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I came from Filmogs, Filmogs is shutting down amd i am willing too add film titles and help expand here i may add books and comics.

I am a massive film fan of mostly older films i have watched over 100 Nudie Cuties.

Film fan of older films manly 60s 70s 80s and 90s grindhouse films.

I also enjoy forign films of different regins and countries, such as Scandinavia, Spain, Germany, Italy, Russian, Austria, Portugul, Turkey, Greece, Dutch, French, Belguim, United Kingdom, Japan and Hong Kong.

Other forign film scenes i may have not seen but intrested i may emjoy such as Malta, Cyprus, Iran, North Africa, Middle East, South America and others.

Some modern films like Marvel and DC Comics i do enjoy but since the movie scene is basically dead and there is 0 grindhouse films only hollywood films there is no point watching anything current as they are all dull and over the top explosions.

I also enjoy music, comics and video games.

Fav Music Genre's
Punk, Metal, Thrash Metal, Speed Metal, NWOBHM, Dutch Steel, NWOAHM, Canadian Heavy Metal, Prog Metal, Power Metal, Power Violence, Sludge Metal, New Wave, Viking Metal, Oi! (Skinhead working class Punk), Hardcore Punk, Rock' N' Roll, Shock Rock, Scremo, Emo, Hard Rock, Inderpendent Rock, Garage Rock, Grunge, Hardcore Grunge, Indie Rock (90's), Alt Rock, Prog Rock, Psych Rock, Blues, Kraturock (German Prog and Expermental Rock), Post-Punk, D-beat (Swedish Boot Punk), Folk, Beat (60's Garage), Garage Punk, Norge Punk, Svensk Punk, Avant-Punk, Sludge Rock, Hardcore (Underground 90's scene), Stoner Grunge, Stoner Rock, Stoner Metal, Crust Punk, Crust Metal, Surf Punk, Ramoncore, SexPistolcore, Glam, Japcore (Crust/HC Punk), Death-Punk, Death Rock, Death Metal, Grindcore, Doom Metal, Heavy Psych, Industrial, Swedish Black Metal, Black Metal, Folk Metal, Celtic Metal, Traditional Norse Music, Medevil Metal, Instrumental Rock, Cuban/Latin Rock, Salsa, Cuban, Facist Punk, Desert Rock and Horror Punk.

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2nd Apr 2023
The Curious Female (1970)
Rated 1/10
A very strange and odd film of the time, we are introdufed with a future people on a spaceship cult movie fans all waiting for next cult film as publi screenings of the old world stuff is banned

Possibly the best part of story.

We then are introduced with a black n white film before another feature film, now and then we go back to the spaceship while the main feature is on.

The main feature is about two couples one about a african american and american both going through tough times the women in the african american relationship is firbidden by father while the other relationship the man just abbandons the female.

The women then meet and engage in a relationship.

Majority of the spaceship peoplle look bored the acting was bad from them and other cast was suppose be sexploit but felt like a parody scifi.

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28th Mar 2023
Confessions Of A Young American Housewife (1974)
Joe Sarno is Joseph W. Sarno same director.

28th Mar 2023
Warm Nights And Hot Pleasures (1964)
Joe Sarno is Joseph W. Sarno same director

17th Mar 2023
Live Music
Emo Night Milano @ Legend Club
Yawn arrived Milano for this.

See if weekend got more gigs around Livorno Florance Olbia

Weekend music :happy:

13th Mar 2023
What's Eating Gilbert Grape (1993)
My wife say watch this watch this.

I did veru good.

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Cinema added by UG1002  1st Apr 2023:

Sex Ritual Of The Occult (Rituals Of The Occult) (1970)
DVD added by UG1002  29th Mar 2023:

Monkey King: Reloaded - The Myth Entertainment - Indonesia (2017)
Live Music added by UG1002  29th Mar 2023:

Kiss - Piazza Napoleone - Italy (2023)
Live Music added by UG1002  28th Mar 2023:

Black Flag - Beky Bay - Italy (2023)
VHS added by UG1002  28th Mar 2023:

U2 Live In San Francisco - Center Video - Italy (1992)
Live Music added by UG1002  28th Mar 2023:

Rhapsody Of Fire - Legend Club - Italy (2023)
Cassette Album added by UG1002  26th Mar 2023:

La Copa De La Vida - Compilation - D.V. Moore Record - Italy (1998)
Music Memorabilia added by UG1002  24th Mar 2023:

Kiss - BST AXN Kiss The Catman Destroyer Tour - 2021 - International

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