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Title:Sci-Fi Classics 100 Movie Pack
More Titles:Contamination [1980], Alien Species, Alien Zone, All The Kind Strangers, The Alpha Incident, The Amazing Transparent Man, Assignment: Outer Space, The Astral Factor, Monstrosity [1963], Atomic Rulers, Attack From Space, Gamera Tai Daiakuju Giron, Beast Of The Yellow Night, Blood Tide, The Brain Machine [1977], Bride Of The Gorilla, The Cold Room, La Regina Delle Amazzoni, Anno Zero - Guerra Nello Spazio, Counterblast, La Morte Viene Dallo Spazio, Death Warmed Up, Gamera Tai Uchu Kaijû Bairasu, The Disappearance Of Flight 412, Doomsday Machine [1972], Eegah, Embryo [1976], End Of The World [1977], The Blue Man [1985], Evil Brain From Outer Space, Der Schweigende Stern, Flash Gordon Conquers The Universe, Der Fall X701, La Furia Del Hombre Lobo, The Galaxy Invader, Gammera The Invincible, I Giganti Di Roma, Good Against Evil [1977], Maciste E La Regina Di Samar, Ercole Alla Conquista Di Atlantide, Ercole Contro I Tiranni Di Babilonia, Ercole E La Regina Di Lidia, Ein Toter Hing Im Netz, House Of The Living Dead, How Awful About Allan, Idaho Transfer, The Incredible Petrified World, Killers From Space, Eva, La Venere Selvaggia, Laser Mission, The Lost City [1935], The Lost Jungle, The Lost World [1925], The Lucifer Complex, Maciste All'inferno [1925], The Manster, Mesa Of Lost Women, The Mistress Of Atlantis, Maciste, L'uomo Più Forte Del Mondo, Moon Of The Wolf, Night Fright [1967], Cataclysm [1980], Bakterion, The Phantom Creeps, Phantom From Space, The Phantom Planet, Piranha [1972], Planet Outlaws, Prehistoric Women, Prisoners Of The Lost Universe, Queen Of The Amazons, Men With Steel Faces, Im Stahlnetz Des Dr. Mabuse, Ring Of Terror, Emergency Landing, Crash Of The Moons, Menace From Outer Space, Santa Claus Conquers The Martians, Shadow Of Chinatown, She Gods Of Shark Reef, The Snow Creature, Snowbeast, Ercole L'invincibile, Sette Uomini D'oro Nello Spazio, Teenagers From Outer Space, Terror At Red Wolf Inn, Invasion From Inner Earth, They Came From Beyond Space, This Is Not A Test [1962], UFO: Target Earth, Unknown World, Voyage To The Planet Of Prehistoric Women, Voyage To The Prehistoric Planet, Uchûjin Tôkyô Ni Arawaru, I Nuovi Barbari, The Wasp Woman, La Lupa Mannara, White Pongo, The Wild Women Of Wongo
Publisher:  Mill Creek Entertainment
Format:DVD Box Set
Date:24 Aug 2007
Region Code:None
Classification:NOT RATED
Genre:Science Fiction
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24 DVD Set...

