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A Baritone And A Banjo (Jack Starr, Baritone, And Ollie Oakley)11914
A Buchanan And Goodman Enterprise Production With Count Dracula11959
A Christmas Choir And The Band Of H.M. Grenadier Guards11926
A Church Choir391909 - 1927
A Cornettist, Charles Penrose And The Boy With The Lemon31926 - 1935
A Day11911
Mr. A. Fransella21911
A Hawk And A Hacksaw12009
A J Presenti Et Son Orchestre De Tangos1 
A Pair Of Black Aces11928
A Rydowsky11956
A Song Scena11931
A Welsh Choir11913
A Welsh Male Choir11913
A'nt Idy Harper And The "Coon Creek Girls"31938
A'nt Idy Harper And The Coon Creek Girls11938
A. A. Gray21924 - 1930
A. A. Gray And Seven Foot Dilly11930
A. Aimo31934 - 1939
A. Ali11937
A. And J. Baxter11928
The A. & P. Gypsies21926 - 1927
The A. And P. Gypsies21926
A. Anderson11906
A. Angioletti And F. Corradetti11906
A. Askey, R. Murdoch And S. Walker11939
A. B. Sonnier And The Louisiana Swingsters1 
A. Beinat And F. Tommasini11916
A. Bendinelli2 
A. Bendinelli And M. Alessandrovitch1 
A. Brillhardt11926
A. Bucca And Co.11919
A. C. (Eck) Robertson51922 - 1930
A. C. (Eck) Robertson And Family21930 - 1935
A. C. Bilbrew11954
The A. C. Bilbrew Choir11955
A. C. Forehand11927
A. C. Gimson, B.A., David Lloyd James, B.A.1 
A. C. Gimson, B.A., John Snagge, O.B.E.2 
A. C. Lynch1 
A. Cecchelin21958
A. Cecchelin - F. Menotti1 
A. Cecchelin - Jole Silvani3 
A. Cecchelin And L. Tasca11958
A. Cecchelin - N. D'Artena1 
A. Clausen11952
A. Clausen Og Konni11957
A. Coley11950
A. Cortot And The International String Quartet11928
A. Davies, H. A. Lytton, D. Oldham, E. Griffin, B. Elburn, L. Sheffield, G. Baker41927 - 1935
A. De Bellis1 
A. Deprince4 
A. Dran - E. Tzurik11928
A. Dran - J. Karlak11928
A. Dymsza1 
A. Elinkrig's Yidishe Orchestra21913
A. F. Åsberg Och Karl Petterson11919
A. Field11923
A. Giammetto11906
A. Granforte And N. Sanchoni11930
A. Hermann Winter11934
A. Hermann Winter, Fraulein M. E. Gilbert, Fritz Reuter11934
A. Ivanow1 
A. J. Boulay31923 - 1934
A. J. Pesenti11932
A. J. Scott11906
A. Jezavitas Radio Orkestras1 
A. Kreuchauff, L. Van De Sande1 
A. Laili11938
A. Lally1 
A. Lloyd James, M.A., And Prof. J. R. R. Tolkien1 
A. Löfstrand Och H. Mannby Med Barnkör21949
A. M. Henderson11951
A. M. Kir. Opera Férfikara11913
A. M. Labinski11903
A. Mangelsdorff11965
A. Marechal11900
A. Miller And T. Rall11954
A. N. Hank11947
A. Noordewier-Reddingius21928 - 1930
A. P. Carter And Family11952
A. P. Sharpe's Honolulu Hawaiians61941 - 1945
A. Pertile And B. Franci1 
A. Pertile, M. Sheridan11928
A. Priednieks-Cavara2 
A. Priednieks-Kavara2 
A. Rahman21936 - 1938
A. Robert Poole11929
A. Sabadashev1 
A. Salvaneschi1 
A. Samuels11896
A. Saraceni, A. Poli11933
A. Saraceni, E. Badini11933
A. Sashko11921
A. Schuldes11929
A. Schwartz Orchestra11919
