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S. M. Stirling

Snowbrother (Revised)

Baen Books USAMay 1992Paperback3 ppint.

1 hour ago

John Guy

Queen Of Scots
Mary Queen Of Scots

Mariner Books USA12 Oct 2005Paperback0 starshinesquirrel

1 hour ago

Paul Shaffer

We'll Be Here For The Rest Of Our Lives

Anchor Books USANov 2010Paperback0 23skidoo

3 hours ago

Robert O'Brien


Deseret Book Company USA1977Paperback0 23skidoo

3 hours ago

William Faulkner

Selected Short Stories Of William Faulkner

Modern Library USA1962Hardcover0 JimEss SUBS

18th Jul 2024

Patricia Highsmith

The Cry Of The Owl

MacFadden USA1970Paperback0 JimEss SUBS

18th Jul 2024

Walt Whitman

Leaves Of Grass

Doubleday Dolphin USA1960Paperback0 JimEss SUBS

18th Jul 2024

Kevin Fedarko

A Walk In The Park

Scribner USA28 May 2024Hardcover0 JimEss SUBS

16th Jul 2024

James White

Final Diagnosis

Tor USAJul 1998Paperback0 JimEss SUBS

16th Jul 2024

Queena Mario

Murder Meets Mephisto

Bart House USA1945Paperback0 JimEss SUBS

16th Jul 2024

Don Strack

Diesels Of The Union Pacific 1934-1982

Withers Publishing USA1 Dec 1999Hardcover1 WPLives

15th Jul 2024

Doug Moench

Conan The Barbarian In The Skull Of Set

Marvel Comics USA1989Paperback0 23skidoo

15th Jul 2024

Jack Vance

The Pnume

Daw USAAug 1979Paperback1 ppint.

15th Jul 2024

Jack Vance

The Dirdir

Daw USAJul 1979Paperback1 ppint.

15th Jul 2024

Jack Vance

Servants Of The Wankh

Daw USAJun 1979Paperback1 ppint.

15th Jul 2024

Various Authors

We Love You Beatles

M.T. Publishing Company USA2024Paperback1$23JPGR&B SUBS

15th Jul 2024

Gary Burr


Adave USA2 Jul 2024Paperback1$10JPGR&B SUBS

15th Jul 2024

Ellen G. White

The Adventist Home

Southern Publishing Association USA1952Hardcover0 23skidoo

15th Jul 2024

Dmitri Bilenkin

The Uncertainty Principle

Collier Books USA1979Paperback0 annaloog

15th Jul 2024

Jack Vance

To Live Forever

Tor USAMay 1993Paperback0 annaloog

14th Jul 2024

S. M. Stirling


Signet USAMar 1985Paperback2 ppint.

14th Jul 2024

Max Allan Collins

Strip For Murder

Dover Publications USA2015Paperback0 fantasticbaggie SUBS

14th Jul 2024

Edward E. Smith

The Galaxy Primes

Ace USA1965Paperback0 MICKDOOM67

14th Jul 2024

William W. Johnstone


Zebra USASep 1986Paperback0 JimEss SUBS

14th Jul 2024

Robert Wilson

The Company Of Strangers

Harvest/HBJ USA2002Paperback0 JimEss SUBS

14th Jul 2024

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