Maciste All'inferno [1925]
AKAMaciste In Hell [1925]
DirectorGuido Brignone
Selected CastBartolomeo Pagano as Maciste
 Umberto Guarracino as Pluto - King of Hell
 Mario Saio as Gerione - Minister of Internal Affairs of Hell (as Mario Sajo)
 Franz Sala as Barbariccia - Lieutenant of Hell
(Information from Cinema World)
The Lost World [1925]
DirectorHarry O. Hoyt
Selected CastBessie Love as Paula White
 Lewis Stone as Sir John Roxton
 Wallace Beery as Professor Challenger
 Lloyd Hughes as Ed Malone
(Information from Cinema World)
The Mistress Of Atlantis
AKAThe Lost Atlantis
DirectorGeorg Wilhelm Pabst
Selected CastBrigitte Helm as Antinea
 John Stuart as Lt. Saint-Avit
 Tela Tchaï as Tela Tchaï
 Gustav Diessl as Morhange
(Information from Cinema World)
The Lost Jungle
DirectorDavid Howard
 Armand Schaefer
Selected CastClyde Beatty as Clyde Beatty
 Cecilia Parker as Ruth Robinson
 Syd Saylor as Larry Henderson
(Information from Cinema World)
The Lost City [1935]
DirectorHarry Revier
Selected CastWilliam 'Stage' Boyd as Zolok
 Kane Richmond as Bruce Gordon
 Claudia Dell as Natcha Manyus
 Josef Swickard as Dr. Manyus
(Information from Cinema World)
The Phantom Creeps
DirectorFord Beebe
 Saul A. Goodkind
Selected CastBela Lugosi as Dr. Alex Zorka
 Robert Kent as Capt. Bob West
 Dorothy Arnold as Jean Drew
(Information from Cinema World)
Flash Gordon Conquers The Universe
DirectorFord Beebe
 Ray Taylor
Selected CastBuster Crabbe as Flash Gordon
 Carol Hughes as Dale Arden
 Charles Middleton as Ming the Merciless
(Information from Cinema World)
Men With Steel Faces
AKARadio Ranch
DirectorOtto Brower
 B. Reeves Eason
Selected CastGene Autry as Gene Autry
 Frankie Darro as Frankie Baxter
 Smiley Burnette as Oscar
(Information from Cinema World)
Emergency Landing
AKARobot Pilot
DirectorWilliam Beaudine
Selected CastForrest Tucker as Jerry Barton
 Carol Hughes as Betty Lambert
 Evelyn Brent as Maude Lambert
 Emmett Vogan as 'Doc' Williams
(Information from Cinema World)
White Pongo
DirectorSam Newfield
Selected CastRichard Fraser as Geoffrey Bishop
 Maris Wrixon as Pamela Bragdon
(Information from Cinema World)
Queen Of The Amazons
DirectorEdward F. Finney
Selected CastRobert Lowery as Gary Lambert
 Patricia Morison as Jean Preston
 J. Edward Bromberg as Gabby
 John Miljan as Narrator / Colonel Jones
(Information from Cinema World)
AKADevil's Plot
DirectorPaul L. Stein
Selected CastRobert Beatty as Dr. Paul Rankin
 Mervyn Johns as Dr. Bruckner the Beast of Ravensbruck
 Nova Pilbeam as Tracy Hart
 Margaretta Scott as Sister 'Johnnie' Johnson
(Information from Cinema World)
Prehistoric Women
DirectorGregory G. Tallas
Selected CastLaurette Luez as Tigri
 Allan Nixon as Engor
 Joan Shawlee as Lotee
 Judy Landon as Eras
(Information from Cinema World)
Bride Of The Gorilla
AKALa Novia Del Gorila
DirectorCurt Siodmak
Selected CastBarbara Payton as Mrs. Dina Van Gelder
 Lon Chaney as Police Commissioner Taro
 Raymond Burr as Barney Chavez
 Tom Conway as Dr. Viet
(Information from Cinema World)
Unknown World
DirectorTerry Morse
Selected CastBruce Kellogg as Wright Thompson
 Otto Waldis as Dr. Max A. Bauer
 Jim Bannon as Andy Ostergaard
(Information from Cinema World)
Mesa Of Lost Women
AKAAttack Of The Spider Women
DirectorRon Ormond
 Herbert Tevos
Selected CastJackie Coogan as Doctor Aranya
 Allan Nixon as 'Doc' Tucker
 Richard Travis as Dan Mulcahey
(Information from Cinema World)
Phantom From Space
DirectorW. Lee Wilder
