Author:C. J. Cherryh
Title:The Pride Of Chanur
Publisher:  Daw
Date:Jan 1982
Genre:Fiction, Science Fiction
Cat#:UE 1694
Total Editions:6
Rating:10.0  Rate
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Community: 1 Owns
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Comments and Reviews
7th Apr 2019
 daw books mmpb near-identical first printings sharing merkin-printed covers, first edition
also sharing cat#, isbn and

cover art by michael whelan (credited)
near-meaningless daw book no.464
224pp. including 4pp. titles, indicia etc., end pp. advertising
author's name and title embossed and printed in metallic gold ink

refer to indicia to see if carcass of copy held was canadadian- or merkin- printed.
in this period° canadadian-carcassed copies drop the "1" from the printing history number-string,
merkin copies do not: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9; both state first printing january 1982
cover prices differ:
$2.95 (merkin-carcassed)
$3.50 (canadadian-carcassed)

° - late 1980 until mid 1990s; the decision to make this change was new american library's, who handled production & distribution for daw books, inc. ab initio.

check indicia also for presence/absence of further digits dropped from number-string:
3 4 5 6 7 8 9 (= undated third printing)
author's name and title embossed, printed in metallic gold ink
cover price $2.95

4 5 6 7 8 9 (= fourth printing)
i've no record of having seen this: it may have been the second canadian-carcassed printing, and should have been indicated as the fourth printing, and cover price prob'ly $3.50

the fifth printing (10/1985) drops the metallic ink from (iirc and the embossing of) author's name & title, and iirc noticeably changes the typography of these: top row curves upwards in middle, bottom curves downward in middle;
printing number string drops a further digit appropriately: 5 6 7 8 9

cat# & isbn and daw book collectors number change with sixth printing, as do cover prices (both canadadian and merkin), though cover art is retained.

10th Dec 2022
 reed general books division (possibly still also octopus books group) mandarin imprint p/b 1989 first printing, re-using our abp methuen paperbacks setting, slightly emended for change in publisher's owner and renaming of imprint

cover art by mick posen (unsigned, credited on back cover)
cover price £2.99, $7.95 australia, $9.95 new zealand
224pp. including titles, indicia etc, end pp. advertising
month of publication not given, taken from locus
(this comment is from another edition of this book)

25th Sep 2022
 daw books mmpb undated sixth printing (sixth printing date taken from locus and from jaffery)

cover art by michael whelan (signed(?), credited)
near-meaningless daw books collector no. 653
cover price (canada $3.95) • u.s. $3.50
224pp. including titles, indicia etc, end pp. advertising

indicia publishing history printing number line /6 7 8 9 10 11 12
(this comment is from another edition of this book)

25th Sep 2022
 publication date is^W was wrong and should^W has been corrected to january 1982

this edition, the first merkin science fiction book club edition h/cvr, was the sfbc january 1982 choice.
it was printed almost simultaneously with the true first edition, the first printing of the daw books, inc. mmpb - which was also printed late 1981: but the mmpb shipped early december 1981 as, for a long time - about four decades or so - the printed publication date month of merkin mmpbs was the month during/mostly at the end of which their covers could be stripped and returned for credit°:

the merkin mmpb distribution system was originally the merkin newspaper & magazine distribution system to newsstands and newsagents, mostly via wholesalers; and magazines' cover-printed month of publication was the month during/at the end of which their covers were stripped & returned for credit - and mmpbs were treated in this respect, at least, as though they were magazines. this was a significant factor in the rise of specialist sf (& later also fantasy) bookshops in the usa, who deliberately did not strip & return mmpb covers for credit, but maintained authors' back catalogue titles as stock titles, reordering them as they sold.

there was at least one further merkin sfbc h/cvr printing, new cat# 03407, p.214 gutter code P40 = 10/1985, the cover art again credited to mike whelan on the d-j back flap

(° - unless a magazine title or a paperback line was supplied on ''whole copy returns only'' or on strictly ''firm sale'' terms)
(this comment is from another edition of this book)

16th Sep 2022
 abp group methuen london uk p/b first printing, first uk edition

cover art unsigned, uncredited
cover price £1.95
224pp. including 4pp. titles, indicia etc., end pp. advertising
(this comment is from another edition of this book)

