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Artist:The Who
Label:  Polydor
Catalogue:800 077-2 / 800 078-2, 800 079-2
Format:Double CD
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Community: 11 Own, 1 Wants
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1-01The WhoOverturePete TownshendRate
1-02The WhoIt's A BoyPete TownshendRate
1-03The Who1921Pete TownshendRate
1-04The WhoAmazing JourneyPete TownshendRate
1-05The WhoSparksPete TownshendRate
1-06The WhoEyesight To The Blind (The Hawker)Sonny Boy WilliamsonRate
1-07The WhoChristmasPete TownshendRate
1-08The WhoCousin KevinJohn EntwhistleRate
1-09The WhoThe Acid QueenPete TownshendRate
1-10The WhoUnderturePete TownshendRate
2-01The WhoDo You Think It's Alright?Pete TownshendRate
2-02The WhoFiddle AboutJohn EntwhistleRate
2-03The WhoPinball WizardPete TownshendRate
2-04The WhoThere's A DoctorPete TownshendRate
2-05The WhoGo To The Mirror!Pete TownshendRate
2-06The WhoTommy Can You Hear Me?Pete TownshendRate
2-07The WhoSmash The MirrorPete TownshendRate
2-08The WhoSensationPete TownshendRate
2-09The WhoMiracle CurePete TownshendRate
2-10The WhoSally SimpsonPete TownshendRate
2-11The WhoI'm FreePete TownshendRate
2-12The WhoWelcomePete TownshendRate
2-13The WhoTommy's Holiday CampKeith MoonRate
2-14The WhoWe're Not Gonna Take ItPete TownshendRate


18 Page Booklet


Comments and Reviews
kab2112 SUBS
8th Mar 2019
 Booklet Scans added. Also yest another set of alternate CD scans

Jo Atmon
23rd Nov 2017
 'tis now: https://www.45worlds.com/cdalbum/cd/8000772eu

Magic Marmalade
21st Nov 2017
 Different barcode is a different product, so a separate listing would be splendid :)

(provided it's not already on site)

Jo Atmon
21st Nov 2017
 I have a copy of the album the CDs of which look exactly like the red label pics listed. The back insert looks almost like the one pictured here, only differences: the barcode is 3259180007720 and the POL 902 next to it is missing. Should that be listed separately?

21st Jun 2014
 See my comment Made in W. Germany by PDO on the inner ring
So releases from Polydor that don't contain this are pre 1986.

2nd Jun 2014
 Wordnwot's links suggest that the orange silkscreen label actually came first, and I stand corrected. These early orange-red PolyGram issues (also seen on the web: Jean Michel Jarre's Oxygene and Jon & Vangelis' Private Collection) are obviously rare and in great demand. It also seems that some of these were not pressed for the public if I understand the information for the auctioned copy of ABBA's The Visitors ("non target 1st") right. Whereas the winning bid for that ABBA CD was a stiff £510.00 this February, The Who's red-face double CD Tommy is not on auction and still available for 59.99 Euros, thus nowhere near as rare. Anyway, I prefer my remastered issue of 1996 (75:16 minutes on one disc).

1st Jun 2014
 Get it --- Quick.....!!!!!!

1st Jun 2014
 I'm about to add an Abba CD on Orange Silkscreen label.
This one is the First to be manufactured by Polygram, Hanover, West Germany.
See this to put a lump in your throat! ABBA The Visitors non target 1st RED FACE POLYDOR West Germany rare CD

27th May 2014
 Something that I noticed only after having read it on Musik-Sammler (also confirming the 1983 release year): We have three different catalogue numbers here, on all issues uploaded to this entry by now. CD 1 has cat# 800 078-2, CD 2 has cat# 800 079-2, and 800 077-2 is the cat# for both CDs on the back of the double CD box.

27th May 2014
 I strongly doubt that the orange silkscreen labels are from 1983, even though that is referred to as release year for these on Discogs (where the images have apparently been taken from). All CDs initially, at least until the late 1980s, were printed with a plain black-on-silver appearance. I have uploaded different Germany-pressed Made in W.Germany by PolyGram discs which look very much like the Made in U.K. discs added by Syd Vliet, and which definitely came earlier than the orange silkscreen labels.

Syd Vliet
24th May 2014
 The original pressings apparently had the orange silkscreen labels.

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Tags:  Man: PolyGram, West GermanyManufactured By: PolyGram, West Germany

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