Selected CastRudolph Anders as Dr. Wyatt
 Lela Nelson as Betty Evans
(Information from Cinema World)
Planet Outlaws
DirectorFord Beebe
Selected CastLarry (Buster) Crabbe as Colonel Buck Rogers
 Constance Moore as Lieutenant Wilma Deering
 Jackie Moran as George 'Buddy' Wade
 Jack Mulhall as Capt. Rankin, Hidden City forces
(Information from Cinema World)
Killers From Space
DirectorW. Lee Wilder
Selected CastPeter Graves as Dr. Doug Paul Martin
 James Seay as Colonel Banks
 Steve Pendleton as Briggs
(Information from Cinema World)
The Snow Creature
DirectorW. Lee Wilder
Selected CastPaul Langton as Dr. Frank Parrish
 Leslie Denison as Peter Wells
 Teru Shimada as Subra
 Rollin Moriyama as Leva
(Information from Cinema World)
Menace From Outer Space
AKARocky Jones, Space Ranger: Menace From Outer Space
DirectorHollingsworth Morse
Selected CastRichard Crane as Rocky Jones
 Scotty Beckett as Winky
 Sally Mansfield as Vena Ray
 Robert Lyden as Bobby
(Information from Cinema World)
Uchûjin Tôkyô Ni Arawaru
AKAWarning From Space
DirectorKôji Shima
Selected CastKeizô Kawasaki as Dr. Toru Itsobe
 Toyomi Karita as Hikari Aozora / Ginko
 Bin Yagisawa as No. 2 Pairan
 Shôzô Nanbu as The Elder Dr. Itsobe
(Information from Cinema World)
La Morte Viene Dallo Spazio
AKAThe Day The Sky Exploded
DirectorPaolo Heusch
Selected CastPaul Hubschmid as John McLaren
 Fiorella Mari as Mary McLaren
(Information from Cinema World)
She Gods Of Shark Reef
DirectorRoger Corman
Selected CastBill Cord as Christy 'Chris' Johnston
 Don Durant as Lee Johnston
 Lisa Montell as Mahia
 Jeanne Gerson as Queen Pua
(Information from Cinema World)
The Wild Women Of Wongo
DirectorJames L. Wolcott
Selected CastJean Hawkshaw as Omoo
 Mary Ann Webb as Mona
 Candé Gerrard as Ahtee
 Adrienne Bourbeau as Wana
(Information from Cinema World)
Ercole E La Regina Di Lidia
AKAHercules Unchained
DirectorPietro Francisci
Selected CastSteve Reeves as Hercules
 Sylva Koscina as Iole, bride of Ercole
 Sylvia Lopez as Queen Onfale, of Lidia
 Patrizia Della Rovere as Penelope
(Information from Cinema World)
Teenagers From Outer Space
AKAThe Gargon Terror
DirectorTom Graeff
Selected CastDavid Love as Derek
 Dawn Anderson as Betty Morgan
 Bryan Grant as Thor
 Harvey B. Dunn as Gramps Morgan
(Information from Cinema World)
The Manster
DirectorGeorge Breakston
Selected CastPeter Dyneley as Larry Stanford
 Jane Hylton as Linda Stanford
 Satoshi Nakamura as Dr. Robert Suzuki
 Terri Zimmern as Tara
(Information from Cinema World)
The Wasp Woman
DirectorRoger Corman
Selected CastSusan Cabot as Janice Starlin
 Fred Eisley as Bill Lane
 Barboura Morris as Mary Dennison
 William Roerick as Arthur Cooper
(Information from Cinema World)
Assignment: Outer Space
DirectorAntonio Margheriti
Selected CastRik Van Nutter as Ray Peterson (IZ41)
 Gabriella Farinon as Gabriella Farinon: Lucy (Y13)
 David Montresor as George the Commander
 Archie Savage as Al (X15)
(Information from Cinema World)
Der Schweigende Stern
AKAFirst Spaceship On Venus
DirectorKurt Maetzig
Selected CastYôko Tani
 Oldrich Lukes
 Ignacy Machowski
 Julius Ongewe
(Information from Cinema World)
Ein Toter Hing Im Netz
AKAHorrors Of Spider Island
DirectorFritz Böttger
Selected CastHarald Maresch as Joe
 Helga Franck as Georgia
 Alexander D'Arcy as Gary Webster
 Helga Neuner as Ann
(Information from Cinema World)
La Regina Delle Amazzoni
AKAColossus And The Amazon Queen
DirectorVittorio Sala
Selected CastDorian Gray as Antiope
