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Mod bloke since late 1970s. Worked in Record or Book trade since 1980s.

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18th Jul 2024
Hill Street Blues (1981 - 1987)
James B Sikking as the awesome Howard Hunter has passed away, aged 90.
One of my favourites throughout the series.

5th Jul 2024
Stax: Soulsville U.S.A. (2024)
Rated 7/10
I was incredibly eager to see this series, which had been mentioned for a couple of years and it's well worth a watch. Previous features on Stax have never disappointed, despite having to cover a vast history in one-off efforts, literally a label of two halves, - the spinning discs and the post-Otis finger clickin' era.
On-camera interviews with surviving artists and writers was very welcome, which included Stax insider and archivist Deanie Parker who's always a great listen. Great to see the makers managed to capture filmed interviews with those that have since passed, Jim Stewart of course but also the wonderful Bettye Crutcher who is often overlooked in the Stax story.
Although not everything can be captured (even Rob Bowman's welcome nineties book had to limit itself), there were a few things that jarred by their omission. The Jim and Estelle label start-up, with financing and initial Satellite imprint, yes it's been covered elsewhere but if this was the high profile final word, I expected a mention. And to book-end it, the sad ending didn't mention the promising reconvening of the MGs and subsequent murder of Al Jackson Jr before that could occur. That subject is still controversial, with plenty of speculation, but remains untold. An acknowledgement of the events should have been included at the very least.
The four parts could easily have been longer. It reminded me of watching and taping The Beatles Anthology from the initial TV broadcast and then getting the expanded version when released on sell-through, so much more. Perhaps there will be.

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30th Jun 2024
Aldous Huxley - Brave New World
Hardcover edition published in 1932 by Harper & Brothers, Publishers.
First Perennial Library edition published in 1969. Reset 1989.
First Perennial Classics edition published in 1998.
First Harper Perennial Modern Classics edition published in 2006.

19th Jun 2024
CD Album
Sugarplum - Blue Summer Days
Re: County of origin. Further info states released in UK, but Japan the main market so given an obi band and Japanese lyrics insert. The other two releases on this label are classed as UK releases.
2022 article on Sugarplum release

18th Jun 2024
Damon Knight - Worlds To Come
Added image of front cover (of my VERY tatty copy). Think of it as a holding image until a better one is uploaded.

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Book added by OldMod67  13th Jul 2024:

Ernest Cline - Ready Player One - Arrow - Paperback - UK - 9780099560432 (2012)
Book added by OldMod67  30th Jun 2024:

Aldous Huxley - Brave New World - HarperPerennial - Paperback - USA - 9780060850524 (2006)
TV added by OldMod67  17th Jun 2024:

Stax: Soulsville U.S.A. (2024)
CD Album added by OldMod67  14th Jun 2024:

Ohio Players - Observations In Time : The Johnny Brantley/Vidalia Productions - Omnivore Recordings - USA (2024)
Book added by OldMod67  24th May 2024:

Elinor Crockford - A Taste Of Ink! - A Taste Of Ink! Inc - Hardcover - UK (2024)
Book added by OldMod67  23rd May 2024:

John Lahr - Prick Up Your Ears - Penguin - Paperback - UK - 014004924X (1980)
CD Album added by OldMod67  22nd May 2024:

The Temptations - My Girl - Spectrum Music - UK (2001)
Book added by OldMod67  22nd May 2024:

Katherine May - Wintering - Rider - Paperback - UK - 9781846045998 (2020)

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TV: Stax: Soulsville U.S.A. (2024)

Rated 7 by OldMod67
Book: Elinor Crockford - A Taste Of Ink! - A Taste Of Ink! Inc - Hardcover - UK (2024)

Rated 10 by OldMod67
CD Album: Madness - The Liberty Of Norton Folgate - Lucky Seven - UK (2009)

Rated 8 7 8 7 7 8 7 9 9 9 8 8 9 10 10 by OldMod67
Book: Ray Bradbury - Home To Stay! - Fantagraphics Books - Hardcover - USA - 9781683966562 (2022)

Rated 9 by OldMod67
Vinyl Album: The Chills - The Lost EP - Normal - Germany (1986)

Rated 8 9 by OldMod67

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