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The Karate GuardJoseph Barbera (Director)2005Short0 
Jetsons The MovieJoseph Barbera (Director)1990Movie110.0
Des Rails Sur La Prairie
Rails On The Prairie
Joseph Barbera (Director)1984Short0 
Shutter Bugged CatJoseph Barbera (Director)1967Short0 
The Man Called FlintstoneJoseph Barbera (Director)1966Movie0 
Matinee MouseJoseph Barbera (Director)1966Short0 
Alice In Wonderland Or What's A Nice Kid Like You Doing In A Place Like This?Joseph Barbera (Producer)1966TV Movie06.0
Hey There, It's Yogi BearJoseph Barbera (Director)1964Movie0 
Tot WatchersJoseph Barbera (Director)1958Short0 
Robin Hoodwinked Joseph Barbera (Director)1958Short0 
The Vanishing DuckJoseph Barbera (Director)1958Short0 
Royal Cat NapJoseph Barbera (Director)1958Short0 
Happy Go DuckyJoseph Barbera (Director)1958Short0 
Tom's Photo FinishJoseph Barbera (Director)1957Short0 
Mucho MouseJoseph Barbera (Director)1957Short0 
Feedin' The KiddieJoseph Barbera (Director)1957Short0 
Timid TabbyJoseph Barbera (Director)1957Short0 
Tops With PopsJoseph Barbera (Director)1957Short0 
Barbecue BrawlJoseph Barbera (Director)1956Short0 
Blue Cat BluesJoseph Barbera (Director)1956Short0 
Down Beat BearJoseph Barbera (Director)1956Short0 
Muscle Beach TomJoseph Barbera (Director)1956Short0 
Busy Buddies Joseph Barbera (Director)1956Short0 
The Egg And JerryJoseph Barbera (Director)1956Short0 
The Flying SorceressJoseph Barbera (Director)1956Short0 
Good Will To MenJoseph Barbera (Director)1955Short0 
That's My MommyJoseph Barbera (Director)1955Short0 
Pecos PestJoseph Barbera (Director)1955Short0 
Smarty CatJoseph Barbera (Director)1955Short0 
Tom And ChérieJoseph Barbera (Director)1955Short0 
Designs On JerryJoseph Barbera (Director)1955Short0 
Mouse For Sale Joseph Barbera (Director)1955Short0 
Pup On A PicnicJoseph Barbera (Director)1955Short0 
Southbound DucklingJoseph Barbera (Director)1955Short0 
Touché, Pussy Cat!Joseph Barbera (Director)1954Short0 
Pet Peeve Joseph Barbera (Director)1954Short0 
Downhearted DucklingJoseph Barbera (Director)1954Short0 
Neapolitan MouseJoseph Barbera (Director)1954Short0 
Mice Follies Joseph Barbera (Director)1954Short0 
Baby ButchJoseph Barbera (Director)1954Short0 
Little School MouseJoseph Barbera (Director)1954Short0 
Hic-cup PupJoseph Barbera (Director)1954Short0 
Posse CatJoseph Barbera (Director)1954Short0 
Puppy TaleJoseph Barbera (Director)1954Short0 
Life With TomJoseph Barbera (Director)1953Short0 
Two Little IndiansJoseph Barbera (Director)1953Short0 
Just DuckyJoseph Barbera (Director)1953Short0 
That's My Pup!Joseph Barbera (Director)1953Short0 
Johann MouseJoseph Barbera (Director)1953Short0 
Jerry And JumboJoseph Barbera (Director)1953Short0 

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