12th Sep 2018
 Rated 10/10
set in an arm of a galaxy containing at least seven mutually alien space-faring species that may have evolved from obligate carnivore stalkers like the hani, who don't generally go looking for a fight - but can really enjoy one if it comes to them; or from pack cursorial hunters, who delight in long distance chases, and happily pile in en masse upon the slightest provocation or excuse, drawing no distinctions between trade, piracy and war; or from herd herbivores, who have to be at least slightly mad by their own species' standards, to have any direct dealings with carnivores, no matter how intelligent and civilised they may be, so who must employ members of one such species or another to defend them from the other races more or less unreliably in the trade compact - and cannot trust them, even then. . .

in this setting, where mutually alien space-faring species meet mostly at trading stations in space, at a station controlled by the herbivore s'stsho, p'yanfar chanur, a trader captain of the most-recently space-faring species, and in most ways the weakest, with but their home planet to their name, who would quite like her crew to finish the loading and unloading of cargo and get on with the job of making a - reasonably honest - profit for their clan, learns that a hunter-killer ship of the kif, a culture that draws no distinctions between trade, piracy and war, is at the same station - so she'd like to finish and get away as soon as possible now. . .

- when something they've never seen or heard the like of before on previous journeys succeeds in running onto their ship, and tries to hide. it's definitely intelligent, seems to be sapient, and it could be a member of a new space-faring species who might upset the uneasy balance of power between the races of the compact, such as it is - if it's a space-faring species - but they can't understand it, it's almost naked, it's filthy and frightened. . .
- and the captain of the kiffish hunter-killer ship contacts her and demands his escaped pet, his property, back now - "or else. . ."

(and as a minor, almost completely trivial and irrelevant detail, it happens to be a human being.)
this is just the set-up for one of the best adventure sf novels i have ever read.
after this, things start happening (!) - and they barely stop for breath as p'yanfar chanur and her crew - and ''tully'' - have to find out what is happening, and who to trust, all the while they are under pressure to take decisions fast, knowing they don't know enough to be sure they're making the right choices, but knowing they have to make those decisions now, if they're going to live - and if they're going to have a chance of letting their own clan and species' leaders know what they've found. once, that is, they know what they've found. . .
and if you like this - and if you like adventure sf, it's almost unimaginable that you won't° - there's a very substantial sequel to look forward to - once you've recovered from how "the pride of chanur" ends. . .


° - "almost":

some guys can't cope with a female captain(!) - even though she's a female of an alien species;

and seemingly some readers simply can't adjust to knowing no more than particular viewpoint characters themselves know, at the time they have to jump, one way or another. . .
(this review is from another edition of this book)

4 people found this review helpful.   ✔︎ Helpful Review?

9th Sep 2018
 the chanur sequence #1:
(set in the same universe as the novels of the earth company fleet, the company wars, union, the merchanter alliance, ''downbelow station'' and ''cyteen'', but almost entirely separate from these:)

#1: "the pride of chanur" (1982) (first edition of this book, sans revisions & introduction)
#2a: "chanur's venture" (1984), q.v.
#2b: "the kif strike back" (1985), q.v.
#2c: "chanur's homecoming" (1986), q.v.
#3: "chanur's legacy" (1992), q.v.

#2a, b & c are three parts of one novel, the direct sequel to #1, and not complete works by themselves.
#2 (as a whole) and #3 would be readable as stand-alone novels, but each is greatly informed by earlier events, including the fine detail of personal development of major characters, and the relationships between them, including difficulties of understanding communications and different species' modes of thought, and instincts, inter-species friendships and same-species rivalries - and enmities.
political developments within the trade compact and the internal politics of each of the major species, including those triggered by the novels' protagonists, cause major changes in the circumstances within which they take decisions affecting one anothers' thoughts and actions.

n.b. #3, "chanur's legacy" is not "the third of the p'yanfar chanur trilogy": it follows p'yanfar chanur's niece hilfy, now captain on the new chanur ship with pyanfar's old crew, and follows their rather jagged progress through various alien species' spaces. . . - including that of the kif, one particular hakkit of whom once imprisoned and ''questioned'' her. . .

omnibus editions:

#1, #2a, & #2b:
#O1: "the chanur saga" (2000), q.v.
#2c, &#3:
#O2: "chanur's endgame" (2007), q.v.
(this comment is from another edition of this book)

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