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Harry Blackstone

Blackstone's Tricks Anyone Can Do

Permabooks USA1948Hardcover0  
Jack London

Best Short Stories Of Jack London

Permabooks USA1949Hardcover0  
Oswald Jacoby

Winning Poker

Permabooks USA1949Hardcover0  
Groff Conklin

The Science Fiction Galaxy

Permabooks USA1950Hardcover2  
Groff Conklin

In The Grip Of Terror

Permabooks USA1951Paperback0  
F. Scott Fitzgerald

The Beautiful And Damned

Permabooks USA1951Paperback0  
John Jennings

The Sea Eagles

Permabooks USA1951Paperback0  
Joseph Patrick

King's Arrow

Permabooks USA1952Paperback0  
Evelyn Eaton

Restless Are The Sails

Permabooks USA1952Paperback0  
Frederik Pohl

Beyond The End Of Time

Permabooks USAJan 1952Paperback3  
Laura Z. Hobson

Gentleman's Agreement

Permabooks USAMar 1952Paperback0  
John Tebbel

Touched With Fire

Permabooks USA1953Paperback0  
Frederik Pohl

Shadow Of Tomorrow

Permabooks USAJul 1953Paperback1  
Groff Conklin

Crossroads In Time

Permabooks USANov 1953Paperback0  
Clifford D. Simak


Permabooks USAJan 1954Paperback1  
Ernest K. Gann

The High And The Mighty

Permabooks USAMay 1954Paperback0  
Sigmund Freud

A General Introduction To Psychoanalysis

Permabooks USAAug 1954Paperback0  
Arthur C. Clarke

Against The Fall Of Night

Permabooks USAOct 1954Paperback1  
Eric Ambler as Eliot Reed

Tender To Danger

Permabooks USAMar 1955Paperback0  
Mark Derby

The Big Water

Permabooks USASep 1955Paperback0  
William Grew

Doubles In Death

Permabooks USAOct 1955Paperback0  
Ernest Hemingway

To Have And Have Not

Permabooks USAJan 1956Paperback0  
J. T. McIntosh

World Out Of Mind

Permabooks USAJan 1956Paperback3  
Mark Derby

The Bad Step
Out Of Asia Alive

Permabooks USAFeb 1956Paperback0  
Frank G. Slaughter

The Healer

Permabooks USAJun 1956Paperback0  

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