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Jingle Jangle: A Christmas JourneyJohn Debney (Soundtrack)2020Movie0 
Dora And The Lost City Of GoldJohn Debney (Soundtrack)2019Movie0 
Isn't It Romantic John Debney (Soundtrack)2019Movie0 
Brian BanksJohn Debney (Soundtrack)2018Movie1 
BeirutJohn Debney (Soundtrack)2018Movie0 
Ice Age: Collision CourseJohn Debney (Soundtrack)2016Movie0 
The Jungle Book John Debney (Soundtrack)2016Movie37.0
The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge Out Of WaterJohn Debney (Soundtrack)2015Movie17.0
The CobblerJohn Debney (Soundtrack)2014Movie0 
Stonehearst Asylum
Eliza Graves
John Debney (Soundtrack)2014Movie05.0
The CallJohn Debney (Soundtrack)2013Movie0 
New Year's Eve John Debney (Soundtrack)2011Movie0 
Iron Man 2John Debney (Soundtrack)2010Movie16.8
Old DogsJohn Debney (Soundtrack)2009Movie17.5
Aliens In The AtticJohn Debney (Soundtrack)2009Movie16.0
Hotel For DogsJohn Debney (Soundtrack)2009Movie08.0
Meet DaveJohn Debney (Soundtrack)2008Movie0 
Swing VoteJohn Debney (Soundtrack)2008Movie07.0
BarnyardJohn Debney (Soundtrack)2006Movie0 
The Ant BullyJohn Debney (Soundtrack)2006Movie1 
Cheaper By The Dozen 2John Debney (Soundtrack)2005Movie06.0
Zathura: A Space AdventureJohn Debney (Soundtrack)2005Movie0 
Chicken LittleJohn Debney (Soundtrack)2005Movie17.0
The Adventures Of Sharkboy And LavagirlJohn Debney (Soundtrack)2005Movie17.0
The Whole Ten YardsJohn Debney (Soundtrack)2004Movie1 
ElfJohn Debney (Soundtrack)2003Movie07.5
Bruce AlmightyJohn Debney (Soundtrack)2003Movie15.3
The Scorpion KingJohn Debney (Soundtrack)2002Movie17.0
DragonflyJohn Debney (Soundtrack)2002Movie0 
Jimmy Neutron: Boy GeniusJohn Debney (Soundtrack)2001Movie010.0
Spy KidsJohn Debney (Soundtrack)2001Movie18.3
Cats And DogsJohn Debney (Soundtrack)2001Movie04.0
The Emperor's New GrooveJohn Debney (Soundtrack)2000Movie18.0
End Of DaysJohn Debney (Soundtrack)1999Movie06.7
PaulieJohn Debney (Soundtrack)1998Movie07.0
The RelicJohn Debney (Soundtrack)1997Movie16.7
Liar LiarJohn Debney (Soundtrack)1997Movie05.3
Cutthroat IslandJohn Debney (Soundtrack)1995Movie05.5
Little GiantsJohn Debney (Soundtrack)1994Movie05.3
Jetsons The MovieJohn Debney (Soundtrack)1990Movie110.0

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