 Rod Taylor as Pirro
 Gianna Maria Canale as La regina
 Ed Fury as Glauco
(Information from Cinema World)
The Amazing Transparent Man
DirectorEdgar G. Ulmer
Selected CastMarguerite Chapman as Laura Matson
 Douglas Kennedy as Joey Faust
 James Griffith as Major Paul Krenner
 Ivan Triesault as Dr. Peter Ulof
(Information from Cinema World)
The Incredible Petrified World
DirectorJerry Warren
Selected CastJohn Carradine as Prof. Millard Wyman
 Robert Clarke as Craig Randall
 Phyllis Coates as Dale Marshall
 Allen Windsor as Paul Whitmore
(Information from Cinema World)
Ercole Alla Conquista Di Atlantide
AKAHercules And The Captive Women / Hercules Conquers Atlantis
DirectorVittorio Cottafavi
Selected CastReg Park as Ercole / Hercules
 Fay Spain as Queen Antinea of Atlantis
 Ettore Manni as Androcio, Re di Tebe
 Luciano Marin as Illo
(Information from Cinema World)
Im Stahlnetz Des Dr. Mabuse
AKAThe Return Of Dr. Mabuse
DirectorHarald Reinl
Selected CastGert Fröbe as Kommissar Lohmann
 Lex Barker as Joe Como alias 'Nick Scappio' alias 'Bob Arco'
 Daliah Lavi as Maria Sabrehm
 Fausto Tozzi as Warden Wolf
(Information from Cinema World)
Maciste, L'uomo Più Forte Del Mondo
AKAThe Strongest Man In The World / Mole Men Against The Son Of Hercules
DirectorAntonio Leonviola
Selected CastMark Forest as Maciste - Son of Hercules
 Moira Orfei as Queen Halis Mojab
 Paul Wynter as Bango
 Gianni Garko as Kathar
(Information from Cinema World)
The Phantom Planet
DirectorWilliam Marshall [1917-1994]
Selected CastDean Fredericks as Captain Frank Chapman
 Coleen Gray as Liara
 Tony Dexter as Herron
 Francis X. Bushman as Sessom
(Information from Cinema World)
DirectorArch Hall Sr.
Selected CastArch Hall Jr. as Tom
 Marilyn Manning as Roxy
 Richard Kiel as Eegah
 William Watters as Miller / Mr. Miller
(Information from Cinema World)
Ring Of Terror
DirectorClark L. Paylow
Selected CastGeorge E. Mather as Lewis B. Moffitt
 Austin Green
 Esther Furst as Betty Crawford
 Lomax Study as Professor Rayburn
(Information from Cinema World)
This Is Not A Test [1962]
DirectorFredric Gadette
Selected CastSeamon Glass as Deputy Sheriff Dan Colter
 Thayer Roberts as Jacob Elliot Saunders
 Aubrey Martin as Juney
 Mary Morlas as Cheryl Hudson
(Information from Cinema World)
Monstrosity [1963]
DirectorJoseph Mascelli
Selected CastMarjorie Eaton as Hetty March
 Frank Gerstle as Dr. Otto Frank
 Frank Fowler as Victor
 Erika Peters as Nina Rhodes
(Information from Cinema World)
Der Fall X701
AKAFrozen Alive
DirectorBernard Knowles
Selected CastMark Stevens as Dr. Frank Overton
 Marianne Koch as Dr. Helen Wieland
 Walter Rilla as Sir Keith
(Information from Cinema World)
Ercole Contro I Tiranni Di Babilonia
AKAHercules And The Tyrants Of Babylon
DirectorDomenico Paolella
Selected CastPeter Lupus as Hercules
 Helga Liné as Tanit / Taneal
 Mario Petri as Phaleg / Malik
 Livio Lorenzon as Salmanassar
(Information from Cinema World)
Ercole L'invincibile
AKAThe Sons Of Hercules In The Land Of Darkness
DirectorAlvaro Mancori
Selected CastDan Vadis as Hercules
 Spela Rozin as Teica
 Carla Calò as Queen Etel (as Carol Brown)
 Ken Clark as Kebaol
(Information from Cinema World)
I Giganti Di Roma
AKAThe Giants Of Rome
DirectorAntonio Margheriti
Selected CastRichard Harrison as Claudius Marcellus
 Wandisa Guida as Livilla
 Ettore Manni as Castor
 Philippe Hersent as Drusus
(Information from Cinema World)
Maciste E La Regina Di Samar
AKAHercules Against The Moon Men
