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Title:Ford At Fox: The Collection
More Titles:Just Pals, The Iron Horse, 3 Bad Men, Four Sons [1928], Hangman's House, Born Reckless [1930], Up The River [1930], Seas Beneath, Pilgrimage [1933], Doctor Bull, The World Moves On, Judge Priest, Steamboat Round The Bend, The Prisoner Of Shark Island, Wee Willie Winkie, Four Men And A Prayer, Young Mr. Lincoln, Drums Along The Mohawk, The Grapes Of Wrath, Tobacco Road, How Green Was My Valley, My Darling Clementine, When Willie Comes Marching Home, What Price Glory, Becoming John Ford
Publisher:  20th Century Fox
Format:DVD Box Set
Date:4 Dec 2007
Region Code:Region 1
Classification:NOT RATED
Genre:Drama, Western, Biography
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Big laserdisc sized box set.
21 discs.

Just Pals
DirectorJohn Ford
Selected CastBuck Jones as Bim
 Helen Ferguson as Mary Bruce
 Georgie Stone as Bill (as George Stone)
 Duke R. Lee as Sheriff
(Information from Cinema World)
The Iron Horse
DirectorJohn Ford
Selected CastGeorge O'Brien as Dave Brandon
 Madge Bellamy as Miriam Marsh
 Charles Edward Bull as Lincoln
 Cyril Chadwick as Jesson
(Information from Cinema World)
3 Bad Men
DirectorJohn Ford
Selected CastGeorge O'Brien as Dan O'Malley
 Olive Borden as Lee Carlton
 Lou Tellegen as Layne Hunter
 Tom Santschi as 'Bull' Stanley
(Information from Cinema World)
Four Sons [1928]
DirectorJohn Ford
Selected CastMargaret Mann as Mother Bernle
 James Hall as Joseph - Her Son
 Charles Morton as Johann - Her Son
 Francis X. Bushman Jr. as Franz - Her Son
(Information from Cinema World)
Hangman's House
DirectorJohn Ford
Selected CastVictor McLaglen as Citizen Hogan
 June Collyer as Connaught O'Brien
 Larry Kent [Actor] as Dermot McDermot
 Earle Foxe as John D'Arcy
(Information from Cinema World)
Born Reckless [1930]
DirectorAndrew Bennison
 John Ford
Selected CastEdmund Lowe as Louis Beretti
 Catherine Dale Owen as Joan Sheldon
 Frank Albertson as Frank Sheldon
(Information from Cinema World)
Up The River [1930]
DirectorJohn Ford
Selected CastSpencer Tracy as Saint Louis
 Claire Luce as Judy Fields
 Warren Hymer as Dannemora Dan
 Humphrey Bogart as Steve Jordan
(Information from Cinema World)
Seas Beneath
DirectorJohn Ford
Selected CastGeorge O'Brien as Cmdr. Robert 'Bob' Kingsley
 Marion Lessing as Anna Maria Von Steuben
 Mona Maris as Fraulein Lolita
 Walter C. Kelly as Chief Mike 'Guns' Costello
(Information from Cinema World)
Doctor Bull
DirectorJohn Ford
Selected CastWill Rogers as Dr. George 'Doc' Bull
 Vera Allen as Mrs. Janet Cardmaker
 Marian Nixon as May Tupping - Telephone Operator
 Howard Lally as Joe Tupping
(Information from Cinema World)
Pilgrimage [1933]
DirectorJohn Ford
Selected CastHenrietta Crosman as Mrs. Hannah Jessop
 Heather Angel as Suzanne
 Norman Foster as Jim 'Jimmy' Jessop
 Lucille La Verne as Mrs. Kelly Hatfield
(Information from Cinema World)
Judge Priest
DirectorJohn Ford
Selected CastWill Rogers as Judge Priest
 Tom Brown as Jerome Priest
 Anita Louise as Ellie May Gillespie
 Henry B. Walthall as Rev. Ashby Brand
