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  UK  3274
  Australia  410
  New Zealand  155
  India  65
  Philippines  50
  South Africa  42
  Netherlands  30
  France  13
  Finland  12
  Denmark  6
  Ireland  5
  Norway  4
  Sweden  4
  Switzerland  4
  Turkey  2
  Greece  1
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Marek Weber

A: Electric Girl
B: Eldgaffeln
Parlophone UKE 10026192312"0  
Philip Ritte

A: Meeting Of The Waters
B: Oft In The Stilly Night
Parlophone UKE3019192310"0  
Jessie Broughton

A: Eileen Alannah
B: The Dear Little Shamrock
Parlophone UKE 3020192310"0  
Parlophone Orchestra

A: Overture "1812" (Part 1)
B: Overture "1812" (Part 2)
Parlophone UKE 10007Oct 192312"0  
Band Of The 1st Life Guards

A: Light Cavalry, Part 1
B: Light Cavalry, Part 2
Parlophone UKE 5000Oct 192310"0  
Parlophone Orchestra

A: The Meistersingers, Selection Part 1
B: The Meistersingers, Selection Part 2
Parlophone UKE 5007Oct 192310"0  
Julius Berger

A: Ave Maria
B: Caro Mio Ben
Parlophone UKE 5054Oct 192310"0  
Mr. Olly Oakley

A: Sweet Jasmine
B: Marche De Concert
Parlophone UKE 5061Oct 192310"0  
Robert Carr

A: Sheba
B: Granny's Song At Twilight
Parlophone UKE. 5071Oct 192310"0  
Markel's Orchestra

A: Three O'Clock In The Morning - Waltz

Crescent Trio

B: Three O'Clock In The Morning - Song
Parlophone UKE 5077Oct 192310"0  
[no artist listed]

A: The Parlophone Laughing Record - That Kruschen Feeling

Parlophone Orchestra

B: The Middy March
Parlophone UKE 5078Oct 192310"2  
Parlophone Orchestra

A: The Parlophone Laughing Record
B: The Middy March
Parlophone UKE 5078Oct 192310"0  
Parlophone Orchestra

A: Sullivan Memories, Selection, Part 1
B: Sullivan Memories, Selection, Part 2
Parlophone UKE 5089Nov 192310"0  
Edith Lorand Trio

A: Londonderry Air (Fairwell To Cucullain)

Edith Lorand

B: Menuett (G Major)
Parlophone UKE 10202192412"0  
Sterling Trio

A: That Old Irish Mother Of Mine

Sam Ash

B: Mary O'Brien
Parlophone UKE 3011192410"0  
Ferera And Franchini

A: One, Two, Three Four
B: Pua Carnation
Parlophone UKE 3032192410"0  
Parlophone Syncopaters

A: Nobody's Sweetheart
B: Why Did I Kiss That Girl?
Parlophone UKE 5229192410"0  
The Dix Dance Band

A: Sahara
B: The Golden West
Parlophone UKE5306192410"2  
Marek Weber

A: Stilton Cheese
B: Gigolette
Parlophone UKE 10076Jan 192412"0  
Edgar Thomas

A: Faded Love Letters

Lewis James

B: Ten Thousand Years From Now
Parlophone UKE 5106Jan 192410"0  
Parlophone Military Band

A: A Nation's Glory
B: On The Quarter Deck
Parlophone UKE 5111Jan 192410"0  
Billy Jones

A: When It's Night Time Over In Italy It's Wednesday Over Here

Billy Jones And Ernest Hare

B: Last Night On The Back Porch
Parlophone UKE 5120Mar 192410"0  
Parlophone Orchestra

A: Stageland. Part 1
B: Stageland. Part 2
Parlophone UKE 5132Mar 192410"0  
Marek Weber

A: Prelude
B: Nocturne No. 3 Liebestraume
Parlophone UKE 10099Apr 192412"0  
Alec Kellaway

A: Invitation
B: Mate O' Mine
Parlophone UKE 5165Apr 192410"0  
Edith Lorand

A: Madame Pompadour - Selection Part 1
B: Madame Pompadour - Selection Part 2
Parlophone UKE 5177May 192410"0  
Edith Lorand

A: First Love
B: Dreamy Melody
Parlophone UKE 5178May 192410"0  
Lewis James

A: Just A Girl That Men Forget
B: Mammy's Little Silver Lining
Parlophone UKE 5184Jun 192410"0  
Frank Olloms

A: A Los Toros
B: Canadian Capers
Parlophone UKE 5207Jul 192410"0  
Ernest Hare

A: Dear Old Lady.

