W. S. Van Dyke - Cinema - Filmography

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Journey For MargaretW. S. Van Dyke (Director)1942Movie05.5
I Take This Woman W. S. Van Dyke (Director)1940Movie1 
After The Thin ManW. S. Van Dyke (Director)1936Movie16.5
Love On The Run W. S. Van Dyke (Director)1936Movie1 
The Devil Is A Sissy
The Devil Takes The Count
W. S. Van Dyke (Director)1936Movie07.0
His Brother's WifeW. S. Van Dyke (Director)1936Movie06.0
San FranciscoW. S. Van Dyke (Director)1936Movie1 
Indian Love Call
W. S. Van Dyke (Director)1936Movie1 
I Live My LifeW. S. Van Dyke (Director)1935Movie0 
Forsaking All OthersW. S. Van Dyke (Director)1934Movie1 
Hide-OutW. S. Van Dyke (Director)1934Movie0 
The Thin ManW. S. Van Dyke (Director)1934Movie18.0
Manhattan MelodramaW. S. Van Dyke (Director)1934Movie25.0
Laughing Boy W. S. Van Dyke (Director)1934Movie0 
The Prizefighter And The LadyW. S. Van Dyke (Director)1933Movie1 
Penthouse W. S. Van Dyke (Director)1933Movie0 
Night CourtW. S. Van Dyke (Director)1932Movie0 
Tarzan The Ape ManW. S. Van Dyke (Director)1932Movie0 
The Cuban Love SongW. S. Van Dyke (Director)1931Movie0 
Guilty HandsW. S. Van Dyke (Director)1931Movie0 
Never The Twain Shall Meet W. S. Van Dyke (Director)1931Movie0 
Trader Horn W. S. Van Dyke (Director)1931Movie0 
The PaganW. S. Van Dyke (Director)1929Movie16.0
White Shadows In The South SeasW. S. Van Dyke (Director)1928Movie1 
Winners Of The WildernessW. S. Van Dyke (Director)1927Movie0 

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