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Alan Handley

Terror In Times Square

Pyramid USA1950Paperback1  
Arthur Conan Doyle as Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

The Lost World

Pyramid USA1950Paperback2  
William Brown Meloney

Farm Girl

Pyramid USA1951Paperback0  

Madeleine: An Autobiography

Pyramid USA1951Paperback0  
Cornell Woolrich

Beware The Lady

Pyramid USA1953Paperback1  
Brian Moore

Sailor's Leave

Pyramid USA1953Paperback0  
Michael Morgan

His Kind Of Woman

Pyramid USA1954Paperback0  
Jeb Stuart

The Ordeal Of Private Heath
The Objector

Pyramid USA1954Paperback0  
Marshall McClintock

Women On The Wall

Pyramid USA1954Paperback0  
Si Podolin

Bed Of Hate

Pyramid USA1955Paperback0  
William Brown Meloney

Farm Girl

Pyramid USA1955Paperback0  
Shirley Jackson

The Other Side Of The Street
The Road Through The Wall

Pyramid USA1956Paperback1  
Evan Hunter as Hunt Collins

Tomorrow And Tomorrow

Pyramid USA1956Paperback2  
Mark Merrill

Women And Vodka

Pyramid USA1956Paperback0  
Theodore Sturgeon

A Way Home

Pyramid USAMar 1956Paperback1  
Harold Hadley

Come See Them Die

Pyramid USA1957Paperback0  
Martin Greenberg

Men Against The Stars

Pyramid USA1957Paperback2  
Bruno Fischer

Stairway To Death

Pyramid USA1957Paperback1  
Chandler Brossard

The First Time

Pyramid USA1957Paperback0  
Leo Margulies

The Young Punks

Pyramid USA1957Paperback1  
Charles Shaw

You're Wrong, Delaney

Pyramid USA1957Paperback0  
Theodore Sturgeon

The Synthetic Man

Pyramid USAMar 1957Paperback2  
George O. Smith


Pyramid USANov 1957Paperback0  
Wenzell Brown

Prison Girl

Pyramid USA1958Paperback0  
Algis Budrys


Pyramid USA1958Paperback1  

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