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The Day Of The LocustWilliam Castle
as Director
BugWilliam Castle (Producer)1975Movie16.0
The Sex SymbolWilliam Castle
as Jack P. Harper
1974TV Movie0 
Rosemary's BabyWilliam Castle (Producer)1968Movie18.5
Project X William Castle (Director)1968Movie0 
The Spirit Is WillingWilliam Castle (Director)1967Movie07.0
The Busy BodyWilliam Castle (Director)1967Movie08.0
Let's Kill UncleWilliam Castle (Director)1966Movie07.0
I Saw What You Did William Castle (Director)1965Movie08.0
The Night WalkerWilliam Castle (Director)
William Castle (Producer)
Strait-JacketWilliam Castle (Director)1964Movie07.0
The Old Dark House William Castle (Director)1963Movie26.5
13 Frightened GirlsWilliam Castle (Director)1963Movie07.0
Zotz!William Castle (Director)1962Movie07.0
Mr. SardonicusWilliam Castle (Director)1961Movie07.0
HomicidalWilliam Castle (Director)1961Movie07.0
13 Ghosts
Thirteen Ghosts
William Castle (Director)1960Movie48.0
The TinglerWilliam Castle (Director)1959Movie37.8
House On Haunted Hill William Castle (Director)1959Movie47.8
Macabre William Castle (Director)1958Movie1 
Uranium BoomWilliam Castle (Director)1956Movie0 
The Houston StoryWilliam Castle (Director)1956Movie0 
New Orleans UncensoredWilliam Castle (Director)1955Movie0 
Masterson Of KansasWilliam Castle (Director)1954Movie0 
The Law Vs. Billy The KidWilliam Castle (Director)1954Movie07.0
Jesse James Vs. The DaltonsWilliam Castle (Director)1954Movie0 
Battle Of Rogue RiverWilliam Castle (Director)1954Movie0 
Charge Of The LancersWilliam Castle (Director)1954Movie0 
Slaves Of BabylonWilliam Castle (Director)1953Movie1 
Conquest Of CochiseWilliam Castle (Director)1953Movie0 
Serpent Of The NileWilliam Castle (Director)1953Movie0 
Fort TiWilliam Castle (Director)1953Movie0 
Cave Of OutlawsWilliam Castle (Director)1951Movie0 
Hollywood StoryWilliam Castle (Director)1951Movie0 
The Fat ManWilliam Castle (Director)1951Movie0 
It's A Small WorldWilliam Castle (Director)1950Movie07.0
Undertow William Castle (Director)1949Movie1 
Johnny Stool PigeonWilliam Castle (Director)1949Movie0 
The Gentleman From NowhereWilliam Castle (Director)1948Movie0 
Texas, Brooklyn And Heaven
The Girl From Texas
William Castle (Director)1948Movie2 
The Crime Doctor's Gamble
Doctor's Gamble
William Castle (Director)1947Movie0 
Crime Doctor's Man HuntWilliam Castle (Director)1946Movie0 
Mysterious IntruderWilliam Castle (Director)1946Movie1 
Just Before DawnWilliam Castle (Director)1946Movie0 
Voice Of The WhistlerWilliam Castle (Director)1945Movie1 
The Crime Doctor's WarningWilliam Castle (Director)1945Movie1 
The Mark Of The WhistlerWilliam Castle (Director)1944Movie1 
The WhistlerWilliam Castle (Director)1944Movie1 
When Strangers Marry
Betrayed [1944]
William Castle (Director)1944Movie16.0

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