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Artist:The Rolling Stones
Title:Hot Rocks 1964-1971
Label:  Abkco / London
Catalogue:844 475-2
Format:Double CD
Collection:  I Own It     I Want It 
Community: 11 Own
Price Guide:$6
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1-01The Rolling StonesTime Is On My SideJ. RagovoyRate
1-02The Rolling StonesHeart Of StoneJagger, RichardsRate
1-03The Rolling StonesPlay With FireNanker PhelgeRate
1-04The Rolling Stones(I Can't Get No) SatisfactionJagger, RichardsRate
1-05The Rolling StonesAs Tears Go ByJagger, Richards, OldhamRate
1-06The Rolling StonesGet Off Of My CloudJagger, RichardsRate
1-07The Rolling StonesMother's Little HelperJagger, RichardsRate
1-08The Rolling Stones19th Nervous BreakdownJagger, RichardsRate
1-09The Rolling StonesPaint It BlackJagger, RichardsRate
1-10The Rolling StonesUnder My ThumbJagger, RichardsRate
1-11The Rolling StonesRuby TuesdayJagger, RichardsRate
1-12The Rolling StonesLet's Spend The Night TogetherJagger, RichardsRate
2-01The Rolling StonesJumpin' Jack FlashJagger, RichardsRate
2-02The Rolling StonesStreet Fighting ManJagger, RichardsRate
2-03The Rolling StonesSympathy For The DevilJagger, RichardsRate
2-04The Rolling StonesHonky Tonk WomanJagger, RichardsRate
2-05The Rolling StonesGimme ShelterJagger, RichardsRate
2-06The Rolling StonesMidnight RamblerJagger, RichardsRate
2-07The Rolling StonesYou Can't Always Get What You WantJagger, RichardsRate
2-08The Rolling StonesBrown SugarJagger, RichardsRate
2-09The Rolling StonesWild HorsesJagger, RichardsRate


Double CD Fatbox with 4-panel, poster style fold-out insert


Number: 979419  THUMBNAIL
Uploaded By: Bodston SUBS
Description: Cover

Number: 979420 
Uploaded By: Bodston SUBS
Description: Insert

Number: 979421 
Uploaded By: Bodston SUBS
Description: Insert

Number: 979422 
Uploaded By: Bodston SUBS
Description: Back and Spines

Number: 979423 
Uploaded By: Bodston SUBS
Description: Disc 1

Number: 979424 
Uploaded By: Bodston SUBS
Description: Disc 2

Number: 1632681 
Uploaded By: gregs45s SUBS
Description: PDO Disc

Comments and Reviews
gregs45s SUBS
14th Apr 2018
 With a nod to Bodston,detail of a "MADE IN U.K.BY PDO" Disc variation with "BIEM/STEMRA" rights society.All artwork and Disc faces (apart from detail just added) match scans shown exactly.

Bodston SUBS
18th Feb 2016
 Looking at the codes, I have moved this to Europe. Released 1986.

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Tags:  PDO UK

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