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Artist:The Who
Title:Tommy [Super Deluxe Edition]
Label:  Polydor
Date:11 Nov 2013
Format:CD Box Set
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The Original Album (2013 Re-master)
1-01The Who OverturePete TownshendRate
1-02The WhoIt's A BoyPete TownshendRate
1-03The Who1921Pete TownshendRate
1-04The WhoAmazing JourneyPete TownshendRate
1-05The WhoSparksPete TownshendRate
1-06The WhoThe HawkerSonny Boy WilliamsonRate
1-07The WhoChristmasPete TownshendRate
1-08The WhoCousin KevinJohn EntwistleRate
1-09The WhoAcid QueenPete TownshendRate
1-10The WhounderturePete TownshendRate
1-11The WhoDo You Think It's Alright?Pete TownshendRate
1-12The WhoFiddle AboutJohn EntwistleRate
1-13The WhoPinball WizardPete TownshendRate
1-14The WhoThere's A DoctorPete TownshendRate
1-15The WhoGo To The Mirror!Pete TownshendRate
1-16The WhoTommy Can You Hear Me?Pete TownshendRate
1-17The WhoSmash The MirrorPete TownshendRate
1-18The WhoSensationPete TownshendRate
1-19The WhoMiracle CurePete TownshendRate
1-20The WhoSally SimpsonPete TownshendRate
1-21The WhoI'm FreePete TownshendRate
1-22The WhoWelcomePete TownshendRate
1-23The WhoTommy's Holiday CampKeith MoonRate
1-24The WhoWe're Not Gonna Take ItPete TownshendRate
Demos And Out-takes
2-01Pete Townshend OverturePete TownshendRate
2-02Pete TownshendIt's BoyPete TownshendRate
2-03Pete Townshend1921Pete TownshendRate
2-04Pete TownshendAmazing JourneyPete TownshendRate
2-05Pete TownshendDream OnePete TownshendRate
2-06Pete TownshendsparksPete TownshendRate
2-07Pete TownshendThe HawkerSonny Boy WilliamsonRate
2-08Pete TownshendChristmasPete TownshendRate
2-09Pete TownshendThe Acid QueenPete TownshendRate
2-10Pete TownshendUnderture (Dream Two)Pete TownshendRate
2-11Pete TownshendDo You Think It's Alright?Pete TownshendRate
2-12Pete TownshendPinball WizardPete TownshendRate
2-13Pete TownshendThere's A DoctorPete TownshendRate
2-14Pete TownshendGo To The Mirror!Pete TownshendRate
2-15Pete TownshendSuccessPete TownshendRate
2-16Pete TownshendTommy Can You Hear Me?Pete TownshendRate
2-17Pete TownshendSmash The MirrorPete TownshendRate
2-18Pete TownshendSensationPete TownshendRate
2-19Pete TownshendMiracle CurePete TownshendRate
2-20Pete TownshendSally SimpsonPete TownshendRate
2-21Pete TownshendI'm FreePete TownshendRate
2-22Pete TownshendWelcomePete TownshendRate
2-23Pete TownshendWe're Not Gonna Take ItPete TownshendRate
2-24The WhoTrying To Get ThroughPete TownshendRate
2-25The WhoYoung Man BluesAllisonRate
Blu-ray (5.1 mixes)
3-01The Who OverturePete TownshendRate
3-02The WhoIt's A BoyPete TownshendRate
3-03The Who1921Pete TownshendRate
3-04The WhoAmazing JourneyPete TownshendRate
3-05The WhoSparksPete TownshendRate
3-06The WhoThe HawkerSonny Boy WilliamsonRate
3-07The WhoChristmasPete TownshendRate
3-08The WhoCousin KevinJohn EntwistleRate
3-09The WhoAcid QueenPete TownshendRate
3-10The WhoUnderturePete TownshendRate
3-11The WhoDo You Think It's Alright?Pete TownshendRate
3-12The WhoFiddle AboutJohn EntwistleRate
3-13The WhoPinball WizardPete TownshendRate
3-14The WhoThere's A DoctorPete TownshendRate
3-15The WhoGo To The Mirror!Pete TownshendRate
3-16The WhoTommy Can You Hear Me?Pete TownshendRate
3-17The WhoSmash The MirrorPete TownshendRate
3-18The WhoSensationPete TownshendRate
3-19The WhoMiracle CurePete TownshendRate
3-20The WhoSally SimpsonPete TownshendRate
3-21The WhoI'm FreePete TownshendRate
3-22The WhoWelcomePete TownshendRate
3-23The WhoTommy's Holiday CampKeith MoonRate
3-24The WhoWe're Not Gonna Take ItPete TownshendRate
The Live Bootleg Album
4-01The Who OverturePete TownshendRate
4-02The WhoIt's A BoyPete TownshendRate
4-03The Who1921Pete TownshendRate
4-04The WhoAmazing JourneyPete TownshendRate
4-05The WhoSparksPete TownshendRate
4-06The WhoThe HawkerSonny Boy WilliamsonRate
4-07The WhoChristmasPete TownshendRate
4-08The WhoThe Acid QueenPete TownshendRate
4-09The WhoPinball WizardPete TownshendRate
4-10The WhoDo You Think It's Alright?Pete TownshendRate
4-11The WhoFiddle AboutJohn EntwistleRate
4-12The WhoTommy Can You Hear Me?Pete TownshendRate
4-13The WhoThere's A DoctorPete TownshendRate
4-14The WhoGo To The Mirror!Pete TownshendRate
4-15The WhoSmash The MirrorPete TownshendRate
4-16The WhoMiracle CurePete TownshendRate
4-17The WhoSally SimpsonPete TownshendRate
4-18The WhoI'm FreePete TownshendRate
4-19The WhoTommy's Holiday CampKeith MoonRate
4-20The WhoWe're Not Gonna Take ItPete TownshendRate
4-21The WhoSee Me, Feel Me/Listening To YouPete TownshendRate


Box set includes a poster and a 80-page hardcover book with a 20,000 word essay from Richard Barnes

Disc 2:
Tracks 1 – 23 – Pete Townshend – original demos; all previously unreleased except 2, 11 and 12 – released in 2003.
Track 24 – The Who – studio demo/out-take.
Track 25 – The Who – studio recording (Note: This version was issued on The House That Track Built vinyl sampler)

Disc 4: Recorded October 1969


Comments and Reviews
13th Aug 2017
 Disc 4 from Civic Centre, Ottawa, 15 October 1969

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