Author:James Blish
Title:They Shall Have Stars
Publisher:  Faber And Faber
Genre:Fiction, Science Fiction
Total Editions:10
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cities in flight tetralogy #1

first published in 1956
by faber & faber limited
24 russell square, london wc1
second impression 1965
third impression 1968
printed in great britain by
latimer trend & co. ltd., whitstable

sbn 571 06264 4

author's dedication: "to frederik pohl"

184pp. including 4 unnumbered pp. titles, indica; pagination starts p.5 with author's note (introduction) dated 1964, 3pp. chronology, 1p. quotation from fictional reference work, pp. 13-181 the novel; 3 blank end pp; sewn in signatures.
bound with end-papers between black cloth-covered boards, with title between two five-pointed stars centrally, one above, one below title, each emitting two diverging rays to either side, author's name, publisher's surname blocked in silver on spine.
issued in paper dust-jacket printed in red and black
cover (d-j) art unattributed red monotone of telescopic photograph of jupiter on red ground
cover (d-j) price 25s (bottom fly corner front flap) raised to "£1.50net" under "faber", in black on white paper label.

Comments and Reviews
24th Sep 2018
 first published date is^W was wrong and should^W has been deleted.

this book is the (third impression of) the 1956 first published edition.

the first published edition was not published a year later.

first published (in book edition) 1956, as entered, as submitted.

11th Nov 2022
 hutchinson & co. arrow books imprint p/b first printing, not first uk p/b edition

cover art by chris foss (part of a ''tetrych'' if the word is extant)
cover price 40p, 45c malta, $1.25 australia, 90c new zealand, $1.55 canada
184pp. (check) including titles, indicia, author's note, chronology etc, end pp. advertising

distinguish from near-identical 8/1974 second printing bearing same isbn, cover prices etc.
by reference to the indicia publishing history which adds the line
second impression august 1974
(this comment is from another edition of this book)

11th Nov 2022
 the hearst corporation avon books imprint mmpb simultaneous fifth printings sharing merkin-printed covers

re-re-titling back to the original 1956 ''they shall have stars'' title

cover art lida moser (unsigned, credited for photograph, cover redesigned from third printings)
cover price 60¢
160pp. including titles, indicia etc, end p. advertising

refer to indicia publishing history to see if carcass of copy held was canadadian- or merkin- printed
no priority established nor liable to be, both state fifth printing, december 1967
(this comment is from another edition of this book)

21st Sep 2018
 new english library p/b fourth uk p/b printing over-all, or third printing, second state

cover art by jan parker (signed, may be trimmed off some copies, uncredited )
cover price 25p (5/-), 25pts spain, 80c australia, 80c new zealand
160pp. including titles, indicia etc, end p. advertising

(i've not yet had another copy of this edition/printing to examine, and it might prove to be a 1971 re-covering of 2303, the 11/68 new english library printing, their first to bear the original title but their third printing over-all, and the first to drop the four square name from the front cover.
but three years after, and with new cat#, it is likely to be a true fourth printing from the 1964 plates)
(this comment is from another edition of this book)

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