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The Jigsaw ManTerence Young (Director)1983Movie0 
Sidney Sheldon's Bloodline
Bloodline [1979]
Terence Young (Director)1979Movie1 
The KlansmanTerence Young (Director)1974Movie05.0
The Valachi PapersTerence Young (Director)1972Movie07.5
Soleil Rouge
Red Sun
Terence Young (Director)1971Movie19.0
De La Part Des Copains
Cold Sweat [1970]
Terence Young (Director)1970Movie16.5
Mayerling Terence Young (Director)1968Movie0 
Wait Until DarkTerence Young (Director)1967Movie18.3
The Rover
Terence Young (Director)1967Movie0 
Triple CrossTerence Young (Director)1966Movie09.0
The Poppy Is Also A FlowerTerence Young (Director)1966Movie0 
The Amorous Adventures Of Moll FlandersTerence Young (Director)1965Movie1 
ThunderballTerence Young (Director)1965Movie47.6
The Dirty GameTerence Young (Director)1965Movie0 
From Russia With LoveTerence Young (Director)1963Movie18.0
Dr. NoTerence Young (Director)1962Movie28.1
Orazi E Curiazi
Duel Of Champions
Terence Young (Director)1961Movie0 
1-2-3-4 Ou Les Collants Noirs
Black Tights
Terence Young (Director)1961Movie1 
Too Hot To Handle
Playgirl After Dark
Terence Young (Director)1960Movie18.0
Serious ChargeTerence Young (Director)1959Movie0 
No Time To Die
Tank Force!
Terence Young (Director)1958Movie06.0
Action Of The TigerTerence Young (Director)1957Movie0 
ZarakTerence Young (Director)1956Movie0 
Safari Terence Young (Director)1956Movie06.0
Storm Over The NileTerence Young (Director)1955Movie0 
That LadyTerence Young (Director)1955Movie0 
The Red BeretTerence Young (Director)1953Movie1 
The Frightened Bride
Tall Headlines
Terence Young (Director)1952Movie0 
They Were Not DividedTerence Young (Director)1950Movie110.0
Woman HaterTerence Young (Director)1948Movie0 
Corridor Of MirrorsTerence Young (Director)1948Movie0 

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