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The Men Who Made The Movies: William A. WellmanWilliam A. Wellman1973TV Movie0 
Lafayette EscadrilleWilliam A. Wellman (Director)1958Movie0 
Darby's Rangers
The Young Invaders
William A. Wellman (Director)1958Movie17.0
Good-bye, My LadyWilliam A. Wellman (Director)1956Movie08.0
Blood AlleyWilliam A. Wellman (Director)1955Movie0 
Track Of The CatWilliam A. Wellman (Director)1954Movie0 
The High And The MightyWilliam A. Wellman (Director)1954Movie18.0
Island In The Sky William A. Wellman (Director)1953Movie0 
My Man And I William A. Wellman (Director)1952Movie2 
Westward The WomenWilliam A. Wellman (Director)1951Movie0 
Across The Wide MissouriWilliam A. Wellman (Director)1951Movie06.0
The Happy YearsWilliam A. Wellman (Director)1950Movie0 
The Next Voice You HearWilliam A. Wellman (Director)1950Movie0 
BattlegroundWilliam A. Wellman (Director)1949Movie09.0
Yellow SkyWilliam A. Wellman (Director)1948Movie18.0
The Iron CurtainWilliam A. Wellman (Director)1948Movie0 
Magic TownWilliam A. Wellman (Director)1947Movie0 
Gallant JourneyWilliam A. Wellman (Director)1946Movie0 
Story Of G.I. Joe
Ernie Pyle's Story Of G.I. Joe
William A. Wellman (Director)1945Movie0 
Buffalo BillWilliam A. Wellman (Director)1944Movie07.5
The Ox-Bow IncidentWilliam A. Wellman (Director)1943Movie16.0
Lady Of BurlesqueWilliam A. Wellman (Director)1943Movie16.5
Thunder Birds (Soldiers Of The Air)William A. Wellman (Director)1942Movie0 
The Great Man's LadyWilliam A. Wellman (Director)1942Movie0 
Roxie HartWilliam A. Wellman (Director)1942Movie0 
The Light That Failed William A. Wellman (Director)1939Movie0 
Beau Geste William A. Wellman (Director)1939Movie06.0
Men With WingsWilliam A. Wellman (Director)1938Movie0 
Nothing Sacred William A. Wellman (Director)1937Movie17.0
A Star Is Born William A. Wellman (Director)1937Movie08.0
Small Town Girl William A. Wellman (Director)1936Movie0 
Robin Hood Of El DoradoWilliam A. Wellman (Director)1936Movie1 
The Call Of The Wild William A. Wellman (Director)1935Movie2 
The President VanishesWilliam A. Wellman (Director)1934Movie0 
StingareeWilliam A. Wellman (Director)1934Movie05.0
Looking For TroubleWilliam A. Wellman (Director)1934Movie0 
College CoachWilliam A. Wellman (Director)1933Movie0 
Wild Boys Of The RoadWilliam A. Wellman (Director)1933Movie07.0
Midnight MaryWilliam A. Wellman (Director)1933Movie0 
Heroes For SaleWilliam A. Wellman (Director)1933Movie0 
Lilly TurnerWilliam A. Wellman (Director)1933Movie0 
Central AirportWilliam A. Wellman (Director)1933Movie0 
Frisco JennyWilliam A. Wellman (Director)1932Movie0 
The Conquerors William A. Wellman (Director)1932Movie0 
The Purchase PriceWilliam A. Wellman (Director)1932Movie15.0
Love Is A RacketWilliam A. Wellman (Director)1932Movie0 
So Big! William A. Wellman (Director)1932Movie0 
The Hatchet Man William A. Wellman (Director)1932Movie0 
Safe In HellWilliam A. Wellman (Director)1931Movie0 
The Star WitnessWilliam A. Wellman (Director)1931Movie07.0

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