story Of 'Frenzy'Laurent Bouzereau (Director)
Laurent Bouzereau
2001Straight To Video0 
The Andromeda Strain: Making The FilmLaurent Bouzereau (Director)2001Short0 
A Portrait Of Michael CrichtonLaurent Bouzereau (Director)2001Short0 
The Making Of Close Encounters Of The Third KindLaurent Bouzereau (Director)
Laurent Bouzereau (Writer)
2001Straight To Video0 
The Trouble With MarnieLaurent Bouzereau (Director)2000TV Movie0 
The Lady From Shanghai: A Discussion With Peter BogdanovichLaurent Bouzereau (Director)2000Straight To Video0 
Lawrence Of Arabia: A Conversation With Steven SpielbergLaurent Bouzereau (Director)2000Short1 
The Making Of 'Lawrence Of Arabia' Laurent Bouzereau (Director)2000Straight To Video0 
The Making Of 'American Graffiti'Laurent Bouzereau (Director)1998TV Movie07.0
The Making Of 'Psycho'Laurent Bouzereau (Director)1997Movie0 
The Making Of 'Jaws'Laurent Bouzereau (Director)1995Straight To Video07.0

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