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Hillbilly Blitzkrieg
Enemy Round-Up
Roy Mack (Director)1942Movie1 
Woody Herman & His OrchestraRoy Mack (Director)1940Short0 
Ozzie Nelson & His OrchestraRoy Mack (Director)1940Short0 
Frances Carroll & "The Coquettes"Roy Mack (Director)1940Short0 
Rita Rio And Her OrchestraRoy Mack (Director)1939Short0 
Artie Shaw And His OrchestraRoy Mack (Director)1939Short0 
The Knight Is YoungRoy Mack (Director)1938Short0 
Ray Kinney And His Royal Hawaiian OrchestraRoy Mack (Director)1938Short0 
Swing Cat's JamboreeRoy Mack (Director)1938Short1 
The Candid KidRoy Mack (Director)1938Short0 
Ups And Downs Roy Mack (Director)1937Short0 
Home Run On The KeysRoy Mack (Director)1937Short06.0
Hi De Ho Roy Mack (Director)1937Short0 
George Hall And His OrchestraRoy Mack (Director)1937Short1 
Sheik To SheikRoy Mack (Director)1936Short0 
Harry Reser And His EskimosRoy Mack (Director)1936Short0 
RhythmitisRoy Mack (Director)1936Short0 
The Black NetworkRoy Mack (Director)1936Short0 
Broadway Ballyhoo
Broadway Brevities (1935-1936 Season) #11: Broadway Ballyhoo
Roy Mack (Director)1935Short0 
Surprise! Roy Mack (Director)1935Movie0 
Borrah Minevitch And His Harmonica Rascals Roy Mack (Director)1935Short0 
An All-Colored Vaudeville ShowRoy Mack (Director)1935Short0 
The Wishing Stone Roy Mack (Director)1935Short0 
All-Star VaudevilleRoy Mack (Director)1935Short0 
Vaudeville Roy Mack (Director)1934Short1 
Paree, PareeRoy Mack (Director)1934Short0 
Mirrors Roy Mack (Director)1934Short0 
Good Morning, Eve!Roy Mack (Director)1934Short06.0
Service With A Smile Roy Mack (Director)1934Movie0 
King For A DayRoy Mack (Director)1934Short0 
Isham Jones & His OrchestraRoy Mack (Director)1934Short0 
Story ConferenceRoy Mack (Director)1934Short05.0
Mills Blue Rhythm BandRoy Mack (Director)1934Short0 
Picture PalaceRoy Mack (Director)1934Short0 
Paul Revere, Jr.Roy Mack (Director)1933Short0 
Seasoned GreetingsRoy Mack (Director)1933Short1 
Rufus Jones For PresidentRoy Mack (Director)1933Short0 
The Audition Roy Mack (Director)1933Short0 
That's The SpiritRoy Mack (Director)1933Short0 
Nothing Ever HappensRoy Mack (Director)1933Short0 
Smash Your BaggageRoy Mack (Director)1932Short0 
The Yacht PartyRoy Mack (Director)1932Short0 
The NickeletteRoy Mack (Director)1932Short0 
Pie, Pie BlackbirdRoy Mack (Director)1932Short0 
Artistic TemperRoy Mack (Director)1932Short0 
The Gigolo RacketRoy Mack (Director)1931Short0 
Nine O'Clock FolksRoy Mack (Director)1931Short0 
Henry Santry And His Soldiers Of FortuneRoy Mack (Director)1931Short0 
Opening Night Roy Mack (Director)1931Short0 
Fashion's MirrorRoy Mack (Director)1930Short0 

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