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Title:The Excellent Eighties: 50 Movies
More Titles:Act Of Love [1980], Agency [1980], Bail Out, Callie & Son, Casablanca Express, Cavegirl, Choices [1981], Cold War Killers, The Day Time Ended, Dear Mr. Wonderful, Deathrow Gameshow, Delta Force Commando, Dog Day [1984], Hard Knox [1984], A Hazard Of Hearts, High Risk [1981], Hunk, Intimate Agony, The Kidnapping Of The President, The Lady And The Highwayman, Lamb [1985], Laser Mission, Liar's Moon, Mesmerized [1985], A Minor Miracle, My Chauffeur, My Mom's A Werewolf, Night Of The Sharks, The Patriot [1986], Portrait Of A Showgirl, Reborn [1981], Saigon: Year Of The Cat, Savage Journey, Scandal Sheet [1985], Scarecrows, Second Sight: A Love Story, Shadows In The Storm, Shaker Run, Slipstream [1989], Somewhere, Tomorrow, A Time To Die [1982], Toby McTeague, Tomboy [1985], The Train Killer, Tuareg: The Desert Warrior, Twisted Obsession, We Think The World Of You, When The Bough Breaks [1986]
Publisher:  Mill Creek Entertainment
Format:DVD Box Set
Date:4 Sep 2012
Region Code:Region 1
Classification:NOT RATED
Genre:Drama, Comedy, Thriller
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12 disc set.

The Day Time Ended
DirectorJohn 'Bud' Cardos
Selected CastJim Davis as Grant
 Chris Mitchum as Richard
 Dorothy Malone as Ana Williams
 Marcy Lafferty as Beth
(Information from Cinema World)
Act Of Love [1980]
DirectorJud Taylor
Selected CastRon Howard as Leon Cybulkowski
 Robert Foxworth as Andrew Rose
 Mickey Rourke as Joseph Cybulkowski
 David Spielberg as Victor Burton
(Information from Cinema World)
Agency [1980]
AKAMind Games [1980]
DirectorGeorge Kaczender
Selected CastRobert Mitchum as Ted Quinn
 Lee Majors as Philip Morgan
 Valerie Perrine as Brenda Wilcox
 Alexandra Stewart as Mimi Oliveri
(Information from Cinema World)
The Kidnapping Of The President
DirectorGeorge Mendeluk
Selected CastWilliam Shatner as Jerry O'Connor
 Hal Holbrook as President Adam Scott
 Van Johnson as Vice President Ethan Richards
 Ava Gardner as Beth Richards
(Information from Cinema World)
Callie & Son
DirectorWaris Hussein
WriterThomas Thompson
Selected CastLindsay Wagner as Callie Bordeaux
 Jameson Parker as Randy Bordeaux
 Dabney Coleman as Randall Bordeaux
(Information from Cinema World)
Choices [1981]
AKADilemma [1981]
DirectorSilvio Narizzano
Selected CastPaul Carafotes as John Carluccio
 Victor French as Gary Carluccio
 Lelia Goldoni as Jean Carluccio
 Val Avery as Coach Rizzo
(Information from Cinema World)
High Risk [1981]
DirectorStewart Raffill
Selected CastJames Brolin as Stone
 Anthony Quinn as Mariano
 Lindsay Wagner as Olivia
 James Coburn as Serrano
(Information from Cinema World)
Reborn [1981]
DirectorBigas Luna
Selected CastDennis Hopper as Rev. Tom Hartley
 Michael Moriarty as Mark
 Antonella Murgia as Maria
 Francisco Rabal as Giacomo
(Information from Cinema World)
A Time To Die [1982]
DirectorMatt Cimber
Selected CastRex Harrison as Van Osten
 Rod Taylor as Jack Bailey
 Edward Albert as Michael Rogan
 Raf Vallone as Genco Bari
(Information from Cinema World)
Dear Mr. Wonderful
DirectorPeter Lilienthal
Selected CastJoe Pesci as Ruby Dennis
 Karen Ludwig as Paula
 Frank Vincent as Louie
 Ed O'Ross
(Information from Cinema World)
Liar's Moon
DirectorDavid Fisher
Selected CastMatt Dillon as Jack Duncan
 Cindy Fisher as Ginny Peterson
 Hoyt Axton as Cecil Duncan
 Maggie Blye as Ellen 'Babs' Duncan
(Information from Cinema World)
Portrait Of A Showgirl
DirectorSteven Hilliard Stern
Selected CastLesley Ann Warren as Jillian Brooks
 Rita Moreno as Rosella DeLeon
 Dianne Kay as Marci
 Tony Curtis as Joey DeLeon
(Information from Cinema World)
Intimate Agony
AKADoctor In Paradise
DirectorPaul Wendkos
Selected CastAnthony Geary as Dr. Kyle Richards
