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Pat Mullen

Man Of Aran

Faber And Faber UK1934Hardcover0  
Harry Levin

James Joyce

Faber And Faber UK1944Hardcover0  
Giffard Martel

Our Armoured Forces

Faber And Faber UK1945Hardcover0  
Edith Sitwell

Victoria Of England

Faber And Faber UK1949Hardcover0  
W. J. Lawrence

No 5 Bomber Group R.A.F. (1939-1945)

Faber And Faber UK1951Hardcover0  
Margaret Priestley

Tomay Is Loyal

Faber And Faber UK1951Hardcover28.0 
Le Corbusier

The Modulor

Faber And Faber UK1954Hardcover0  
Edward Lear

The Complete Nonsense Of Edward Lear

Faber And Faber UKNov 1955Hardcover0  
James Blish

They Shall Have Stars

Faber And Faber UK1956Hardcover1  
J. W. Dunne

An Experiment With Time

Faber And Faber UK1958Paperback0  
Arnold Silcock

Verse And Worse

Faber And Faber UK1958Paperback110.0 
Michael Roberts

The Faber Book Of Comic Vese

Faber And Faber UKApr 1960Hardcover1  
Le Corbusier

The Modulor

Faber And Faber UK1961Paperback0  
James Blish

Doctor Mirabilis

Faber And Faber UK1964Hardcover1  
C. M. Kornbluth

The Syndic

Faber And Faber UK1964Hardcover110.0 
John Brunner


Faber And Faber UK1965Hardcover19.0 
John Brunner

The Long Result

Faber And Faber UKNov 1965Hardcover17.0 
Lawrence Durrell

Sauve Qui Peut

Faber And Faber UK1966Hardcover0  
Christopher Lloyd

William Dampier

Faber And Faber UK1966Hardcover0  
C. M. Kornbluth

Best Sf Stories Of C. M. Kornbluth

Faber And Faber UK1968Hardcover110.0 
Samuel Beckett

Happy Days

Faber And Faber UK1968Paperback0  
Samuel Beckett

Krapp's Last Tape And Embers

Faber And Faber UK1968Paperback0  
Keith Laumer

Nine By Laumer

Faber And Faber UK1968Hardcover0  
Paul Brickhill

The Great Escape

Faber And Faber UK1968Paperback0  
Brian W. Aldiss

Barefoot In The Head

Faber And Faber UK1969Hardcover110.0 

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