(Information from Cinema World)
The World Moves On
DirectorJohn Ford
Selected CastMadeleine Carroll as Mrs. Warburton, 1825 / Mary Warburton Girard, 1914
 Franchot Tone as Richard Girard - 1825 / Richard Girard - 1914
 Reginald Denny as Erik von Gerhardt
 Sig Ruman as Baron von Gerhardt
(Information from Cinema World)
Steamboat Round The Bend
DirectorJohn Ford
Selected CastWill Rogers as Doctor John Pearly
 Anne Shirley as Fleety Belle
 Irvin S. Cobb as Captain Eli
 Eugene Pallette as Sheriff Rufe Jeffers
(Information from Cinema World)
The Prisoner Of Shark Island
DirectorJohn Ford
Selected CastWarner Baxter as Dr. Samuel Alexander Mudd
 Gloria Stuart as Mrs. Peggy Mudd
 Claude Gillingwater as Colonel Jeremiah Milford Dyer
 Arthur Byron as Mr. Erickson
(Information from Cinema World)
Wee Willie Winkie
DirectorJohn Ford
Selected CastShirley Temple as Priscilla Williams
 Victor McLaglen as Sergeant MacDuff
 C. Aubrey Smith as Colonel Williams
 June Lang as Joyce Williams
(Information from Cinema World)
Four Men And A Prayer
DirectorJohn Ford
Selected CastLoretta Young as Miss Lynn Cherrington
 Richard Greene as Geoffrey Leigh
 George Sanders as Wyatt Leigh
 David Niven as Christopher Leigh
(Information from Cinema World)
Drums Along The Mohawk
DirectorJohn Ford
Selected CastClaudette Colbert as Lana (Magdelana)
 Henry Fonda as Gilbert Martin
 Edna May Oliver as Mrs. Mc Klennar
 Eddie Collins as Christian Reall
(Information from Cinema World)
Young Mr. Lincoln
DirectorJohn Ford
Selected CastHenry Fonda as Abraham Lincoln
 Alice Brady as Abigail Clay
 Marjorie Weaver as Mary Todd
 Arleen Whelan as Sarah Clay
(Information from Cinema World)
The Grapes Of Wrath
DirectorJohn Ford
Selected CastHenry Fonda as Tom Joad
 Jane Darwell as Ma Joad
 John Carradine as Jim Casy
 Charley Grapewin as Grandpa
(Information from Cinema World)
How Green Was My Valley
DirectorJohn Ford
Selected CastWalter Pidgeon as Mr. Gruffydd
 Maureen O'Hara as Angharad
 Anna Lee as Bronwyn
 Donald Crisp as Mr. Morgan
(Information from Cinema World)
Tobacco Road
DirectorJohn Ford
Selected CastCharley Grapewin as Jeeter
 Marjorie Rambeau as Sister Bessie
 Gene Tierney as Ellie May
 William Tracy as Dude Lester
(Information from Cinema World)
My Darling Clementine
DirectorJohn Ford
Selected CastHenry Fonda as Wyatt Earp
 Linda Darnell as Chihuahua
 Victor Mature as Doc Holliday
 Walter Brennan as Old Man Clanton
(Information from Cinema World)
When Willie Comes Marching Home
DirectorJohn Ford
Selected CastDan Dailey as William 'Bill' Kluggs
 Corinne Calvet as Yvonne Le Tete
 Colleen Townsend as Marjorie 'Marge' Fettles
 William Demarest as Herman Kluggs
(Information from Cinema World)
What Price Glory
DirectorJohn Ford
Selected CastJames Cagney as Capt. Flagg
 Corinne Calvet as Charmaine
 Dan Dailey as 1st Sgt. Quirt
 William Demarest as Cpl. Kiper
(Information from Cinema World)
Becoming John Ford
DirectorNick Redman
Selected CastRudy Behlmer as Self
 Janet Bergstrom as Self
 James D'Arc as Self
 Lem Dobbs as Self
(Information from Cinema World)


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