British Cinema's Curiosities, Obscurities And Forgotten Gems

A list of films reviewed in this excellent 2013 book
List of 112 Movies by Dr Doom
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PeopleClick to ViewMovieYearFormat
1Animal Farm 1954Movie
2Alias John Preston1955Movie
3X The Unknown1956Movie
4The Abominable Snowman1957Movie
5The Strange World Of Planet X1958Movie
6The Trollenberg Terror1958Movie
7Tread Softly Stranger1958Movie
8Horrors Of The Black Museum1959Movie
9Please Turn Over1959Movie
10Tarzan's Greatest Adventure1959Movie
11Never Take Sweets From A Stranger1960Movie
12The Shakedown1960Movie
13The Singer Not The Song1961Movie
14Cash On Demand1961Movie
15The Day The Earth Caught Fire1961Movie
16The Impersonator1961Movie
17The Mark 1961Movie
18Offbeat 1961Movie
20Seven Keys1961Movie
21Captain Clegg1962Movie
22Dilemma 1962Movie
23Jigsaw 1962Movie
24Night Of The Eagle
Burn, Witch, Burn
25A Prize Of Arms1962Movie
26These Are The Damned1963Movie
27French Dressing1964Movie
28Girl In The Headlines1963Movie
29Maniac 1963Movie
30The Small World Of Sammy Lee1963Movie
31Unearthly Stranger1963Movie
32The Yellow Teddy Bears1963Movie
33Clash By Night 1964Movie
34Devil Doll1964Movie
35Four In The Morning1965Movie
36Witchcraft 1964Movie
37The Earth Dies Screaming1964Movie
38Charlie Bubbles1967Movie
40The Jokers1967Movie
41Our Mother's House1967Movie
43The Anniversary 1968Movie
44The Birthday Party1968Movie
45The Bofors Gun1968Movie
46Corruption 1968Movie
48The Strange Affair1968Movie
49The Touchables1968Movie
50Twisted Nerve1968Movie

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