DirectorGiacomo Gentilomo
Selected CastSergio Ciani as Maciste / Hercules
 Jany Clair as Queen Samara
 Anna Maria Polani as Agar
 Nando Tamberlani as Gladius
(Information from Cinema World)
Santa Claus Conquers The Martians
AKASanta Claus Defeats The Aliens
DirectorNicholas Webster
Selected CastJohn Call as Santa Claus
 Leonard Hicks as Kimar
 Vincent Beck as Voldar
 Bill McCutcheon as Dropo
(Information from Cinema World)
Atomic Rulers
AKAAtomic Rulers Of The World
DirectorKoreyoshi Akasaka
Selected CastKen Utsui as Super Giant / Starman
 Sachihiro Ohsawa
 Junko Ikeuchi as Toshiko / Sister
(Information from Cinema World)
Attack From Space
DirectorKoreyoshi Akasaka
Selected CastKen Utsui as Starman
 Utako Mitsuya as Kaoru Yamanaka / Daughter
 Sachihiro Ohsawa
(Information from Cinema World)
Evil Brain From Outer Space
DirectorKoreyoshi Akasaka
Selected CastKen Utsui as Starman / Super Giant
 Junko Ikeuchi
 Minoru Takada
(Information from Cinema World)
Voyage To The Prehistoric Planet
DirectorJohn Sebastian
Selected CastBasil Rathbone as Professor Hartman, Lunar 7
 Faith Domergue as Dr. Marsha Evans, Vega
 John Bix as John the Robot
(Information from Cinema World)
Gammera The Invincible
AKAGamera The Invincible
DirectorSandy Howard
 Noriaki Yuasa
Selected CastAlbert Dekker as Secretary of Defense
 Brian Donlevy as General Terry Arnold
 Diane Findlay as Sgt. Susan Embers
(Information from Cinema World)
Night Fright [1967]
AKAFright Night [1967]
DirectorJames A. Sullivan
Selected CastJohn Agar as Sheriff Clint Crawford
 Carol Gilley as Nurse Joan Scott
 Ralph Baker Jr. as Chris Jordan
 Dorothy Davis as Judy
(Information from Cinema World)
They Came From Beyond Space
DirectorFreddie Francis
Selected CastRobert Hutton as Dr. Temple
 Jennifer Jayne as Lee Mason
 Zia Mohyeddin as Farge
 Bernard Kay as Richard Arden
(Information from Cinema World)
Eva, La Venere Selvaggia
AKAKong Island
DirectorRoberto Mauri
Selected CastBrad Harris as Burt Dawson
 Esmeralda Barros as Eva - The Savage Girl
 Marc Lawrence as Albert Muller
 Adriana Alben as Ursula
(Information from Cinema World)
Gamera Tai Uchu Kaijû Bairasu
AKADestroy All Planets
DirectorNoriaki Yuasa
 Shigeo Tanaka
Selected CastKôjirô Hongô as Scout Master Mr. Shimida
 Tôru Takatsuka as Masao Nakaya
 Carl Craig as Jim Crane (as Carl Craig Junior)
(Information from Cinema World)
Voyage To The Planet Of Prehistoric Women
AKAThe Gill Women
DirectorDerek Thomas
Selected CastMamie Van Doren as Moana
 Mary Marr as Verba
 Paige Lee as Twyla
 Margot Hartman as Mayaway
(Information from Cinema World)
Gamera Tai Daiakuju Giron
AKAAttack Of The Monsters
DirectorNoriaki Yuasa
Selected CastNobuhiro Kajima as Akio
 Miyuki Akiyama as Tomoko
 Christopher Murphy [2] as Tom (as Chrystopher Murphy)
 Yûko Hamada as Kuniko (as Yuko Hamada)
(Information from Cinema World)
How Awful About Allan
DirectorCurtis Harrington
Selected CastAnthony Perkins as Allan
 Julie Harr as Katherine
 Joan Hackett as Olive
 Kent Smith as Raymond
(Information from Cinema World)
Beast Of The Yellow Night
DirectorEddie Romero
Selected CastJohn Ashley as Joseph Langdon / Philip Rogers
 Mary Charlotte Wilcox as Julia Rogers
 Leopoldo Salcedo as Inspector de Santos
(Information from Cinema World)
Doomsday Machine [1972]
AKAEscape From Planet Earth [1972]
DirectorHarry Hope
 Lee Sholem
 Herbert J. Leder
Selected CastBobby Van as Danny
 Ruta Lee as Dr. Marion Turner
(Information from Cinema World)
La Furia Del Hombre Lobo
