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Artist:Four Tops
Title:Greatest Hits Vol 2
Label:  Tamla Motown
Catalogue:STML 11195
Date:Nov 1971
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Community: 14 Own
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A1Four TopsWalk Away ReneeBrown, Calilli, SarsoneRate
A2Four TopsIt's All In The GameDawes, SigmanRate
A3Four TopsIf I Were A CarpenterHardinRate
A4Four TopsStill Water (Love)Robinson, WilsonRate
A5Four TopsJust Seven Numbers (Can Straighten Out Your Life)Sawyer, WareRate
A6Four TopsWhat Is A ManBristol, McNeilRate
A7Four TopsI Can't Help MyselfHolland, Dozier, HollandRate
B1Four TopsSimple GamePinderRate
B2Four TopsDo What You Gotta DoWebbRate
B3Four TopsI'm In A Different WorldHolland, Dozier, HollandRate
B4Four TopsIn These Changing TimesSawyer, WilsonRate
B5Four TopsDon't Let Him Take Your Love From MeWhitfield, StrongRate
B6Four TopsYesterday's DreamsHunter, Bullock, Goga, SawyerRate
B7Four TopsMacArthur Park (Part II)WebbRate


Comments and Reviews
15th Oct 2018
 This 14 track collection is largely the same as the US Version (which contained 12 tracks) released on Motown M740 L a few weeks earlier. However this contains four tracks that weren't on the US version and the US version has two tracks that aren't on this.

The four additional tracks are "Simple Game", Do What You Gotta Do" and "I Can't Help Myself" (all of which had been UK Hits in the two years prior to the release of this collection) plus "MacArthur Park (Pt 2)" (which was their current US Hit but ended up never being released as a UK 45).

The two omitted tracks are - "Still Water (Peace)" (the Part 2/"B" Side of their "Still Water (Love)" single) and "You Keep Running Away" (a 1967 release that had made it onto the UK version of "Four Tops Greatest Hits" three years earlier)

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