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A Season For MiraclesPatty Duke
as Angel
1999TV Movie0 
A Christmas Memory Patty Duke
as Sook
1997TV Movie0 
Harvest Of FirePatty Duke
as Annie Beiler
1996TV Movie0 
Cries From The HeartPatty Duke
as Terry
1994TV Movie0 
A Matter Of JusticePatty Duke
as Mary Brown
1993TV Movie0 
Family Of StrangersPatty Duke
as Beth Thompson
1993TV Movie0 
A Killer Among FriendsPatty Duke
as Jean Monroe
1992TV Movie0 
Absolute StrangersPatty Duke
as Judge Ray
1991TV Movie0 
Call Me Anna ‎Patty Duke
as Anna Marie Duke
1990TV Movie0 
Amityville Horror The Evil Escapes
Amityville 4: The Evil Escapes
Patty Duke
as Nancy Evans
1989TV Movie05.0
Everybody's Baby: The Rescue Of Jessica McClurePatty Duke
as Carolyn Henry
1989TV Movie0 
Fight For LifePatty Duke
as Shirley Abrams
1987TV Movie0 
Best Kept SecretsPatty Duke Astin
as Laura Dietz
1984TV Movie0 
September GunPatty Duke Astin
as Sister Dulcina
1983TV Movie0 
The Violation Of Sarah McDavidPatty Duke Astin
as Sarah McDavid
1981TV Movie0 
Please Don't Hit Me, MomPatty Duke Astin
as Barbara Reynolds
1981TV Movie0 
The Babysitter Patty Duke Astin
as Liz Benedict
1980TV Movie0 
The Women's RoomPatty Duke
as Lily
1980TV Movie0 
Mom, The Wolfman And MePatty Duke
as Deborah Bergman
1980TV Movie0 
The Miracle WorkerPatty Duke
as Anne Sullivan
1979TV Movie0 
The SwarmPatty Duke
as Rita
A Family Upside DownPatty Duke Astin
as Wendy
1978TV Movie0 
Curse Of The Black WidowPatty Duke Astin
as Laura Lockwood
1977TV Movie06.0
Fire Patty Duke Astin
as Dr. Peggy Wilson
1977TV Movie0 
Killer On BoardPatty Duke
as Norma Walsh
1977TV Movie0 
Look What's Happened To Rosemary's BabyPatty Duke Astin
as Rosemary Woodhouse
1976TV Movie1 
You'll Like My MotherPatty Duke
as Francesca Kinsolving
Jacqueline Susann And The Valley Of The DollsPatty Duke1968Short0 
Valley Of The Dolls: A World Premiere VoyagePatty Duke1967TV Movie06.0
Valley Of The DollsPatty Duke1967Movie07.0
The DaydreamerPatty Duke
as Thumbelina (voice)
The Miracle WorkerPatty Duke
as Helen Keller
Happy Anniversary Patty Duke
as Debbie Walters
4D Man
Master Of Terror
Patty Duke
as Marjorie Sutherland
Country Music HolidayPatty Duke
as 'Sis' Brand

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