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The ComancherosMichael Curtiz (Director)1961Movie06.0
The Adventures Of Huckleberry Finn Michael Curtiz (Director)1960Movie08.0
A Breath Of ScandalMichael Curtiz (Director)1960Movie1 
The Hangman Michael Curtiz (Director)1959Movie0 
King CreoleMichael Curtiz (Director)1958Movie17.0
The Proud RebelMichael Curtiz (Director)1958Movie1 
The Helen Morgan StoryMichael Curtiz (Director)1957Movie1 
The Best Things In Life Are Free Michael Curtiz (Director)1956Movie0 
The Vagabond King Michael Curtiz (Director)1956Movie0 
The Scarlet HourMichael Curtiz (Director)1956Movie0 
We're No Angels Michael Curtiz (Director)1955Movie18.0
White ChristmasMichael Curtiz (Director)1954Movie17.3
The EgyptianMichael Curtiz (Director)1954Movie06.5
The Boy From OklahomaMichael Curtiz (Director)1954Movie0 
Trouble Along The WayMichael Curtiz (Director)1953Movie0 
The Jazz Singer Michael Curtiz (Director)1952Movie1 
I'll See You In My Dreams Michael Curtiz (Director)1951Movie2 
Jim Thorpe -- All-American
Man Of Bronze
Michael Curtiz (Director)1951Movie0 
Force Of ArmsMichael Curtiz (Director)1951Movie06.0
The Breaking Point Michael Curtiz (Director)1950Movie09.0
Bright LeafMichael Curtiz (Director)1950Movie0 
Young Man With A HornMichael Curtiz (Director)1950Movie18.0
Flamingo RoadMichael Curtiz (Director)1949Movie18.0
My Dream Is YoursMichael Curtiz (Director)1949Movie2 
Romance On The High Seas
It's Magic
Michael Curtiz (Director)1948Movie27.0
The UnsuspectedMichael Curtiz (Director)1947Movie06.5
Life With FatherMichael Curtiz (Director)1947Movie17.0
Night And Day Michael Curtiz (Director)1946Movie1 
Mildred PierceMichael Curtiz (Director)1945Movie18.5
Roughly SpeakingMichael Curtiz (Director)1945Movie0 
Passage To MarseilleMichael Curtiz (Director)1944Movie19.0
This Is The Army
Irving Berlin's This Is The Army
Michael Curtiz (Director)1943Movie16.0
Mission To MoscowMichael Curtiz (Director)1943Movie13.5
CasablancaMichael Curtiz (Director)1943Movie29.3
Yankee Doodle DandyMichael Curtiz (Director)1942Movie17.0
Captains Of The CloudsMichael Curtiz (Director)1942Movie1 
Dive BomberMichael Curtiz (Director)1941Movie1 
The Sea Wolf Michael Curtiz (Director)1941Movie1 
Santa Fe TrailMichael Curtiz (Director)1940Movie1 
The Sea Hawk Michael Curtiz (Director)1940Movie0 
Virginia CityMichael Curtiz (Director)1940Movie1 
Four WivesMichael Curtiz (Director)1939Movie0 
The Private Lives Of Elizabeth And EssexMichael Curtiz (Director)1939Movie07.0
Daughters CourageousMichael Curtiz (Director)1939Movie0 
Sons Of Liberty Michael Curtiz (Director)1939Short0 
Dodge CityMichael Curtiz (Director)1939Movie1 
Angels With Dirty FacesMichael Curtiz (Director)1938Movie47.8
Four Daughters Michael Curtiz (Director)1938Movie0 
Four's A CrowdMichael Curtiz (Director)1938Movie0 
The Adventures Of Robin HoodMichael Curtiz (Director)1938Movie39.0

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