AKAThe Fury Of The Wolf Man / The Fury of the Wolfman
DirectorJ.M. Zabalza
Selected CastPaul Naschy as Waldemar Daninsky / Wolfman
 Perla Cristal as Dr. Ilona Alman / Eva Wolfstein
 Verónica Luján as Karen
 Mark Stevens as Bill Williams
(Information from Cinema World)
Moon Of The Wolf
DirectorDaniel Petrie
Selected CastDavid Janssen as Sheriff Aaron Whitaker
 Barbara Rush as Louise Rodanthe
 Bradford Dillman as Andrew Rodanthe
 John Beradino as Dr. Druten
(Information from Cinema World)
Piranha [1972]
DirectorWilliam Gibson
Selected CastWilliam Smith as Caribe
 Peter Brown as Jim Pendrake
 Ahna Capri as Terry
(Information from Cinema World)
Terror At Red Wolf Inn
DirectorBud Townsend
Selected CastLinda Gillen as Regina McKee
 John Neilson as Baby John Smith
 Arthur Space as Henry Smith
 Mary Jackson as Evelyn Smith
(Information from Cinema World)
Idaho Transfer
DirectorPeter Fonda
Selected CastKelly Bohanon as Karen Braden
 Kevin Hearst as Ronald
 Caroline Hildebrand as Isa Braden
 Keith Carradine as Arthur
(Information from Cinema World)
All The Kind Strangers
DirectorBurt Kennedy
Selected CastStacy Keach as Jimmy Wheeler
 Samantha Eggar as Carol Ann
 John Savage as Peter
 Robby Benson as John
(Information from Cinema World)
House Of The Living Dead
AKACurse Of The Dead [1974]
DirectorRay Austin
Selected CastMark Burns as Sir Michael Brattling / Dr. Breckinridge Brattling
 Shirley Anne Field as Mary Anne Carew
 David Oxley as Dr. Collinson
(Information from Cinema World)
Invasion From Inner Earth
AKAThey [1974]
DirectorBill Rebane
Selected CastPaul Bentzen as Stan
 Debbi Pick as Sarah
 Nick Holt as Jake
 Karl Wallace as Eric
(Information from Cinema World)
The Disappearance Of Flight 412
DirectorJud Taylor
Selected CastGlenn Ford as Col. Pete Moore
 Bradford Dillman as Maj. Mike Dunning
 David Soul as Capt. Roy Bishop
 Robert F. Lyons as Capt. Cliff Riggs
(Information from Cinema World)
UFO: Target Earth
DirectorMichael A. DeGaetano
Selected CastNick Plakias as Alan Grimes
 Cynthia Cline as Vivian
 LaVerne Light as Dr. Mansfield
 Tom Arcuragi as Dan Rivers
(Information from Cinema World)
Embryo [1976]
DirectorRalph Nelson
Selected CastRock Hudson as Dr. Paul Holliston
 Barbara Carrera as Victoria Spencer
 Diane Ladd as Martha Douglas
 Roddy McDowall as Frank Riley
(Information from Cinema World)
La Lupa Mannara
AKAWerewolf Woman
DirectorRino Di Silvestro
Selected CastAnnik Borel as Daniela Neseri
 Howard Ross as Luca Mondini
 Dagmar Lassander as Elena Neseri
 Tino Carraro as Count Neseri
(Information from Cinema World)
Anno Zero - Guerra Nello Spazio
AKACosmos: War Of The Planets [1977]
DirectorAlfonso Brescia
Selected CastJohn Richardson as Captain Fred Hamilton
 Yanti Somer as Meela
 West Buchanan as Richard Holden
(Information from Cinema World)
End Of The World [1977]
DirectorJohn Hayes
Selected CastChristopher Lee as Father Pergado / Zindar
 Sue Lyon as Sylvia Boran
 Kirk Scott as Andrew Boran
 Dean Jagger as Collins
(Information from Cinema World)
Good Against Evil [1977]
DirectorPaul Wendkos
Selected CastDack Rambo as Andy Stuart
 Elyssa Davalos as Jessica Gordon
 Richard Lynch as Mr. Rimmin
 Dan O'Herlihy as Father Kemschler
(Information from Cinema World)
AKABig Foot [1977]
DirectorHerb Wallerstein
Selected CastBo Svenson as Gar Seberg
 Yvette Mimieux as Ellen Seberg
 Robert Logan as Tony Rill
 Clint Walker as Sheriff Paraday
(Information from Cinema World)
The Brain Machine [1977]
DirectorJoy N. Houck Jr.
