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Artist:The Beatles
Title:A Hard Day's Night - Original Motion Picture Sound Track
Label:  United Artists
Date:26 Jun 1964
Format:Stereo LP (also Mono LP)
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Community: 60 Own, 5 Want
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A1The BeatlesA Hard Day's NightLennon, McCartney10.0  Rate
A2The BeatlesTell Me WhyLennon, McCartney10.0  Rate
A3The BeatlesI'll Cry InsteadLennon, McCartney10.0  Rate
A4George Martin And His OrchestraI Should Have Known BetterLennon, McCartney6.0  Rate
A5The BeatlesI'm Happy Just To Dance With YouLennon, McCartney10.0  Rate
A6George Martin And His OrchestraAnd I Love HerLennon, McCartney6.0  Rate
B1The BeatlesI Should Have Known BetterLennon, McCartney10.0  Rate
B2The BeatlesIf I FellLennon, McCartney10.0  Rate
B3The BeatlesAnd I Love HerLennon, McCartney10.0  Rate
B4George Martin And His OrchestraRingo's Theme (This Boy)Lennon, McCartney5.0  Rate
B5The BeatlesCan't Buy Me LoveLennon, McCartney10.0  Rate
B6George Martin And His OrchestraA Hard Day's NightLennon, McCartney6.0  Rate


Produced by George Martin

As with the mono, most copies list A3 title as "I Cry Instead"

Monarch delta numbers: Δ9595 & Δ9595-X

-- By 1971 the front covers turn a dark maroon instead of a bright red

-- Five distinct label designs
-- Black with colored circles on top 1964-1968
-- Pink / Orange 1968-1970
-- Orange / Black 1970-1971
-- Tan 1971-1975 - and - Tan with "All Rights" 1975-1977
-- Orange-Yellow "Sunrise" 1977-1978
(release moved to Capitol label, 1979)

The stereo mixes of the Beatles songs are all re-channeled. (using the US mono album mixes)....all George Martin and His Orchestra tracks are true stereo


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Comments and Reviews
walk2013 SUBS
25th Apr 2023
 The issue dates to this LP and its mono equivalent do not seem right. July 10 is when they were released in the UK.
July 11 issue of BB
reports that within four days after the release already a million copies had been sold. UA had made that statement on July 1.
Therefore the issue date given on wikipedia (June 26) appears to be correct.
Beatle buffs to the front!

15th Jan 2022
 Can someone help me determine my sealed copy of AHDN? It has 3 lines of Publishing Credit on the back with only This Boy (MACLEN). Lastly, it has the "Released Thru Alun Owen" and "Screenplay By United Artists" reversed (SC22). Yet everything I read says that the 3 lines of publishing credit for This Boy only are 1964, First Pressing covers, but, "Released Thru" & "Screenplay By" Error has only been listed on later covers with the 4 lines of Publishing Credits. Can someone shed some light on this for me?
Thanks, Bob

19th Apr 2021
 Finally added bright red original front cover....John

29th Jun 2019
 Added images of a slight variant of the "sunrise" label - this version does not have the word "stereo" on it between the side and label numbers.

9th Nov 2015
 Actually, in order, {Images #880854 & 880855} should come before {Images #489114 & 489115}. The errant "Tell Me Who" on the beige and brown label had the rim print show "United Artists Records, Inc.," as opposed to "United Artists Music And Records Group, Inc." Incidentally, all "Tell Me Who" copies, regardless of label, were typeset by Progressive Label & Litho of Brooklyn, NY.

8th Nov 2015

8th Nov 2015
 Added another tan label variant which includes track A2 being misspelled as "Tell Me Who".

24th Oct 2015
 Looks right for now (pending future additions, of course) . . . ;-)

24th Oct 2015
 Thanks for the info W.B.lbl. Correct order now?

24th Oct 2015
 In terms of sequential order, the labels should be:
1) {Images #867843 & 867844} (1964 original from Columbia Records' Pitman, NJ plant)
2) {Images #634996 & 634998} (1968-69 West Coast pressing with Alco Research & Engineering typesetting)
3) {Images #489114 & 489115} (1975-77 variant)
4) {Images #478246 & 478247} (1978 label)

As for the cover, the front {Image #490112} should be first, followed by the back cover {Image #867842} which in order clearly precedes {Images #489113 & 478245}.

24th Oct 2015
 Added early United Artists label set. Also added a third version of the back cover with different publishing information type under Lennon and McCartney's names.

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