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House Of Wax: Unlike Anything You've Ever Seen
House Of Wax: Unlike Anything You've Seen Before!
Wes Craven2013Straight To Video0 
Scream 4Wes Craven (Director)2011Movie16.0
My Soul To TakeWes Craven (Director)
Wes Craven (Producer)
Wes Craven (Writer)
Freddy's Return: A Nightmare RebornWes Craven (Writer)
as Maddy's Father
2009Straight To Video0 
Pulse Wes Craven (Writer)2006Movie05.0
Feast Wes Craven (Producer)2005Movie07.0
CursedWes Craven (Director)2005Movie07.0
Red EyeWes Craven (Director)2005Movie06.0
Scream 3Wes Craven (Director)2000Movie14.3
Music Of The HeartWes Craven (Director)1999Movie1 
The Nightmare Series EncyclopediaWes Craven
as Self
Scream 2Wes Craven (Director)1997Movie15.7
ScreamWes Craven (Director)
Wes Craven
as Fred the Janitor
Vampire In BrooklynWes Craven (Director)1995Movie18.0
New Nightmare
Wes Craven's New Nightmare
Wes Craven (Director)
Wes Craven
as Wes Craven
Murder By NumberWes Craven
as Self / Film Director
1994TV Movie0 
Body BagsWes Craven
as Pasty Faced Man (segment "The Gas Station")
1993TV Movie0 
The People Under The StairsWes Craven (Director)1991Movie18.0
Night VisionsWes Craven (Director)1990TV Movie0 
ShockerWes Craven (Director)1989Movie06.0
The Serpent And The RainbowWes Craven (Director)1988Movie38.3
A Nightmare On Elm Street 3: Dream WarriorsWes Craven (Writer)1987Movie26.8
Deadly FriendWes Craven (Director)1986Movie15.0
CasebustersWes Craven (Director)1986TV Movie0 
A Nightmare On Elm StreetWes Craven (Director)1984Movie36.8
Invitation To HellWes Craven (Director)1984TV Movie0 
Swamp Thing Wes Craven (Director)1982Movie06.5
Deadly BlessingWes Craven (Director)1981Movie1 
Summer Of Fear Wes Craven (Director)1978TV Movie1 
The Hills Have EyesWes Craven (Director)1977Movie07.0
The Last House On The LeftWes Craven (Director)
Wes Craven (Writer)

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