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Luke Wins Ye Ladye FaireSnub Pollard1917Short0 
Lonesome Luke, LawyerSnub Pollard1917Short0 
Luke’s Trolley TroublesSnub Pollard1917Short0 
Luke’s Busy DaySnub Pollard1917Short0 
Luke’s Lost LibertySnub Pollard1917Short0 
Luke’s Shattered SleepSnub Pollard1916Short0 
Luke Locates The LootSnub Pollard1916Short0 
Luke’s Fireworks FizzleSnub Pollard1916Short0 
Luke, Rank ImpersonatorSnub Pollard1916Short0 
Luke’s Movie MuddleSnub Pollard1916Short1 
Luke’s Newsie KnockoutSnub Pollard1916Short0 
Luke The Patient ProviderSnub Pollard1916Short0 
Luke The GladiatorSnub Pollard1916Short0 
Luke’s Preparedness PreparationsSnub Pollard1916Short0 
Luke The ChauffeurSnub Pollard1916Short0 
Luke And The BangtailsSnub Pollard1916Short0 
Luke’s Speedy Club LifeSnub Pollard1916Short0 
Luke And The MermaidsSnub Pollard1916Short0 
Luke Joins The NavySnub Pollard1916Short0 
Luke Does The MidwaySnub Pollard1916Short0 
Luke’s Lost LambSnub Pollard1916Short0 
Luke, Crystal GazerSnub Pollard1916Short0 
Luke Rides RoughshodSnub Pollard1916Short0 
Luke’s Washful WaitingSnub Pollard1916Short0 
Luke’s Society Mix-UpSnub Pollard1916Short0 
Luke’s Fatal FlivverSnub Pollard1916Short0 
Luke Laughs LastSnub Pollard1916Short0 
Luke’s Late LunchersSnub Pollard1916Short0 
Luke And The Bomb ThrowersSnub Pollard1916Short0 
Them Was The Happy Days!Snub Pollard1916Short0 
Luke’s DoubleSnub Pollard1916Short1 
Lonesome Luke, Circus KingSnub Pollard1916Short0 
Luke Pipes The PippinsSnub Pollard1916Short0 
Luke And The Rural RoughnecksSnub Pollard1916Short0 
Luke Foils The VillainSnub Pollard1916Short0 
Luke, The Candy Cut-UpSnub Pollard1916Short0 

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