Charles Harrison

B: Stay Home, Little Girl.
Parlophone UKE 5210Jul 192410"0  
Harry Fay And Bertha Willmott

A: Why Did I Kiss That Girl?

Harry Fay

B: Riley's Cow Shed
Parlophone UKE 5222Aug 192410"0  
Parlophone Variety Quartette

Veterans Of Variety

A1: What Is The Use Of Loving A Girl ?
A2: Miner's Dream Of Home
A3: Ask A Policeman
A4: She Was One Of The Early Birds
A5: My Fiddle Is My Sweetheart
A6: Hi-Tiddley Hi-Ti
B1: It's A Great Big Shame
B2: Daddy Wouldn't Buy Me A Bow Wow
B3: Little Dolly Daydream
B4: The Man That Broke The Bank At Monte Carlo
B5: The Piccadilly Johnnie
B6: Little Annie Rooney
B7: Twiggy Voo
Parlophone UKE 5225Aug 192410"0  
Willie Eckstein

A: Dizzy Fingers
B: Fine Feathers
Parlophone UKE 5231Sep 192410"0  
Frank Olloms

A: Poet And Peasant
B: Zampa
Parlophone UKE 5232Sep 192410"0  
Dorothy Willis

A: Alibi Baby

Robert English

B: What Do You Do Sunday, Mary?
Parlophone UKE 5247Nov 192410"0  
Eva Taylor

A: Jazzin' Babies Blues
B: Irresistible Blues
Parlophone UKE 5261Nov 192410"2  
William Hannah

A: Orange And Blue
B: Petronella
Parlophone UKE 3152192510"0  
Westminster Cathedral Choir

A: Asperges Me And Vidi Aquam
B: Kyrie Eleison And Gloria (Missa De Angelis)
Parlophone UKE3183192510"0  
Westminster Cathedral Choir

A: Credo (Missa De Angelis)
B: Sanctus Benedictus And Agnus Dei
Parlophone UKE 3184192510"0  
Green Bros. Novelty Band

A: Underneath Hawaiian Skies
B: Naughty Hawaii
Parlophone UKE 3197192510"0  
The Dix Dance Band

A: Dream Daddy
B: O ! Katharina
Parlophone UKE 5307192510"1  
The Goofus Five

A: Yes, Sir, That's My Baby
B: Honey I'm In Love With You
Parlophone UKE 5421192510"0  
Sophie Tucker

A: I've Got A Cross-Eyed Papa (But He Looks Straight To Me)
B: Mama Goes Where Papa Goes (Or Papa Don't Go Out To-Night)
Parlophone UKE 5430192510"0 $84
Billy Williams

Old Time Variety Series, No. 11/12

A: When Mother Backed The Winner Of The Derby
B: Where Does Daddy Go ?
Parlophone UKE 5481192510"1  
Parlophone Dance Orchestra

A: California (Here I Come)
B: Virginia (Don't Go Too Far)
Parlophone UKE 5290Jan 192510"0  
Robert English

A: Shine
B: Honolulu
Parlophone UKE 5296Jan 192510"0  
Sistine-Vatican Choir

A: Ave Maria
B: Innocentes
Parlophone UKR 20000Jan 192512"1  
Sistine-Vatican Choir

A: Exultate Deo
B: Laudate Dominum
Parlophone UKR 20001Jan 192512"1  
Marek Weber

A: Isidor
B: Mona (When She Taps On Her Corona)
Parlophone UKE 10234Feb 192512"0  
Robert English

A: Sahara
B: The Golden West
Parlophone UKE5304Feb 192510"0  

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