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Live A Little, Love A LittleNorman Taurog (Director)1968Movie16.0
SpeedwayNorman Taurog (Director)1968Movie27.0
Double TroubleNorman Taurog (Director)1967Movie07.0
California Holiday
Norman Taurog (Director)1966Movie07.0
Dr. Goldfoot And The Bikini MachineNorman Taurog (Director)1965Movie0 
Sergeant Dead HeadNorman Taurog (Director)1965Movie07.0
Tickle MeNorman Taurog (Director)1965Movie18.0
Palm Springs WeekendNorman Taurog (Director)1963Movie17.0
It Happened At The World's FairNorman Taurog (Director)1963Movie27.0
Girls! Girls! Girls!Norman Taurog (Director)1962Movie0 
Blue HawaiiNorman Taurog (Director)1961Movie07.0
All Hands On DeckNorman Taurog (Director)1961Movie1 
G.I. BluesNorman Taurog (Director)1960Movie16.5
Visit To A Small PlanetNorman Taurog (Director)1960Movie0 
Don't Give Up The ShipNorman Taurog (Director)1959Movie0 
OnionheadNorman Taurog (Director)1958Movie0 
The Fuzzy Pink NightgownNorman Taurog (Director)1957Movie07.0
Bundle Of JoyNorman Taurog (Director)1956Movie0 
PardnersNorman Taurog (Director)1956Movie0 
The Birds And The Bees Norman Taurog (Director)1956Movie0 
You're Never Too YoungNorman Taurog (Director)1955Movie0 
Living It UpNorman Taurog (Director)1954Movie06.0
The CaddyNorman Taurog (Director)1953Movie07.0
The Stars Are SingingNorman Taurog (Director)1953Movie0 
The StoogeNorman Taurog (Director)1952Movie0 
Jumping JacksNorman Taurog (Director)1952Movie0 
Room For One MoreNorman Taurog (Director)1952Movie27.0
Rich, Young And PrettyNorman Taurog (Director)1951Movie2 
Mrs. O'Malley And Mr. MaloneNorman Taurog (Director)1950Movie06.0
The Toast Of New OrleansNorman Taurog (Director)1950Movie0 
Please Believe MeNorman Taurog (Director)1950Movie07.0
That Midnight KissNorman Taurog (Director)1949Movie05.0
Words And MusicNorman Taurog (Director)1948Movie0 
Big City Norman Taurog (Director)1948Movie0 
The Bride Goes WildNorman Taurog (Director)1948Movie07.0
The Beginning Or The EndNorman Taurog (Director)1947Movie07.0
The Hoodlum SaintNorman Taurog (Director)1946Movie0 
Girl CrazyNorman Taurog (Director)1943Movie1 
Presenting Lily MarsNorman Taurog (Director)1943Movie1 
A Yank At EtonNorman Taurog (Director)1942Movie0 
Are Husbands Necessary?Norman Taurog (Director)1942Movie0 
Design For ScandalNorman Taurog (Director)1941Movie0 
Married BachelorNorman Taurog (Director)1941Movie0 
Men Of Boys TownNorman Taurog (Director)1941Movie25.0
Little Nellie KellyNorman Taurog (Director)1940Movie0 
Young Tom EdisonNorman Taurog (Director)1940Movie0 
Broadway Melody Of 1940Norman Taurog (Director)1940Movie18.0
Lucky NightNorman Taurog (Director)1939Movie07.0
The Girl DownstairsNorman Taurog (Director)1938Movie0 
Boys TownNorman Taurog (Director)1938Movie13.0

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