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Frankenstein And The Monster From HellTerence Fisher (Director)1974Movie07.0
Frankenstein Must Be DestroyedTerence Fisher (Director)1969Movie07.0
The Devil Rides OutTerence Fisher (Director)1968Movie37.7
Night Of The Big HeatTerence Fisher (Director)1967Movie06.7
Frankenstein Created WomanTerence Fisher (Director)1967Movie08.0
Island Of TerrorTerence Fisher (Director)1966Movie010.0
Dracula: Prince Of DarknessTerence Fisher (Director)1966Movie17.1
The Earth Dies ScreamingTerence Fisher (Director)1964Movie05.0
The Gorgon Terence Fisher (Director)1964Movie08.3
The Horror Of It AllTerence Fisher (Director)1964Movie0 
The Phantom Of The Opera Terence Fisher (Director)1962Movie38.0
The Curse Of The WerewolfTerence Fisher (Director)1961Movie27.0
Sword Of Sherwood ForestTerence Fisher (Director)1960Movie0 
The Two Faces Of Dr. JekyllTerence Fisher (Director)1960Movie18.0
The Brides Of DraculaTerence Fisher (Director)1960Movie17.0
The Stranglers Of BombayTerence Fisher (Director)1959Movie0 
The MummyTerence Fisher (Director)1959Movie19.0
The Man Who Could Cheat DeathTerence Fisher (Director)1959Movie0 
The Hound Of The Baskervilles Terence Fisher (Director)1959Movie19.0
The Revenge Of FrankensteinTerence Fisher (Director)1958Movie07.0
Horror Of Dracula
Terence Fisher (Director)1958Movie47.7
The Curse Of FrankensteinTerence Fisher (Director)1957Movie18.0
Kill Me Tomorrow Terence Fisher (Director)1957Movie0 
The Gelignite GangTerence Fisher (Director)1956Movie15.0
The FlawTerence Fisher (Director)1955Movie0 
Stolen AssignmentTerence Fisher (Director)1955Movie0 
Children GaloreTerence Fisher (Director)1955Movie0 
Mask Of Dust
Race For Life
Terence Fisher (Director)1954Movie0 
Final AppointmentTerence Fisher (Director)1954Movie16.5
The Unholy Four
The Stranger Came Home
Terence Fisher (Director)1954Movie1 
Murder By Proxy [1954]
Terence Fisher (Director)1954Movie0 
The Black Glove
Face The Music
Terence Fisher (Director)1954Movie0 
Blood Orange
Three Stops To Murder
Terence Fisher (Director)1954Movie0 
SpacewaysTerence Fisher (Director)1953Movie0 
Four Sided TriangleTerence Fisher (Director)1953Movie0 
Stolen Face Terence Fisher (Director)1952Movie06.0
Wings Of DangerTerence Fisher (Director)1952Movie0 
Man Bait
The Last Page [1952]
Terence Fisher (Director)1952Movie17.0
Home To DangerTerence Fisher (Director)1951Movie0 
So Long At The Fair
The Black Curse
Terence Fisher (Director)1950Movie0 
The Astonished HeartTerence Fisher (Director)1950Movie0 
Marry MeTerence Fisher (Director)1949Movie0 
To The Public DangerTerence Fisher (Director)1948Short0 
Portrait From LifeTerence Fisher (Director)1948Movie0 

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