The Deep

Country:  USA
Genre:Adventure, Mystery, Thriller
Rating:5.8  Rate
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DirectorPeter Yates
Selected CastJacqueline Bisset as Gail Berke
 Nick Nolte as David Sanders
 Dick Anthony Williams as Slake
 Robert Shaw as Romer Treece
 Louis Gossett Jr. as Henri Cloche
 Eli Wallach as Adam Coffin

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The Deep - Columbia TriStar - USA (2004)

The Deep - Image Entertainment - USA (2010)

The Deep - Columbia TriStar - USA (2004)

The Deep - Columbia TriStar - Australia (1999)

Comments and Reviews
4th Jan 2021

18th Apr 2019
 The film does have a couple of good points... Jacqueline Bisset in a wet t-shirt.
{Apologies for The Shallow joke}.

18th Apr 2019
 After the goldmine that was Jaws, this Peter Benchley thriller must have ticked all the boxes in Hollywood, and it certainly enticed me and a bunch of friends to join the queue outside the cinema. Alas it had nothing to get too excited about, and I remember being very disappointed while watching it.
The story involves a bunch of people who do underwater diving and when investigating a wreck they discover a large stash of drugs in small glass vials, the wreck is also home to a large deadly fish of some sort. A criminal gang or salvage company get on their backs and I think they also get tangled up with some voodoo hokum and, well you can probably guess the rest, but I hardly recall it being as thrilling as Jaws (as per the hype), maybe I was just too young to appreciate how deep it was.

EDIT (with spoilers): Thinking about it, this is one of those films that has a stupid plot thread, in this case it is the drugs. The drugs haul brings a lot of danger to the couple and yet they go and recover it from the wreck and then stash it in some kind of tower hiding place. Why? are they planning on selling it? dunno, can't remember. I suppose without that we don't have much of a story. They could have just let the 'bad guys' have it, they could have told the authorities, but instead they bring themselves a lot of trouble and then they eventually just blow up the tower, huh?, where's the logic, where's the police?

23rd Sep 2016
 Soundtrack CAL 2018

George Slv
22nd Dec 2015
 Rated 2/10
This was one of the flop underwater movies that led to the very successful The Abyss. I saw this on a VHS rental. Nudity was cut out, which they say raised the rating on it. As I recall it seemed like a movie about nothing. A non-purpose non-event. Boring, with nothing interesting happening underwater either. The supposed menace of a moray eel turned out as nothing too.
Next I recall Leviathan of 1989, which did not satisfy. So when The Abyss came everyone was saying "finally" a good undersea movie.

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30th Jul 2015
 Title theme song from film HERE

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