The Phantom Of The Opera [1962]

Country:  UK
Genre:Drama, Horror, Musical
Rating:8.0  Rate
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DirectorTerence Fisher
Selected CastHerbert Lom as The Phantom (Professor L. Petrie)
 Heather Sears as Christine Charles
 Edward de Souza as Henry Hunter
 Thorley Walters as Lattimer

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The Phantom Of The Opera [1962] - Shout! Factory - USA (2020)

The Hammer Horror Series 8-Film Collection - Universal - USA (2014)
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Comments and Reviews
9th Feb 2022

George Slv
3rd Jan 2020
 Posted a title screen at the original 1.66 shape. From an A&E showing that showed the titles in 1.66 (lbx), the rest in 1.33. From my VHS tape. You won't find anything else in this original UK release shape.
A&E made various trims to the film so it ended up 1:11 instead of 1:24, to fit a 1:30 time slot.

George Slv
2nd Jan 2020
Reissuers have played havoc with the shape of this movie (aspect ratio). The screenshots here are from current videos that make it 2.0. There has never been such a thing as a 2.0 ratio. Some people have been overthinking themselves into a ditch. Hammer and UK filmmakers typically used the 1.66 shape, and America went a bit farther and used 1.85. Blurays are made for 16:9 screens (1.77) so they could just as well have made it 1.77 without black bars. If you don't know what in the world this means, you are losing image at the top and bottom.
As for the film content, I can't figure out what I think of it. I can't recall if I saw it in 1962. When I saw a video in the 1990s, it made no impression on me. I can't understand this.
But compared to other filmings I give it credit for keeping the phantom a mystery until the end. Hard to believe how others tell the whole story of his origins right at the start of the movies.
The film length was 1:24. Then in the US to fit a two hour TV slot, Universal filmed 14 minutes of extra footage involving two detectives investigating the situation.

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