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Title:The Pink Panther Peter Sellers 5 Film Collection
More Titles:The Pink Panther, A Shot In The Dark, The Pink Panther Strikes Again, Revenge Of The Pink Panther, Trail Of The Pink Panther
Publisher:  MGM
Format:DVD Box Set
Region Code:Region 2
Classification:PG (IRL PG)
Cat#:F1-0GB 2434201000
Genre:Comedy, Crime, Mystery
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Community: 2 Own
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the five pink panther films on dvd each in its own thin case, in a light card slip-case:
the pink panther (1964) 113 minutes approximately
a shot in the dark (1964) 101 minutes approximately
the pink panther strikes again (1976) 101 minutes approximately
revenge of the pink panther (1978) 96 minutes approximately
trail of the pink panther (1982) 94 minutes approximately

16:9 widescreen 2.35:1, colour, english, french, german 5.1 stereo and czech, italian, spanish monophonic soundtracks,
czech, danish, dutch, flemish, french, greek, italian, norwegian, portuguese, spanish, swedish, turkish, english and german main feature subtitles for the hearing impaired

The Pink Panther
DirectorBlake Edwards
WriterMaurice Richlin
 Blake Edwards
Selected CastDavid Niven as Sir Charles Lytton
 Peter Sellers as Insp. Jacques Clouseau
(Information from Cinema World)
A Shot In The Dark
DirectorBlake Edwards
Selected CastPeter Sellers as Jacques Clouseau
 Elke Sommer as Maria Gambrelli
 George Sanders as Benjamin Ballon
 Herbert Lom as Charles Dreyfus
(Information from Cinema World)
The Pink Panther Strikes Again
DirectorBlake Edwards
Selected CastPeter Sellers as Chief Inspector Clouseau
 Herbert Lom as Dreyfus
 Lesley-Anne Down as Olga
 Burt Kwouk as Cato Fong
(Information from Cinema World)
Revenge Of The Pink Panther
DirectorBlake Edwards
WriterBlake Edwards
Selected CastPeter Sellers as Chief Insp. Jacques Clouseau
 Herbert Lom as Chief Insp. Charles Dreyfus
 Burt Kwouk as Cato Fong
(Information from Cinema World)
Trail Of The Pink Panther
DirectorBlake Edwards
Selected CastPeter Sellers as Chief Insp. Jacques Clouseau
 David Niven as Sir Charles Litton
 Herbert Lom as Chief Insp. Charles Dreyfus
 Richard Mulligan as Clouseau's Father
(Information from Cinema World)

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