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Fireman, Save My ChildLeslie Goodwins (Director)1954Movie0 
Vacation In RenoLeslie Goodwins (Director)1946Movie0 
Genius At WorkLeslie Goodwins (Director)1946Movie0 
I'll Tell The World Leslie Goodwins (Director)1945Movie0 
The Mummy's CurseLeslie Goodwins (Director)1944Movie26.0
Hi, BeautifulLeslie Goodwins (Director)1944Movie0 
Murder In The Blue RoomLeslie Goodwins (Director)1944Movie1 
Mexican Spitfire's Blessed EventLeslie Goodwins (Director)1943Movie0 
Gals, IncorporatedLeslie Goodwins (Director)1943Movie0 
Ladies' DayLeslie Goodwins (Director)1943Movie04.0
Mexican Spitfire's ElephantLeslie Goodwins (Director)1942Movie0 
Mexican Spitfire Sees A GhostLeslie Goodwins (Director)1942Movie0 
Mexican Spitfire At Sea
Carmelita En Alta Mar
Leslie Goodwins (Director)1942Movie0 
The Mexican Spitfire's Baby
El Bebé De Carmelita
Leslie Goodwins (Director)1941Movie0 
Parachute BattalionLeslie Goodwins (Director)1941Movie1 
Mexican Spitfire Out West
Las Trampas De Carmelita
Leslie Goodwins (Director)1940Movie0 
Men Against The SkyLeslie Goodwins (Director)1940Movie06.0
Mexican Spitfire
La Diablilla Mexicana
Leslie Goodwins (Director)1940Movie0 
The Day The Bookies WeptLeslie Goodwins (Director)1939Movie0 
Way Down South Leslie Goodwins (Director)1939Movie1 
The Girl From Mexico
Una Mujer Endiablada
Leslie Goodwins (Director)1939Movie0 
Almost A Gentleman
Magnificent Outcast
Leslie Goodwins (Director)1939Movie1 
Crime RingLeslie Goodwins (Director)1938Movie0 
Should Wives Work?Leslie Goodwins (Director)1937Short0 
Anything For A Thrill Leslie Goodwins (Director)1937Movie0 
Headline CrasherLeslie Goodwins (Director)1937Movie1 
The Devil DiamondLeslie Goodwins (Director)1937Movie1 
Grandma's BuoysLeslie Goodwins (Director)1936Short0 
With Love And KissesLeslie Goodwins (Director)1936Movie1 
One Live GhostLeslie Goodwins (Director)1936Short0 
VocalizingLeslie Goodwins (Director)1936Short0 
Who's Looney Now Leslie Goodwins (Director)1936Short0 
Dummy AcheLeslie Goodwins (Director)1936Short1 
Swing It Leslie Goodwins (Director)1936Short1 
A Wedtime StoryLeslie Goodwins (Director)1936Short0 
Radio BarredLeslie Goodwins (Director)1936Short0 

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