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Artist:The Who
Title:Who's Next
Label:  Polydor
Date:Nov 1983
Catalogue:813 651-2 / 813 651-2 Y H
Format:CD Album
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Community: 12 Own, 2 Want
Price Guide:$7
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One of the earliest CD issues of a rock classic


Comments and Reviews
gregs45s SUBS
27th Feb 2022
 With a nod to Syd Vliet, a minor variation CD scan (detail) added, all else matches scans shown exactly.

15th Oct 2014
 As seen at musik-sammler, Herstellungsland is the same as produced in. In this case, the country of release could be any.
Europe is fine in this case I think.
Easy to change if new info that shows something else appear.

9th May 2014
 the musik-sammler.de site is very detailed and interesting

8th May 2014
You don't need to change anything, some moderator may do this if necessary. Anyway it was generally agreed at the start of 45worlds CD Albums that we don't class here with country of origin or production but with countries (or area) of distribution, as long as the same catalogue number and the same barcode are valid.

Syd Vliet
8th May 2014
 I did consider listing these Polydor/RSO discs as German but almost all of the CD's I bought in England 1986-1988 were manufactured in West Germany and they were clearly targeted at the British/European market as much as Germany. Unlike many of the Japanese discs, the German discs were *not* sold as imports (The Japanese discs were usually approaching double the regular price, not so the German discs).

Germany is in Europe anyway so it's not worth worrying about.

8th May 2014
 Not all sites use the same criteria. On 45 Worlds, for major label releases at least, we are interested in country(-ies) of RELEASE above all.

8th May 2014
As seen on Wikipedia, your barcode notice obviously concerns the GS1 country codes which, however, don't give an indication of either the country of origin or the sales territory: "The GS1 Prefix, the first three digits, usually identifying the national GS1 Member Organization to which the manufacturer is registered (not necessarily where the product is actually made)."

As I assume that your identical comments on other entries are obsolete now, I will delete them there (by mistake, I deleted it here too, sorry - added your comment as a quote though).

8th May 2014
 Yep, I'm with fixbutte, it is of course German-made but is certainly a European release, so is correct as it stands.

8th May 2014
I don't know what you want to say with your comment(s). It's explicitly on the disc, the booklet and the tray that it was Made in W(est) Germany, so you don't need to look at the barcode to detect this. As discussed before, it was produced, however, in Germany for all Europe and probably most of the world, as there were no CD pressing plants outside of Germany and Japan in 1983. Referring to the "German" barcode: Polydor/PolyGram kept the code number when they pressed their discs in France.
Darktownjunkie wrote:
The Barcode 0400er Serie is Country Germany...
The 0 at the beginning does not count
400- 449 Germany.

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Tags:  Manufactured By: PolyGram, West Germany

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