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The New Adventures Of Pinocchio Michael Anderson (Director)1999Movie0 
Summer Of The MonkeysMichael Anderson (Director)1998Movie0 
20,000 Leagues Under The Sea Michael Anderson (Director)1997TV Movie1 
Captains Courageous Michael Anderson (Director)1996TV Movie1 
Rugged GoldMichael Anderson (Director)1994TV Movie0 
The Sea Wolf Michael Anderson (Director)1993TV Movie0 
Young CatherineMichael Anderson (Director)1991TV Movie0 
MillenniumMichael Anderson (Director)1989Movie0 
La Bottega Dell'orefice
The Jeweller's Shop
Michael Anderson (Director)1988Movie1 
Sword Of GideonMichael Anderson (Director)1986TV Movie0 
Separate Vacations Michael Anderson (Director)1986Movie0 
Second Time LuckyMichael Anderson (Director)1984Movie0 
Murder By PhoneMichael Anderson (Director)1982Movie1 
Dominique Is Dead
Michael Anderson (Director)1979Movie1 
OrcaMichael Anderson (Director)1977Movie16.0
Logan's RunMichael Anderson (Director)1976Movie16.2
Conduct Unbecoming Michael Anderson (Director)1975Movie0 
Doc Savage: The Man Of BronzeMichael Anderson (Director)1975Movie16.0
Pope Joan Michael Anderson (Director)1972Movie0 
The Shoes Of The FishermanMichael Anderson (Director)1968Movie16.5
The Quiller MemorandumMichael Anderson (Director)1966Movie27.7
Operation CrossbowMichael Anderson (Director)1965Movie18.3
Wild And Wonderful Michael Anderson (Director)1964Movie0 
Flight From AshiyaMichael Anderson (Director)1964Movie18.0
Tower Of London Michael Anderson (Soundtrack)1962Movie07.0
The Naked EdgeMichael Anderson (Director)1961Movie0 
All The Fine Young CannibalsMichael Anderson (Director)1960Movie0 
The Wreck Of The Mary DeareMichael Anderson (Director)1959Movie18.0
Shake Hands With The Devil Michael Anderson (Director)1959Movie08.0
Chase A Crooked ShadowMichael Anderson (Director)1958Movie07.5
Yangtse Incident: The Story Of H.M.S. AmethystMichael Anderson (Director)1957Movie19.0
Around The World In Eighty Days
Around The World In 80 Days [1956]
Michael Anderson (Director)1956Movie27.7
1984 Michael Anderson (Director)1956Movie1 
The Dam BustersMichael Anderson (Director)1955Movie17.8
Will Any Gentleman...?Michael Anderson (Director)1953Movie0 
The House Of The ArrowMichael Anderson (Director)1953Movie0 
Hell Is Sold OutMichael Anderson (Director)1951Movie0 
Night Was Our FriendMichael Anderson (Director)1951Movie1 
Waterfront Michael Anderson (Director)1950Movie1 
Private AngeloMichael Anderson (Director)1949Movie0 

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