 Judith Light as Marsha
 Mark Harmon as Tommy
 Arthur Hill
(Information from Cinema World)
Saigon: Year Of The Cat
DirectorStephen Frears
Selected CastJudi Dench as Barbara Dean
 Frederic Forrest as Bob Chesneau
 Chic Murray as Mr. Haliwell
 Yim Hoontrakul as Trinh
(Information from Cinema World)
Savage Journey
DirectorTom McGowan
Selected CastMaurice Grandmaison as Brigham Young
 Paul Wharton as 1st Preacher
 John Mason as Heber
 Stephen Cracroft as Phineas
(Information from Cinema World)
Somewhere, Tomorrow
DirectorRobert Wiemer
Selected CastSarah Jessica Parker as Lori Anderson
 Nancy Addison as Betty Anderson
 Tom Shea as Terry Stockton
 Rick Weber as Alex Peiski
(Information from Cinema World)
AKAThe Train Killer
DirectorSándor Simó
Selected CastMichael Sarrazin as Matuska Szilveszter / Prokopp István
 Towje Kleiner as Epstein
 Constanze Engelbrecht as Ilona
 Armin Mueller-Stahl as Tetzlav
(Information from Cinema World)
Canicule [1984]
AKADog Day [1984]
DirectorYves Boisset
Selected CastLee Marvin as Jimmy Cobb
 Miou-Miou as Jessica
 Jean Carmet as Socrate
 Victor Lanoux as Horace
(Information from Cinema World)
Hard Knox [1984]
DirectorPeter Werner
Selected CastRobert Conrad as Colonel Joe Knox
 Red West as Thomas 'Top' Tuttle
 Joan Sweeny as Marilyn Cole
 Bill Irwin as General Garfield
(Information from Cinema World)
Second Sight: A Love Story
DirectorJohn Korty
Selected CastElizabeth Montgomery as Alaxandra McKay
 Barry Newman as Richard Chapman
 Nicholas Pryor as Mitchell McKay
 Michael Horton as Gary Renzi
(Information from Cinema World)
Tuareg - Il Guerriero Del Deserto
AKATuareg: The Desert Warrior
DirectorEnzo G. Castellari
Selected CastMark Harmon as Gacel Sayah
 Luis Prendes as Abdul El Kabir
 Ritza Brown as Gacel's Wife
 Paolo Malco as Capt. Razman
(Information from Cinema World)
DirectorDavid Oliver
Selected CastDaniel Roebuck as Rex
 Cindy Ann Thompson as Eba
 Darren Young as Dar
 Saba Moor as Saba
(Information from Cinema World)
Lamb [1985]
DirectorColin Gregg
Selected CastLiam Neeson as Michael Lamb
 Harry Towb as Priest
 Hugh O'Conor as Owen Kane
 Frances Tomelty as Mrs. Kane
(Information from Cinema World)
Mesmerized [1985]
AKAMy Letter To George
DirectorMichael Laughlin
Selected CastJodie Foster as Victoria
 John Lithgow as Oliver Thompson
 Michael Murphy as Wilson
 Dan Shor as George
(Information from Cinema World)
Scandal Sheet [1985]
DirectorDavid Lowell Rich
Selected CastBurt Lancaster as Harold Fallen
 Lauren Hutton as Meg North
 Pamela Reed as Helen Grant
 Robert Urich as Ben Rowan
(Information from Cinema World)
Shaker Run
DirectorBruce Morrison
Selected CastCliff Robertson as Judd Pierson
 Leif Garrett as Casey Lee
 Lisa Harrow as Dr. Christine Rubin
 Shane Briant as Paul Thoreau
(Information from Cinema World)
Tomboy [1985]
DirectorHerb Freed
Selected CastBetsy Russell as Tomasina 'Tomboy' Boyd
 Gerard Christopher as Randy Starr
 Kristi Somers as Seville Ritz
 Richard Erdman as Chester
(Information from Cinema World)
A Minor Miracle
DirectorTerrell Tannen
Selected CastJohn Huston as Father Cardenas
 Pelé as Pelé
 Peter Fox as Father Reilly
 Lisa Wills as Janet
(Information from Cinema World)
Cold War Killers
DirectorWilliam Brayne
Selected CastMartin Dale as Hardwick
 Peter Ivatts as Walton
 Mike Lane as Foreman
 Terence Stamp as David Audley
(Information from Cinema World)
My Chauffeur
DirectorDavid Beaird
Selected CastDeborah Foreman as Casey Meadows
 Sam J. Jones as Battle
 Sean McClory as O'Brien
 Howard Hesseman as McBride
(Information from Cinema World)
The Patriot [1986]
DirectorFrank Harris
Selected CastGregg Henry as Lieutenant Matt Ryder
 Simone Griffeth as Sean
 Michael J. Pollard as Howard
 Jeff Conaway as Mitchell
(Information from Cinema World)
Toby McTeague
DirectorJean-Claude Lord
