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Bugs Bunny SuperstarRobert Clampett1975Movie07.0
Dough For The Do-DoRobert Clampett (Director)1949Short1 
It's A Grand Old NagRobert Clampett (Director)1947Short0 
The Big SnoozeRobert Clampett (Director)1946Short0 
Bacall To ArmsRobert Clampett (Director)1946Short0 
The Great Piggy Bank RobberyRobert Clampett (Director)1946Short0 
Kitty KorneredRobert Clampett (Director)1946Short0 
Baby BottleneckRobert Clampett (Director)1946Short27.0
Book RevueRobert Clampett (Director)1946Short17.0
Wagon HeelsRobert Clampett (Director)1945Short0 
Draftee DaffyRobert Clampett (Director)1945Short1 
Tokyo WoesRobert Clampett (Director)1945Short15.0
The Old Grey HareRobert Clampett (Director)1944Short0 
Buckaroo BugsRobert Clampett (Director)1944Short0 
Hare Ribbin'Robert Clampett (Director)1944Short0 
Russian RhapsodyRobert Clampett (Director)1944Short0 
What's Cookin' Doc?Robert Clampett (Director)1944Short1 
Booby TrapsRobert Clampett (Director)1944Short2 
An Itch In TimeRobert Clampett (Director)1943Short1 
Falling HareRobert Clampett (Director)
Robert Clampett
Fighting ToolsRobert Clampett (Director)1943Short2 
A Corny ConcertoRobert Clampett (Director)1943Short0 
Tin Pan Alley CatsRobert Clampett (Director)1943Short16.0
The Wise Quacking DuckRobert Clampett (Director)1943Short0 
Tortoise Wins By A HareRobert Clampett (Director)1943Short1 
Coal Black And De Sebben DwarfsRobert Clampett (Director)1943Short07.0
A Tale Of Two Kitties Robert Clampett (Director)1942Movie1 
The Hep Cat Robert Clampett (Director)1942Short17.0
Eatin' On The Cuff Or The Moth Who Came To DinnerRobert Clampett (Director)1942Short1 
Bugs Bunny Gets The Boid
Bugs Bunny Und Der Baby-Bussard (Germany)
Robert Clampett (Director)1942Short0 
Wacky BlackoutRobert Clampett (Director)1942Short1 
The Wacky WabbitRobert Clampett (Director)1942Short1 
Horton Hatches The Egg Robert Clampett (Director)1942Short0 
Crazy CruiseRobert Clampett (Director)1942Short1 
Porky's PoochRobert Clampett (Director)1941Short0 
Wabbit TwoubleRobert Clampett (Director)1941Movie2 
The Henpecked DuckRobert Clampett (Director)1941Short1 
We, The Animals - Squeak!Robert Clampett (Director)1941Short07.0
Meet John DoughboyRobert Clampett (Director)1941Short0 
Farm FrolicsRobert Clampett (Director)1941Short1 
Prehistoric PorkyRobert Clampett (Director)1940Short1 
Patient PorkyRobert Clampett (Director)1940Short1 
Slap Happy PappyRobert Clampett (Director)1940Short0 
Pilgrim PorkyRobert Clampett (Director)1940Short1 
Porky's Last StandRobert Clampett (Director)1940Short0 
The Film FanRobert Clampett (Director)1939Short1 
Wise Quacks Robert Clampett (Director)
Robert Clampett
as Mama Duck
Polar Pals Robert Clampett (Director)1939Short1 
Kristopher Kolumbus Jr.Robert Clampett (Director)1939Short0 
The Daffy DocRobert Clampett (Director)1938Short1 

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