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Inside Q's LabLewis Gilbert2000Short0 
Inside 'You Only Live Twice'Lewis Gilbert2000Short0 
Haunted Lewis Gilbert (Director)1995Movie0 
Stepping OutLewis Gilbert (Director)1991Movie0 
Shirley ValentineLewis Gilbert (Director)1989Movie0 
Educating RitaLewis Gilbert (Director)1983Movie07.3
MoonrakerLewis Gilbert (Director)1979Movie37.1
The Spy Who Loved MeLewis Gilbert (Director)1977Movie28.0
Seven Nights In JapanLewis Gilbert (Director)1976Movie0 
Operation: DaybreakLewis Gilbert (Director)1975Movie18.0
Paul And MichelleLewis Gilbert (Director)1974Movie0 
FriendsLewis Gilbert (Director)1971Movie1 
The Adventurers Lewis Gilbert (Director)1970Movie16.0
You Only Live TwiceLewis Gilbert (Director)1967Movie48.1
AlfieLewis Gilbert (Director)
Lewis Gilbert (Producer)
Damn The Defiant !
H.M.S. Defiant
Lewis Gilbert (Director)1962Movie07.0
Sink The Bismarck! Lewis Gilbert (Director)1960Movie07.7
Ferry To Hong KongLewis Gilbert (Director)1959Movie1 
Carve Her Name With PrideLewis Gilbert (Director)1958Movie07.5
The Admirable Crichton
Paradise Lagoon
Lewis Gilbert (Director)1957Movie08.0
Reach For The SkyLewis Gilbert (Director)1956Movie07.7
Cast A Dark ShadowLewis Gilbert (Director)1955Movie0 
The Sea Shall Not Have ThemLewis Gilbert (Director)1954Movie1 
The Good Die YoungLewis Gilbert (Director)1954Movie0 
Harmony Lane Lewis Gilbert (Director)1954Movie1 
Albert, R.N.
Break To Freedom
Lewis Gilbert (Director)1953Movie0 
Cosh Boy
The Slasher
Lewis Gilbert (Director)1953Movie17.0
Johnny On The RunLewis Gilbert (Director)1953Movie0 
Time Gentlemen Please !Lewis Gilbert (Director)1952Movie04.0
There Is Another Sun
Wall Of Death
Lewis Gilbert (Director)1951Movie0 
The Ten Year PlanLewis Gilbert (Director)1945Short0 

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