Selected CastYannick Bisson as Toby
 Winston Rekert as Tom McTeague
 Andrew Bednarski as Sam McTeague
 Stephanie Morgenstern as Sara
(Information from Cinema World)
When The Bough Breaks [1986]
DirectorWaris Hussein
Selected CastTed Danson as Alex
 Richard Masur as Milo
 Rachel Ticotin as Raquel Santos
 James Noble as Dr. Warren Towle
(Information from Cinema World)
A Hazard Of Hearts
AKARiesgo A Corazones
DirectorJohn Hough
Selected CastDiana Rigg as Lady Harriet Vulcan
 Edward Fox as Lord Harry Wrotham
 Helena Bonham Carter as Serena Staverley
 Fiona Fullerton as Lady Isabel Gillingham
(Information from Cinema World)
Deathrow Gameshow
DirectorMark Pirro
Selected CastJohn McCafferty as Chuck Toedan
 Robyn Blythe as Gloria Sternvirgin
 Beano as Luigi Pappalardo
 Darwyn Carson as Trudy
(Information from Cinema World)
DirectorLawrence Bassoff
Selected CastJohn Allen Nelson as Hunk Golden
 Steve Levitt as Bradley Brinkman
 Deborah Shelton as O'Brien
 Rebeccah Bush as Sunny
(Information from Cinema World)
Delta Force Commando
DirectorPierluigi Ciriaci
Selected CastBrett Baxter Clark as Lt. Tony Turner
 Fred Williamson as Captain Samuel Beck
 Mark Gregory
 Bo Svenson as Col. Keitel
(Information from Cinema World)
La Notte Degli Squali
AKANight Of The Sharks
DirectorTonino Ricci
Selected CastTreat Williams as David Ziegler
 Janet Agren as Liz Ziegler
 Antonio Fargas as Paco
 Stelio Candelli
(Information from Cinema World)
DirectorWilliam Wesley
Selected CastTed Vernon as Corbin
 Michael Simms as Curry
 Richard Vidan as Jack
 Kristina Sanborn as Roxanne
(Information from Cinema World)
Shadows In The Storm
DirectorTerrell Tannen
Selected CastNed Beatty as Thelonious Pitt
 Mia Sara as Melanie
 Michael Madsen as Earl
 Donna Mitchell as Elizabeth
(Information from Cinema World)
We Think The World Of You
DirectorColin Gregg
Selected CastAlan Bates as Frank
 Max Wall as Tom
 Liz Smith as Millie
 Frances Barber as Megan
(Information from Cinema World)
Casablanca Express
DirectorSergio Martino
Selected CastJason Connery as Alan Cooper
 Francesco Quinn as Captain Franchetti
 Jinny Steffan as Lt. Lorna Fisher
 Manfred Lehmann as Otto Von Tiblis
(Information from Cinema World)
El Sueño Del Mono Loco
AKATwisted Obsession
DirectorFernando Trueba
Selected CastJeff Goldblum as Daniel Gillis
 Miranda Richardson as Marilyn
 Anémone as Marianne
 Daniel Ceccaldi as Julien Legrand
(Information from Cinema World)
Laser Mission
DirectorBeau Davis
Selected CastErnest Borgnine as Professor Braun
 Graham Clarke as Colonel Kalishnakov
 Richard Cox as Calloway
 Gerry de Somma as Ernesto
(Information from Cinema World)
My Mom's A Werewolf
DirectorMichael Fischa
Selected CastSusan Blakely as Leslie Shaber
 John Saxon as Harry Thropen
 Katrina Caspary as Jennifer Shaber
 John Schuck as Howard Shaber
(Information from Cinema World)
Slipstream [1989]
DirectorSteven Lisberger
Selected CastBob Peck as Byron
 Mark Hamill as Tasker
 Kitty Aldridge as Belitski
 Bill Paxton as Matt Owens
(Information from Cinema World)
The Lady And The Highwayman
DirectorJohn Hough
Selected CastEmma Samms as Barbara Castlemaine
 Oliver Reed as Sir Phillip Gage
 Claire Bloom as Lady Emma Darlington
 Christopher Cazenove as Rudolph Vyne
(Information from Cinema World)
W.B., Blue And The Bean
AKABail Out
DirectorMax Kleven
Selected CastDavid Hasselhoff as Roger 'White Bread' Donaldson
 Linda Blair as Annette 'Nettie' Ridgeway
 Tony Brubaker as Mason 'Blue' Walcott
 Tom Rosales as Casper 'Bean' Garcia
(Information from Cinema World)


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18th Aug 2015
 Set also include a TV Episode: Blunt (IMDb tt0088832), part of Screen Two of 11 January 1987; and a TV Mini-Series, Christabel (IMDb tt0094435) from 1988.

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