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DAW = initials of Donald A. Wollheim
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Andre Norton

Spell Of The Witch World

Daw USAApr 1972Paperback3  
A. E. Van Vogt

The Book Of Van Vogt

Daw USAApr 1972Paperback2  
Joseph Green

The Mind Behind The Eye

Daw USAApr 1972Paperback0  
Brian N. Ball

The Probability Man

Daw USAApr 1972Paperback2  
Donald A. Wollheim

The 1972 Annual World's Best SF

Daw USAMay 1972Paperback1  
Mark S. Geston

The Day Star

Daw USAMay 1972Paperback2  
Jeff Sutton

The Mindblocked Man

Daw USAMay 1972Paperback1  
Brian M. Stableford

To Challenge Chaos

Daw USAMay 1972Paperback0  
Dean R. Koontz

A Darkness In My Soul

Daw USAJun 1972Paperback0  
Suzette Haden Elgin

At The Seventh Level

Daw USAJun 1972Paperback2  
Gordon R. Dickson

Tactics Of Mistake

Daw USAJun 1972Paperback1  
Gerard Klein

The Day Before Tomorrow

Daw USAJun 1972Paperback2  
John T. Phillifent

Genius Unlimited

Daw USAJul 1972Paperback1  
Lloyd Biggle Jr.

The World Menders

Daw USAJul 1972Paperback28.0 
Richard Davis

The Year's Best Horror Stories

Daw USAJul 1972Paperback0  
Philip K. Dick

We Can Build You

Daw USAJul 1972Paperback26.0 
G.C. Edmondson

Blue Face

Daw USAAug 1972Paperback0  
G. C. Edmondson

Blue Face

Daw USAAug 1972Paperback2  
L. Ron Hubbard

Ole Doc Methuselah

Daw USAAug 1972Paperback1  
E. C. Tubb

The Century Of The Mannikin

Daw USAAug 1972Paperback0  
Brian N. Ball

The Regiments Of Night

Daw USAAug 1972Paperback0  
Keith Laumer

Dinosaur Beach

Daw USASep 1972Paperback1  
Louis Trimble

The City Machine

Daw USASep 1972Paperback1  
Egon Friedell

The Return Of The Time Machine

Daw USASep 1972Paperback2  
John Brunner

The Stardroppers

Daw USASep 1972Paperback2  

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