Author:C. J. Cherryh
Title:Angel With The Sword
Publisher:  Daw
Date:Sep 1985
Genre:Fiction, Science Fiction
Total Editions:2
Rating:10.0  Rate
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daw books, inc.
donald a. wollheim, publisher
1633 broadway, new york, ny 10019

copyright ©, 1985, by c. j. cherryh

isbn on rear of dust-jacket, not in indica.
no daw books/collectors number on d-j nor in indica.

first printing: september 1985
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

304pp including 6 pp. titles, indica; pp.253-293 appendix detailing much "nf"; 11 unpaginated end pp: 8pp. line-drawn maps, 3pp. blank;
quarter cloth-bound, with end-papers, between black paper-covered boards, in full-colour printed paper dust-jacket.
cover art by tim hildebrandt (credited on rear flap d-j)
cover price u.s. $15.95, canada $20.95 (top front flap d-j)
rear d-j flap also bears number in small "machine-readable" style digits: 09155085

stand-alone novel, but with a sequel in the form of "merovingen nights", q.v., a six-volume original anthology series edited and partly written by c. j. cherryh.

Comments and Reviews
22nd Aug 2018
 Rated 10/10
altair jones is a solo boat operator, poling her fully-owned boat carrying cargoes and passengers for hire between the houses, palaces on the islets and islands of the great city at the mouth of the det, old man river, knowing his currents and his dangers as well as any and better than most, and careful of, if on good terms with - most - of the other independent folk making their living on the river, staying as clear of politics, as of religion - to the extent that these can be separated - as her mother taught her, and generally keeping her nose clean - or at least, pretty clean.

- when one day, she sees a hightown stranger attacked and robbed, she supposes, and thrown off the bridge into the canal to drown - and, sticking her pole in without really thinking about it, rescues the man, discovers he's been badly wounded - his attacker-robbers must've meant to murder him - or was it an assassination attempt - but why would anyone assassinate a stranger? - ferries him to safety in her den, and then and sees him nursed back to health in secrecy, all the while cursing her own damnfoolself for not looking strictly after number one, and keeping her nose out of hightown affairs, constantly upbraided in conversation with her mother, albeit fairly strictly in her head, for failing to behave as safely as she'd been taught.

- which turns a more-or-less honest canaller into an object of suspicion by all sides hightown, as the man is not only a stranger, but an agent of nev hattek (sp? check), the second most powerful city - up the det many miles, but increasingly interested in the religion - or is it the politics - of merovan (sp? check), especially as old governor-dictator kalugin is visibly aging fast, and the factions coalescing around his likely - and less likely - heirs, all suspicious of anyone as might represent a threat to their positions - and vanishingly few of whom would value a small canaller's life as high as one single groat...

the "merovingen nights" seven-volume original anthology series, edited by c. j. cherryh,
follows on from the conclusion of "angel with the sword":

#1: "festival moon" (1987), q.v.
#2: "fever season" (1987), q.v.
#3: "troubled waters" (1988), q.v.
#4: "smugglers gold" (1988), q.v.
#5: "divine right" (1989), q.v.
#6: "flood tide" (1990), q.v.
#7: "endgame" (1991), q.v.

contributing authors: lynn abbey, nancy asire, robert lynn asprin, leslie fish, mercedes lackey (both with c. j. cherryh and separately), janet and chris morris (both together and separately), roberta rogow, bradley h. sinor, and c. j. cherryh, herself.

even though the immediate threat to his life has been seen off, the position of tom mondragon in merovingen is, ah, somewhat less than secure or stable at the end of the proceedings in "angel with the sword" - and the relationship between him and altair jones is also somewhat rocky, as she gets back to earning her living as a canaller, unaware she cannot go straight back to the accustomed obscurity of her life while he moves amongst some of the most powerful families playing for high stakes in the upper levels of the city.

these shared world anthologies follow the interweavings of plots and conspiracies - some relatively benign - looking to further variously a cautious revival of scientific education, a fundamentalist reassertion of religious intolerance, different families' maneuverings for commercial advantage, as well as political calculations at the very highest level, anticipating the death of governor anastasi kalugin and inheritance of the ultimate power - by whom, in the next generation?

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5th Aug 2023
 victor gollancz ltd. vgsf imprint p/b first printing, first uk edition

cover art by tim hildebrandt (no visible signature, credited on back cover, re-used from daw h/cvr first edition d-j)
b+w maps by pat tobin (unsigned, credited)
cover price £2.95 net (no other territories' prices)
304pp. including 8pp. titles, indicia, table-of-contents, map etc, 54 end pp: 50pp. appendices, 2pp. advertising and mail-order information

appendices: 8pp. history & chronology (timeline), 2pp. religions, 2pp. seasons and time, 1p. the angel, 1p. the scouring and re-establishment, 2pp. the earthquake, 2pp. merovan names, 2pp. money, coinage, banking, 5½pp. manufacturing and trade, 2pp. the blacklegs, 1p. weaponry, 2pp. government, 6pp. boats, canalers, sea life, the det estuary, music; 7pp. maps plus 3pp. index to these: for a total of 50pp.
(this comment is from another edition of this book)

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C. J. Cherryh - Angel With The Sword - VGSF - Paperback - UK - 0575040092 (1987)

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