A. Sokolov11955
A. Stroud Haxton61910 - 1914
A. V. Neshdanova11951
A. Vavon, Rambert, A. Bernadet, G. Villier, De Creus, A. Gaudin11928
A. W. Ketelbey31914
A. West11911
A. Воскресенская11928
A. Новйков11949
A. C. Astor11928
A.C. Lynch And The Drifters1 
A. Garavello11930
A. J. Alan11934
A. J. O'Farrell21931
A.L. Lloyd31953 - 1954
A. W. Adams11926
A.W. Ketelbey11914
AAF Training Command Orchestra11945
AAFTAC Symphonette51944 - 1945
Aagaard And His Swingers1 
Aage Braarud41950 - 1951
Aage Braarud M/Robert Levins Orkester21951
Aage Juhl / Thomsen's Orkester21942 - 1943
Aage Juhl Thomsen11930
Aage Juhl Thomsens Orchester11942
Aage Juhl-Thomsens Orkester31942 - 1943
Aage Juhl Thomsens Danseorkester11942
Aage Nielsens Orkester41934
Aage Oderwald-Lander21914 - 1921
Aarne Salonen11929
Aaron (Blackie) Boudreaux11956
Aaron Collins And The Cadets11957
Aaron Gonzalez21937 - 1938
Aaron Lebedeff81923 - 1946
Aaron Lebedoff121921 - 1950
Aase Bye Og Tore Foss11938
Aase Henrik Clausen And Victor Cornelius11932
Aase Nordmo Løvberg31952 - 1953
Aase Werrild81940 - 1955
Aase Werrild And Ulrik Neumann11955
Aase Werrild Med Sid Merrimans Orkester Og Kor11952
Aase Ziegler11933
Ab En Greetje Scholten1 
Abagail And Buddy11946
Abbey Brown's Cool Cats21945
The Abbey Singers11942
Abbie Andrews And His Ranch Boys2 
Abbie Neal And Her Ranch Girls31953 - 1957
Abbott And Costello11947
Abdo Ghosn1 
Abe Burrows41947
Abe Ellstein Orchestra21940 - 1949
Abe Lyman621924 - 1948
Abe Lyman And His California Orchestra71928 - 1935
Abe Lyman And His Californians221937 - 1948
Abe Lyman's California Orchestra281924 - 1935
Abe Lyman's Sharps And Flats11928
Abe Manuel And His Louisiana Hillbillies11953
Abe Manuel And The Louisiana Hillbillies11954
Abe Martine11923
Abe Moore11956
Abe Morris11926
Abe Neff Orchestra11946
Abe Romain11941
Abe Schwartz21919 - 1923
Abe Small And His Melody Boys51923
Abe Small's Rosemont Melody Boys11923
Die Abels11928
Abernathy Quartet11932
Abigail And Buddy21949
Abner Burkhardt31927
Abraham Kalauli Konanui11949
Abraham Kurtz1 
Abraham Moskowitch11923
Abrego Y Picazo11909
The Accents11959
The Accompanions1 
The Accordeon Ensemble11920
Accordéon Et Ocarina1 
The Accordeon Serenaders21942 - 1946
Accordeon-Duo Willard1 
Accordeonica111951 - 1958
Accordion Club's Stora Dragspelsorkester11950
The Accordion Ensemble1 
Accordion Wizards11937
The Accordion Wizards11937
Ace Ball41953 - 1954
Ace Brigode71923 - 1940
Ace Brigode And His 14 Virginians51925
Ace Brigode And His Ten Virginians11923
Ace Cannon11962
Ace Dinning And The Dude Ranch Boys11948
Ace Dooley11953
Ace Harris21945 - 1946
Ace Harris And His Quartet11947
Ace Harris And His Sunset Royal Orchestra11938
Ace Newell31942
Acerina Y Su Danzonera11949
Achille Togliani41952 - 1955
The Ackroyd Trio21922

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