Mommie Dearest

Country:  USA
Genre:Biography, Drama
Rating:6.3  Rate
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DirectorFrank Perry
Selected CastFaye Dunaway as Joan Crawford
 Diana Scarwid as Christina Crawford (Adult)
 Steve Forrest as Greg Savitt
 Howard Da Silva as Louis B. Mayer


Spanish title: Queridísima Mamá

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Mommie Dearest - Paramount - USA (2006)

Mommie Dearest - Shock Entertainment - Australia (2021)

Comments and Reviews
31st Dec 2019
 The Spanish language title is not incorrect. The field "English Title" was called "Alternate Title" when 45Worlds Cinema began. Many foreign language titles were added to the Alternate Title field.

The field is a 'live' linking field. If constructed correctly, the field links to records in the video section— if the video record also contains the correct link (often not the case).

These titles may look strange today, but probably shouldn't be deleted. There are probably examples of UK vs US titles appearing in the field, or the actual IMDb entry title may have been switched to an alternate title for some reason.

Also, in the Video section, the "Alternate Title" field in Cinema became less needed when a new field was added to Video— an "Additional Title" field. After this, all titles on the video could be added as live links (if properly constructed) in the Video section.

One needs to know the reason the alternate title was input, something that may be difficult to determine years after the work was done.

This is just one example of my point about the complexity of these systems, and the difficulty for participants to successfully navigate Cinema in particular. IMDb is a much older database, and thus contains far more obsolete record elements, not just genre terms. One needs to be familiar with the current software features and the older software in order to update the obsolete elements. This takes a lot of time and experience.

I seem to be seeing too many changes appearing in Cinema that revert the updated IMDb record to the obsolete one. Checking with the original inputter, or exempting reliable participants from changes, might be good ideas to prevent this. Especially for newbies/new moderators, the challenges for gaining necessary experience in Cinema are great.

The foreign language titles seen in the English Title field, as well as the English language alternate titles seen on new incoming records are incorrect, but these mistakes don't seem to cause any reaction from system participants or visitors. The field will probably continue to be a mystery for some participants.

Neither IMDb nor 45Worlds seems to have the resources to update all the records that should be updated!

30th Dec 2019
 I've fixed the English language title, which had been entered in Spanish, and removed Children & Family based on the plot summary and the genres assigned to it by IMDB: https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0082766/

13th Sep 2019
 This is so pedantic I can hardly believe such a debate is even in play.

I do wish a mod or admin would just step in and say yay or nay to calling any film with children or families as a "theme" a part of this genre. It will be a first as far as I am aware, but if "Mommie Dearest" can exist under this definition, what crazy stretch will be next...
...so the 'Family' genre would only be used when significant (in the opinion of the data creator).
I doubt seriously the "data creator"'s opinion is the final word. You're really splitting a lot of hairs; the purpose of a genre is to give the user an idea of the type of film it is, not the content, which is why there is no dog or cat genres.

12th Sep 2019
 True - any film (R, X, PG, G) can qualify for this genre term. Genres (only 3 in 45Worlds) are added in order of significance, so the 'Family' genre would only be used when significant (in the opinion of the data creator).

Retailers use broad categories for their films. 45Worlds offers far more detailed access. Some retailers avoid all genre terms, and group by format or intellectual level (DVD, Blu-ray, DVD Films for Children, Blu-ray films for Children, New Releases, On Sale, etc.). Other use a combination (genre section, a director section, format sections, films for children, on sale, etc.)

45Worlds allows access by most of these categories, but not all are included as genre terms. Favorite films appear in the Top 10/50, DVD/Blu-ray formats appear under Format. If all these categories are added to the genre list, these categories would no longer be very useful.

This is the case for the term "Children & Family." Essentially an obsolete category in IMDb, it doesn't appear on enough films to be very useful in generating a list of films for children (though I notice some participants persist in using the term).

If a way to show all films for children is desired, then an effective way to do this should be developed. The 45World input screens for Cinema and DVD/VHS/Blu-ray could have an added field "Films for Children" (as a box to be checked), for example.

Of course adding a new input option would further complicate the system. For the most part, only films added from the date of implementation of the new data field would appear. Since there is no way of retrieving all films for children in the current system, the only way to do this would be to look at each of the thousands of film entries in the files; to check the titles against external lists, with IMDb, with film reviews, etc. A large order, requiring many hours of labor.

12th Sep 2019
'Mommie Dearest' is one of the those films really focusing on children and family relationships. As a genre heading, 'Children & Family' is appropriate here. Also, it's a sly reminder of the film's content.

By that rationale, The Omen and The Exorcist would also qualify for the genre, Children & Family, right?

Probably irrelevant, since I'm guessing no one else cares...

8th Sep 2019
 Regardless of the nature of the words used for this genre heading and their explicit definition(s), calling a film such as this Children & Family suggests the content is for Children & Family, which is the generally accepted definition (ie, in video store sections). By the same measure, a "road movie" does mean any movie that takes place on or focuses on a road. There are broader implications than strict definitions of words used.

5th Sep 2019
 Tags for Cinema, including the tag 'Children & Family', represent genres, not an intellectual level. Though publishers' catalogs often group films intended for children under this type of heading, the true genre terms for children's films include Sci-Fi, Drama, Crime, Horror, etc., also 'Family' (as a concept).

This tag isn't usually assigned in IMDb for films these days, though it pops up on occasion. In general, when inputting new Cinema records, omitting the tag 'Children & Family' is appropriate when its only use is to indicate a movie intended for children. Usually a more relevant tag is available, 'Fantasy' or 'Adventure,' for example. In any case, this issue seldom arises.

Over the years, the tag 'Children & Family' has been applied as a true genre heading, so it appears on R rated films in IMDb, and on other films not appropriate for children.

'Mommie Dearest' is one of the those films really focusing on children and family relationships. As a genre heading, 'Children & Family' is appropriate here. Also, it's a sly reminder of the film's content.

Since 'Children & Family' can mean different things in different contexts, this becomes a case for which a definition of the term may need to be included. But, again, a definition hardly seems to be needed since the term has fallen into disuse.

Intellectual level, or intended audience indicators, are assigned as a separate category in other systems. 45Worlds could establish another field for these categories, which could include 'Films for Children,' 'Jewish Interest,' 'Hispanic Interest,' etc. However, adding additional complexity to 45Worlds doesn't seem to be wise. (Working with IMDb data already requires too much time and experience for participants to deal successfully with obsolete practices, areas with weak content, etc.)


3rd Sep 2019
 Genre: Children & Family? Seriously?

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