Selected CastJames Best as Rev. Emory Neill
 Barbara Burgess as Dr. Carol Portland
 Gil Peterson as Dr. Elton Morris
 Gerald McRaney as Willie West
(Information from Cinema World)
Alien Zone
DirectorSharron Miller
Selected CastJohn Ericson as Talmudge
 Ivor Francis as The Mortician
 Judith Novgrod as Miss Sibiler
(Information from Cinema World)
The Alpha Incident
DirectorBill Rebane
Selected CastRalph Meeker as Charlie
 Stafford Morgan as Dr. Sorensen
 John Goff as Jack Tiller
 Carol Irene Newell as Jenny
(Information from Cinema World)
The Astral Factor
AKAInvisible Strangler
DirectorJohn Florea
Selected CastRobert Foxworth as Lt. Charles Barrett
 Stefanie Powers as Candy Barrett
 Sue Lyon as Darlene DeLong
 Mark Slade as Detective Holt
(Information from Cinema World)
The Lucifer Complex
DirectorKenneth Hartford
 David L. Hewitt
Selected CastRobert Vaughn as Glenn Manning
 Merrie Lynn Ross as April Adams
 Keenan Wynn
(Information from Cinema World)
Sette Uomini D'oro Nello Spazio
AKAStar Odyssey
DirectorAlfonso Brescia
Selected CastYanti Somer as Irene
 Gianni Garko as Dirk Laramie
(Information from Cinema World)
Cataclysm [1980]
AKAThe Nightmare Never Ends
DirectorPhillip Marshak
 Tom McGowan
 Gregg G. Tallas
Selected CastCameron Mitchell as Lieutenant Sterne
 Marc Lawrence [b.1910] as Abraham Weiss / Dieter
(Information from Cinema World)
Contamination [1980]
AKAAlien Contamination
DirectorLuigi Cozzi
Selected CastIan McCulloch as Commander Ian Hubbard
 Louise Marleau as Colonel Stella Holmes
 Marino Masé as NYPD Lt. Tony Aris
 Siegfried Rauch as Hamilton
(Information from Cinema World)
AKAPanic [1982]
DirectorTonino Ricci
Selected CastDavid Warbeck as Captain Kirk
 Janet Agren as Jane Blake
 Roberto Ricci as Professor Adams
(Information from Cinema World)
Blood Tide
DirectorRichard Jefferies
Selected CastJames Earl Jones as Frye
 José Ferrer as Nereus
 Lila Kedrova as Sister Anna
 Mary Louise Weller as Sherry Grice
(Information from Cinema World)
I Nuovi Barbari
AKAThe New Barbarians: Warriors Of The Wasteland
DirectorEnzo G. Castellari
Selected CastGiancarlo Prete as Scorpion
 Fred Williamson as Nadir
 George Eastman as One
 Anna Kanakis as Alma
(Information from Cinema World)
Prisoners Of The Lost Universe
DirectorTerry Marcel
Selected CastRichard Hatch as Dan
 Kay Lenz as Carrie Madison
 John Saxon as Kleel
 Peter O'Farrell as Malachi
(Information from Cinema World)
Death Warmed Up
AKADeath Warmed Over
DirectorDavid Blyth
Selected CastMichael Hurst as Michael Tucker
 Margaret Umbers as Sandy
 William Upjohn as Lucas
(Information from Cinema World)
The Cold Room
DirectorJames Dearden
Selected CastGeorge Segal as Hugh Martin
 Amanda Pays as Carla Martin / Christa Bruckner
 Renée Soutendijk as Lili
 Warren Clarke as Wilhelm Bruckner
(Information from Cinema World)
The Blue Man [1985]
AKAEternal Evil [1985]
DirectorGeorge Mihalka
Selected CastWinston Rekert as Paul Sharpe
 Karen Black as Janus
 John Novak as Kauffman
 Andrew Bednarski as Matthew Sharpe
(Information from Cinema World)
The Galaxy Invader
DirectorDon Dohler
Selected CastRichard Ruxton as Joe Montague
 Faye Tilles as Carol Montague
 George Stover as J.J. Montague
 Greg Dohler as David Harmon
(Information from Cinema World)
Laser Mission
DirectorBeau Davis
Selected CastErnest Borgnine as Professor Braun
 Graham Clarke as Colonel Kalishnakov
 Richard Cox as Calloway
 Gerry de Somma as Ernesto
(Information from Cinema World)
Alien Species
DirectorPeter Maris
Selected CastCharles Napier as Sheriff Nate Culver
 Hoke Howell as Professor Edgar Chambers
 David Homb as Aaron Doyle
(Information from Cinema World)


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